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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Moments of Impact

    by Thomas Wilson
    I was the Sole Survivor of a violent plane crash in November of 2008. Severely burned and poorly clothed, I struggled for four and a half hours to find rescue. Moments of Impact is a book about my emotional struggle for survival, difficult recovery, and ultimately what I have learned from it all. The story explores the human behaviors and their drivers which were responsible for this tragic loss of life. This visceral and gripping story will help make the world a safer place and perhaps even... more
  • Divine Dialogue - Journaling for the Presence of God

    by Robert Ott
    "There is a song within you, which will yet sing." Join the author on a spiritual journey spanning the last decade, as he seeks, and finds, the voice of divine inspiration and encouragement within. Reminiscent of David's psalms, which flowed from his pen in times of greatest need for spiritual encouragement, these modern psalms serve as an example of the voice that lies within you too. These are intensely personal calls to the One who longs to be your solace and strength. Written in call... more
  • Child Writes: Creating a Children's Book is Child's Play

    by Emma Mactaggart
    A step-by-step hand holding guide to creating your own children's picture book, from generating the original idea through writing and illustrating to the book launch and beyond. With over ten years of experience teaching this methodology to hundreds of children and adults, award winning author, illustrator and publisher, Emma Mactaggart has assembled all the information you need to create your own bit of magic.
  • Creative Energy: Shift into Flow

    by Ann Baldwin
    Do you seek inspiration for your next creative project, ideas for a new story, product, or service, solutions to problems, or answers to questions? Creative energy is a natural resource, we all have access to, where we can connect with creativity and find what we're looking for. Creative Energy: Shift into Flow is a guide book of 22 ways to connect with your creative energy and shift into flow with ease, anytime, anywhere.
  • Spirituality in the 21st Century

    by Frank Daversa

    The book enhances the reader's knowledge of spirituality, life, and the world. It details steps necessary to advance the reader's spiritual understanding leading up to enlightenment. It guides the reader through the growth process, providing key insights along the way. After reading this book, readers should have a sound understanding of spirituality in the 21st century.

  • The Female Assumption: A Mother's Story, Freeing Women from the View that Motherhood is a Mandate

    by Melanie Holmes
    A mother advocates for the view that motherhood should be viewed (and spoken of) as a choice, not a foregone conclusion. Through interviews/polls with 200 women across the U.S., as well as some international women (those with & without children), Holmes uncovered a high level of assumptions about what makes a female "whole." Love, happiness, fulfillment, meaning--these are subjective terms--however, as today's females strive to listen to their inner voices, the voices of those close to them ins... more
  • Upgrade your boyfriend

    by Magdalena Evanova

    This book is a practical manual on how to improve your relationship by helping your man learn how to be a good partner without making him feel overly trapped.  If it is true that you can’t change your man’s personality, it is also just as true that you can help him to change his behavior and attitude. If your man is very selfish when it comes to all life priorities or if his priorities are always more important than yours, then this is the time to start the training. To re-ed... more

  • How To Explain Death, Grief & Loss To a Child

    by Judy Helm Wright
    Death is complicated. Trying to navigate the experience of illness and death is complicated and confusing no matter how old you are. Many people have told me that the way they first experienced the death of a loved one as children colored their experiences with death for the rest of their lives. My goal in this book is to help all caring adults help children through their first experiences of true loss so that they can cope with death, loss, and grief with resiliency throughout their lives. ... more
  • The New Game ~ 52-Day Cycles of Time

    by Daliah Boretski
    The New Game teaches you how to harness the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity and the influences of the Planets in your favour during seven 52-day cycles of time that roll around every year.
  • Love Together:: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication

    by Tim Clausen
    Longtime couples share candidly in Love Together how they navigate issues of monogamy, intimacy, affection, communication, money, spirituality, marriage, and parenting. Included here are the first military couple in America to wed, a Catholic theologian, a pioneering Texas pair featured in a 1996 Life Magazine article, a practicing Buddhist couple who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, two Paris-trained chefs turned international vintners, a Canadian couple who produce a line of gay ero... more
  • Lights Out! Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dark

    by Chad Cramer
    Lights Out! is packed with real-life examples from the author’s life as well as his children’s, as he challenges the prevalent fear of the dark in a courageous duel. After dealing with this fear for over a decade and then again with his children, Chad determined to help others overcome this fear from the things he learned. If you’ve ever struggled with this fear or your children currently do, then dive in and discover how your children can win through Scripture and the scores of “fearbusters”... more
  • Fat Girl

    by Susan Bodiker
    No one knows calories better than a fat girl. No one knows what she should or shouldn’t eat better than a fat girl. No one knows how to camouflage her body better than a fat girl. And I ought to know. Because I was that girl. I could have told you down to the gram the nutritional value of what I was eating, but why I was eating, that was a mystery. I was stuffed with shame but starved for love and acceptance. And until I found those two things within myself, I was doomed to live the self-des... more
  • Live Life to the Fullest: Enjoying the Life God Intended for You to Live

    by Darrell Case
    Enjoying the life God intended for you to live How to enjoy life in spite of yourself Facing bankruptcy? You can recover and become debt free. You can raise godly children in a perverse and rebellious society. Considering divorce? Discover the principles of a happy marriage and fall in love again. Are you a supervisor interested in learning the approach, which will increase production in your employees? Do you want to live a successful life in your church, your family, and the community? Is de... more
  • The Bitch's Bridal Bible: The Must-Have, Real-Deal Guide for Brides.

    by Alessandra Macaluso
    Planning a wedding is a wonderful time in your life. But it can also be overwhelming, and the whole process has a funny way of bringing out the crazy in everyone around you. The Bitch's Bridal Bible will prepare you for everything you need to know – the real things – so you can plan the wedding that best reflects you while keeping your sanity, finances, and relationships intact. Whether you are thinking about marriage, are engaged, or are well past your wedding, you will find entertainment and a... more
  • Dear Hannah: A Geek's Life in Self-Improvement

    by Philip Dhingra

    For Philip's 14th birthday, Hannah gave him Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, which kicked off a life-long obsession with self-improvement. Over 16 years, Philip wrote 82 letters to Hannah describing every book, pop psych article, and method that he used—or abused. Dear Hannah is either a cautionary tale about self-improvement, or it is a filter for the 10% of self-help that may actually change your life.

    “Philip Dhing... more

  • Living Much More through Buying Much Less

    by Firinn Taisdeal
    Why do you buy the things you buy? Why do you keep the things you keep? How much better could your life be if you freed yourself from a lot of that stuff you're keeping? Our society is obsessed with material possessions, yet weak in relation to worthy ideals. Beyond the world of material possessions is a world of the mind, of spirit, and of boundless possibilities. It is a world of higher values, far more interesting as well as far more dignified than the crude realm of consumerism. Pe... more