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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Joshua's grandma is Sick

    by Yamina Rambarn
    This poignant children’s book tells of a young boy who discovers that his dear grandma is sick in bed. Joshua goes with his mommy to Grandma’s house so they can take care of her, and as the story unfolds, he learns the practical ways he can show love to someone in need—from giving thoughtful gifts to providing food to simply spending time together. A compelling lesson in empathy and the value of serving others, Joshua’s Grandma Is Sick helps fortify your child’s social and mental health by in... more
  • Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth

    by Nathaniel Scott

    Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth is a principle-centered, Biblically based leadership program focused on personal growth and entrepreneurship. The problem that it addresses is the cash flow danger faced by 77 million baby boomers to earn more than $30,000 in retirement. Each chapter begins with scripture, and it's meant to be an authoritative mentoring guide to help an entrepreneur create a comprehensive financial plan. If you have a desire to earn an i... more

  • Jules...Getting Your Magic Back

    by jules gissler
    Jules…Getting Your Magic Back, is a kick-ass gift book about pushing forward through life’s transitions. Jules’ original artwork and heartfelt words will inspire the reader to rise above any challenge they are facing and get their magic back.
  • Passion To Move Mountains - The Oxcart Technique

    by Terry L. Fossum
    Self-made millionaire and philanthropist Terry L. Fossum outlines a step-by-step cutting-edge process to help you reach ANY goal. Make and save more money, have better relationships, lose that weight forever; if you've ever set a goal and failed, you need to read this book!
  • Dogs Know Best: Two Dogs' Training Guide for Humans

    by Angie Salisbury
    Sometimes we forget the simple things we can do in our everyday lives that will make us happier. That’s where two wise German Shorthaired Pointers come in. Follow along as Bimmer and Bertram take you on a journey towards greater happiness. “We’ve seen a lot, listened a lot, taught a lot, and learned a lot. We thought it was about time to share our philosophy and lessons on life with all of you humans so that you could have the same incredible life we do. Think of it as our legacy.” These are sim... more
  • Tom & Sherry: How to Have It All

    by Elisabeth Glas

    It used to be so easy. To be a good dad was to be a good breadwinner, to be a good mom was to be a good caregiver. Fathers ruled at work, mothers ruled at home. Accordingly, boys were raised to be breadwinners, girls to be caregivers.

    Today, we have a choice. Girls can become breadwinners and boys can become caregivers. Yet fathers still rule at work, and mothers still rule at home. So do girls simply make better caregivers than boys and vice verse, or is there something else?
    ... more

  • 9 Critical Steps to Successful Self-Publishing: Get It Right The First Time

    by Bryna Kranzler
    So you've written a book. What could possibly go wrong? You'll quickly find that writing the book was not the hard part. Independent publishing, while offering many advantages, involves a lot of steps and decisions, and it's easy to make mistakes that sabotage your book's market potential. This book identifies the important steps you must take to give your book the greatest chances for success. To avoid regret and improve your chances of success, the time to read this book is while you're still ... more
  • The Voice in You & Me

    by Sabine Mutandwa Kouassi
    Born and raised in Germany by a catholic mother and a protestant step-father, the author learned at a young age that her biological father had been a catholic priest. At age 23, alone in an apartment, she declared to God that she wanted to stop believing in Him, but had an unexpected response which changed her life. Following God’s Voice in her heart led her to listen to a revelation given to Rev Sun Myung Moon. However, her personal life is not the Leitmotif, but the importance of getting in to... more
  • Gotcha!: The Subordination of Free Will

    by Eldon Taylor

    From the NY Times Best Selling Author of  Choices and Illusions

    Is it too late? Has mind programming in the 21st Century reached the critical point where ‘free will’ no longer exists?

    A gotcha comes when you do what you think is best because they have taught you the way to think.

    So who is doing the choosing?

    The power elite, from the government to marketers with deep pockets, are not only devouring the plethora of research being carried out to discove... more

  • Practical Wisdom: The Seeker's Guide to a Meaningful Life

    by Frank Mallinder
    Untapped potential exists within all people. In Practical Wisdom, author and intuitive coach Frank Mallinder shares practical wisdom that can help individuals live purposeful, high-energy lives that truly match their distinctive talents and capabilities. Filled with real-life examples, Practical Wisdom gives simple yet powerful steps that can dramatically improve people’s lives. Mallinder helps readers face their fears of making big life changes and assists them in determining how their talents ... more
  • It's Not the 14th Century, It's the 21st: The Changing Saudi Society

    by Ahmad Q. Al Darwish
    Since 1970s, Saudi Arabia became the most conservative country in the Arab world, ruled by Islamic traditions considered systematically resistant to modernization. Unlike their parents and grandparents, the younger Saudis consider these customary and traditional norms to be outdated and incompatible with the current times. Furthermore, the present generation’s openness to outside views on religion, politics, education, society and women’s rights have polarized the Saudi society, triggered public... more
  • The Listening Child: What Can Go Wrong

    by Stephen Prescod
    The struggle to survive in today’s noisy classrooms is real. The child’s poor performance often leads authorities to apply undue pressure on him, frequently concluding that he is lazy or of low intelligence, which is certainly not the case. The child’s brain is a complex storage and retrieval organ, which mandates that information be properly received, stored, and organized in order to be retrieved for proper use. The child who processes information normally in the classroom is constantly assign... more
  • The Secrets of a Fifty-Year Romantic Expedition: A Golden Anniversary Celebration

    by Matthew McLaren
    Do you remember the first day I saw you? The first date we had? The first time I took you into my arms? The vow we made? Do you realize it is fifty years since we said “I do”? I love you my first lady, my queen. With Jesus as our guiding light we will continue to walk together until death. By the power of prayer I have found you. You are my special treasure. You are a life partner with so much strength and compassion, a partner with such integrity and goodness in your heart; you have guarded the... more
  • RV Living in the 21st Century: The Essential Reference Guide for All Rvers

    by Peggi McDonald
    RV Living in the 21st Century continues where Spirit of the Open Road leaves off. The author, Peggi McDonald, has taken the best of her internationally-acclaimed first book and has revamped and updated it to reflect the changing technology and rules in post-9/11 North America. After Peggi and her husband John retired from the military (Peggi from the Air Force; John from the Navy), they sold their four-bedroom house and took up residence in their motorhome. They now call all of North America the... more
  • The Heart of Grief Relief Journal

    by Richard Ballo
    The Heart of Grief Relief Journal is more than a journal and more than a book. Each page contains an encouraging, supportive, or affirming quote to guide the using in their journaling. The act of writing in a journal has been proven to provide physiological and health benefits. It is one of the methods the author used in his grief recovery. The back of the book contains informative articles on dealing with grief, and their are resources pages too.