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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Why Am I Single?

    by Tanisha Burks-Baskin
    Many single women are in a rush to get to the altar. Because of this rush, many end up marrying the wrong man and suffer from depression. This book helps women to focus on the issues that may be left unresolved in their life before they pursue a relationship with someone else. Women are encouraged to establish a committed relationship with themselves and figure out their purpose so that their purpose can attract the man God has for them.
  • The Truth about Adultery: Exposing Lies Between the Sheets

    by Tanisha Burks-Baskin
    Adultery is a common act in today's time. But contrary to the worlds way of living adultery or affairs are not casual fun. The Truth about adultery exposes the lies that are found under the sheets. Lies such as a marriage founded in adultery will not end in adultery. The book helps women and men to walk away from adulterous relationships and the temptation of falling into an adulterous relationships.
  • The Wave and the Drop: Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife

    by Cindy Spring
    What do you believe will happen at your death and afterward? The great wisdom traditions suggest stories as answers. The Wave and The Drop is one such story. So is Heaven, Nirvana, the Circle of Life, Reincarnation, Death with Dignity, Transformation. Fables for the dying time. We, and those we love, can take these stories and shape them into a personal narrative that will help us cross that threshold. This book guides us gently by the heart and sits with us as we consider our own mortality by l... more
  • Seniors On the Move

    by Ray Fauteux
    Over the past fifty years life expectancy has increased by leaps and bounds. Old age becomes an irrelevant concept for seniors who embrace a lifestyle of regular exercise, sound diet, and sense of purpose. Muscles that are challenged stay strong, minds that are active stay sharp. Start your own business, write a book, or volunteer. Senior years do not have to be the beginning of the end. In fact, they can be the beginning of the most rewarding years of your life. ...Enhance your quality of li... more
  • Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay

    by Michael Delman
    Do you do too much for your kid out of fear they will never make it in the world without your oversight? Are you frustrated or worried about your 'tween, teen, or young adult who seems lazy or unmotivated? Do you see your child unable to reach their potential because they are disorganized, scattered, and can't manage their time? In Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay: Building the Executive Function Skills Your Child Needs in the Age of Attention, Michael Delman tackles the big worries that keep parents a... more
  • My Bliss Book

    by Sheri Fink
    My Bliss Book is designed to help you create more magic, passion, and aliveness in your life while achieving your wildest dreams! For the next 12 weeks, commit yourself to complete your daily My Bliss Book journal pages and see how your life magically transforms as you apply pure intention, strategic focus, and inspired action, giving you the foundation to create a truly extraordinary life. If you'd like to create a truly blissful life of success, fun, fulfillment, and balance while living... more
  • Casey's Greatness Wings: Teaching Mindfulness, Connection and Courage to Children

    by Tammi Van Hollander
    Casey Greatness Wings is a playful, interactive story that can be told on the child's back. This is a story about a caterpillar that feels different from the others and worries that he is not good enough. His worries are as big as a giant elephant and he does not know how to get the elephant off his back. It's not until the Wise Grandmother Butterfly magically appears and cocoons Casey in her loving embrace that Casey can find a way to escape the elephant and see the beauty that has always lived... more
  • A list of things you cannot crowdfund for

    by Aisha Adele
    Any crowdfunding guru will tell you that you can run a crowdfunding India campaign for any reason at all under the sun, as long as the object of your project does not stand in conflict with the local or international law, or isn’t oppressive to any group in a tacit or explicit way. The West has really gone by this blanket rule, with people running crowdfunding campaigns for buying themselves a bowl of potato salad, to write messages in the clouds from a jet plane, and to take dogs on a day out i... more
  • Waiting on the Outside: My Son's Journey to Federal Incarceration and a White Supremacist Prison Gang

    by Sharron Grodzinsky
    There are over two million people incarcerated in the United States. What if your child was among them? What if your loved one made wrong choices throughout their life and ended up being one of those millions? What would you do? This book tells the story of my son and his journey to incarceration in a federal prison. It also tells of his gang affiliation with the Aryan Warriors and their influence in prisons across the country. Every single person in a jail or prison has a friend or family membe... more
  • When the Devil is Beating His Wife: A Christian Perspective on Domestic Violence & Recovery

    by Melanie Houston

    When the Devil is Beating His Wife is for any woman suffering from an abusive relationship or knows someone in this predicament. Domestic violence is painful, humiliating, and a life-changing experience. When the relationship is severed, what do you do? There are countless questions, but few answers. How do you escape? Where are the instructions to create a new life? How do you endure each day with a broken heart and injured spirit? Where is God when yo... more

  • Growing Up Whole: A Child's Guide Book

    by Linda Newlin
    Children are led through colorful reflections, practices, experiences to strengthen their self esteem, learn life skills that include: naming feelings, non violent communications, boundary setting, identifying passions and gifts, environmental stewardship, visioning, validation and more. I also have companion validation journals and growth charts to support positive reinforcement and wholeness.
  • The Key to Prostate Cancer: 30 Experts Explain 15 Stages of Prostate Cancer

    by Mark Scholz, MD

    The Key to Prostate Cancer: 30 Experts Explain 15 Stages of Prostate Cancer helps men who’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer discover approaches to treating prostate cancer that allow them to keep their prostates and avoid unpleasant side effects. The book provides detailed medical information, in layman’s terms, about each stage of prostate cancer and how to manage it for optimum long-term health. The centerpiece of the book is The Quiz: ... more

  • 5 Tips to Promote Your Social Crowdfunding Campaign on Twitter

    by Stella Brook
    The most used microblogging platform on the internet is a great medium for reaching out to potential donors when you’re crowdfunding. While tweets were previously limited to 140 characters, today, the limit has doubled now, giving you more space to tell your story! The essence of Twitter stays the same despite the change in this feature; it’s an extremely open platform that is made for conversations and engagement, making it the ideal place to casually approach donors.

    Since as early ... more
  • 5 Features of a Crowdfunding Platform That Helps Get More Donors

    by Aisha Adele
    Crowdfunding has been revolutionary in funding a number of industries. Ordinary people like you and me are able to successfully fuel projects that seek to enable communities or save a life thanks to the crowdfunding platform.

    In the last few weeks alone, Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform saw a surge in the level of success campaigners were able to push their fundraisers to. Dozens of medical and NGO fundraisers saw lakhs of rupees po... more
  • A Christian Life Without Father God

    by Leanne Goff
    A deep, quiet, and life-changing transition is taking place in our world today. It is happening across the cultures of the world, is not driven by the media, nor can it be stopped or sidelined. It will succeed! We really do not know God, as He desires to be known, until we know Him as Father. When we begin to see the centrality of this truth in the Bible, we hold a new book in our hands. Leanne walks us through the most painful seasons of her life. She came out not only a presentation of what it... more
  • 1230002293882

    by T. Tannebaum
    They say you can use thankfulness etc. make dreams come true. It is simpler, just need to be menatlly healty. It expalians how dreams come true and get you answer about better mental health.