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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Unleash your Potential Healing Power

    by Matthew E. McLaren, PhD

    by Genna Green
    After a fun day at school, six year old Grayson Rice returns home and hears his parents arguing. In this carefully written storybook, Grayson talks about the different range of emotions he feels when he hears or sees shouting and hitting at home. He has bad dreams of angry monsters that shout; and have potty accidents at school and at home. Grayson is also unable to focus in class and finds himself in trouble for shouting and hitting on the playground. When Grayson is spanked for having a pott... more
  • Someone's Always Watching Me Pee (and other realities of motherhood)

    by MaryLynn St.Germaine
    Someone's Always Watching Me Pee (and Other Realities of Motherhood) carries on the honest, but funny mom baton into the next generation of mothers, offering unsolicited advice, unnecessary suggestions to avoid peeing a little when you sneeze, inaccurate medical statistics, unhelpful tips for keeping it all together and the possible illegal promotion of prescription medication. Universal and truthfully funny, Someone’s Always Watching Me Pee is the black-and-white version of our best girlfriend... more
  • The Gluten-Free Diet Scam: Chemicals In Foods With & Without Gluten

    by Daniel DiTuro
    Celebrity diet experts have convinced over 60 percent of Americans that a gluten-free diet is the key to better eating and better health with no corroborating scientific evidence to back up their claims. Most foods containing gluten are prepared foods made with thousands of chemical additives. Some additives have not been fully tested for safety or disclosed to the Food and Drug Administration. Most gluten-free diet advocates ignore chemical additives and possible side effects. This book disclos... more
  • Diabetes: An Answer to My Prayer (just not the one I was looking for)

    by Gerard Gardner
    Former banking executive / federal banking regulator and diabetic, takes us along a path to managing diabetes under the worst of circumstances. Beset by financial ruin caused by market downturns, multiple job losses, and a bitter divorce, Gardner takes us on a journey that lets us see his route to survival that ends in a victory of sorts. More importantly he leads us through the everyday events that led him to the disease in the first place; something that will benefit nearly any reader wh... more
  • The Stem Cell Revolution

    by Elliot B. Lander & Mark Berman
    Co-Medical Directors Mark Berman, MD, FACS & Elliot Lander, MD, FACS have just released their first book, The Stem Cell Revolution. The book describes their journey into the growing arena of clinical stem cell therapy, by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of physicians together, but also real stories from a number of patients who got their health back via stem cell therapy. Unbeknownst to most, our fat is loaded with stem cells that can be used at any time to treat and reverse... more
  • Behind the Curtain: A Peek at Life from Within the ER

    by Dr. Jeffrey E. Sterling
    Revealing and unflinching, Behind the Curtain offers an unfiltered look inside the real-life traumas and triumphs that define emergency medicine. Dr. Jeffrey Sterling’s authentic and enthralling collection of stories represents his unique journey as an ER physician. Both an enlightening memoir and an unforgiving mirror reflecting the best and worst of human behavior, Behind the Curtain unveils the insidious consequences of everyday risks and seemingly innocuous habits.
  • The Power Foods Lifestyle

    by Kristy Jo Hunt
    Most people have no idea how good their bodies can feel--until they live a PFL lifestyle! Are you ready to change the way you look and feel? The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you lose weight, repair a damaged metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting, and decrease your risk for chronic disease while naturally increasing your energy levels. This scientifically-based method of eating presents a new way of thinking about food, teaching you how to pair your nutrients in portion sizes that balance... more
  • Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons From the Slopes

    by Kathryn Kemp Guylay
    Are you looking for inspiration to tackle life's challenges? Want to learn simple ways to live life more fully, with more energy, and with greater success? Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes uses stories from the author's personal life as an engaging, often hilarious, backdrop for studying wellness and life lessons. From starting a nonprofit to her family's journey west and her humbling adventures learning to ski as an adult, Kathryn's stories inspire and entertain. I... more
  • The Fire Driven Life: How to Ignite the Fire of Self-Worth, Health, and Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet

    by Vanessa Chamberlin
    I felt incredible, my energy levels soared, and a new stratum of mental clarity kicked in. In short, I felt on fire... Wouldn t you like to describe your life as Fire-Driven? When you adopt the Plantfire Lifestyle, and make the courageous changes your body needs, you will find the energy you crave and the self-worth you deserve. Ignite your fire now! Vanessa Chamberlin shows how a plant-based lifestyle, combined with loving choices can completely change your outlook and your energy levels in jus... more
  • How Aging Works: What Science Can Do About It

    by John F. Murray
    This book offers new scientific understanding about what occurs as people grow old, and provides simple, easy to carry out recommendations on how to live longer, more enjoyable lives.
  • SweetLess

    by T. L. Curtis
    'SweetLess' outlines how to manage your sugar intake to help the current exercise you do become more effective at helping you lose weight.
  • Running by Enrique Laso

    by E.S. Dempsey
    Running is a book for anyone who wants to begin the sport of running or return to it. Short and simple, Running maps out an action plan that turns you into an excellent runner while avoiding injury or discouragement. Enrique Laso, who has been running since the age of five, introduces us to this fantastic world through a series of tips, personal experiences, and advice to motivate you to run toward health and happiness.
  • The Theory of Bellytivity: Words to Live and Diet by

    by J.M. O'Belly

    Until now, most "diet" books were missing two key ingredients: 

    Common Sense and a Sense of Humor. (Maybe that's why they didn't work.)

    The Theory Of Bellytivity has brought these two utensils, at last, to the table and is serving up a Healthy Formula for Healthy Eating for Healthy People. 

    O'Belly has given us a Simple, Do-Able, Eating Plan which encourages us to Make Our Ow... more

  • PALEO 25: Jump Start Your Healthy Eating with 25 Days of Delicious Meals

    by Donna Leahy
    Lose weight and feel energized with the 25-day healthy eating plan by acclaimed chef and author of the best-selling Paleo for Weight Loss! Is your Paleo routine getting boring? Do you need to jump-start your healthy eating with new and enticing Paleo recipes? Whether you're new to Paleo or a seasoned follower, you're about to up your Paleo game with 25 days of original, chef-tested recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, accompanied by mouth-watering color photos. Get inspired to eat healthy ... more
  • Paleo for Weight Loss: The 14 Day Healthy Eating Plan; Find Out if Paleo is Right For You

    by Donna Leahy
    PALEO - you've heard the buzz. So what is Paleo? Can you lose weight on Paleo? And is it right for you? Paleo for Weight Loss: The 14-Day Healthy Eating Plan will show you how to adopt a Paleo lifestyle in order to feel healthy, lose weight, and increase your energy level. Developed by a renowned professional chef and author of the top-selling Paleo Easy as 1-2-3, this comprehensive guide will help you decide if the Paleo lifestyle will work for you through a 14 day healthy eating plan. Set ... more