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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Savings Game: The Frugal & Extreme Couponing Secrets You Have Always Wanted to Learn

    by Bethany Cousins
    Bethany Cousins, mom of nine, offers her explicit step-by-step advice and expertise of shopping for a large family to help you save thousands of dollars on your grocery bills in The Savings Game. Rather than cut back – or completely eliminate – necessities in life that cost money, she says that we should be considerably reducing the amount of cash we are spending on food and other fundamentals of life.
  • Get Yourself from Crisis to Coping

    by Mark Elder
    A simple and easy-to-use toolbox of techniques to get you out of the emotional red zone. Using the secrets of telephone crisis counselors, this book will get you coping, smiling and thriving.
  • The Boom Operator

    by Robert K. Maxfield

    Using a combination of my back story, Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' format, my human maze theory, Hollywood storytelling techniques, and behind-the-scenes stories of The Walking Dead, I weave together a self-help book that teaches people how to write the story of their own lives, and how to excel with success, joy, and rewarding relationships.

  • Boris, Tashi and Tucker...Orders

    by Marlene Bermoy
    It's a typical day in Lincoln Housing as the kids finish up their homework and chores and rush out to the playground to meetup with their friends. But today is a bit different as the Puller family gets news that their dad has orders to Camp Pendleton. This is the first book in a series of titles designed to help military families deal with military issues.
  • Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom: The Invisible Forces Driving your Money Habits

    by Mavis Ureke
    Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom: The Invisible Forces Driving your Money Habits In this book, author and Human Behaviour Specialist Mavis Ureke combines personal experience and an in-depth understanding of human emotions to give you the necessary information to create the life you want, and this she does by teaching you how to harness and utilize your own creative tools in the form of emotions and thoughts. As Mavis so clearly explains, you are not doomed financially by your biology, c... more
  • Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart

    by Peggy Kornegger
    What kind of world do you want to live in? If it were up to you to choose (and it is), how would you want to live? In Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Peggy Kornegger offers her own answers to these questions. She believes that at this key time of unprecedented global transformation, it is the love in our collectively opening hearts that will help us create a world that is truly livable for each and every one of us. We can no longer afford to rely solely on the mind’s solutions without the balan... more
  • Healing Process After Divorce

    by William K. Bach, Jr.
    This book is about healing from the tragic effects of divorce or separation from a loved one, learning to forgive and rekindling the ability to love again. It holds the keys for helping those who have experienced the tragedy of divorce to reach deep within to discover the light, the motivation, and the will to carry on, and to climb to new heights even more attainable as a result of personal tragedies. This work is a must for anyone in the throes of tragedy, particularly separation from a spou... more
  • Leadership and Soft Skills for Students: Empowered to Succeed in High School, College, and Beyond

    by Cary J. Green, PhD
    In today’s competitive landscape, brains alone won’t get you very far. Truly successful students and young professionals exhibit certain skills that make them really stand out from the crowd. They communicate well, dress and act professionally, solve problems, and seem to be natural leaders. If you’re wondering how you can acquire these important leadership and soft skills, this book is for you. Author Cary J. Green, PhD, draws upon years of teaching and mentoring students to show you how to ... more
  • My Daughter is Cold

    by Marie Belle
  • Alec Meets Sheikadee

    by Joan Derrick
    Adults are very excited to have a book that teaches children how thoughts and feelings influence the energy field within and around them, determining what they attract into their lives.
  • Fall in Love with Your Life, One Week at a Time

    by Emily Madill
    Fall in Love With Your Life, One Week at a Time is more than a book. It is a weekly practice that will support you in loving yourself and your life­­—as it is. Explore compassion, gratitude, facing fears, creating clear goals, self-acceptance, giving back, strengthening your inner bond, dropping judgments, expanding your ideas about what is possible, and much more. The experience is yours by design, and at the end of each week’s conversation starter, there is space for self-reflection and crea... more
  • The Bright Red Book of Happiness

    by Philip Deal
    The Bright Red Book of Happiness shows you how to make yourself happy and stay that way. You’ll also discover the joy of finding green marbles. While reading, you will remember that you already have every tool you need to be happy. This book will make you laugh, you might cry, and if you bring an open mind you will definitely be inspired. You can read The Bright Red Book of Happiness in one uplifting day, but you will probably want to read parts of it over and over again. Life is funny that w... more
  • Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

    by Amara Honeck

    Society — through social media, radio, and television — tells us what we should want in our lives: to be more, have more, get more. But money and possessions are not necessarily what brings us happiness. Our highest joy comes through finding and achieving our life’s purpose and goals — our soul’s desires. Through the Creative Meditation and Manifestation practice you will learn to access the inner POWERS we all possess and put them to work building a pathway to y... more

  • Hiding in My Pajamas

    by Becky Kueker
    For women from 40 to 65 Becky shares her 25 year "Plan" for a secure financial and emotional retirement along with her own fears, anxieties, and marital turbulence, including heartfelt stories of women who have tried to stop the runaway freight train of emotions as they close the door on their careers.