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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Musings of a Soul

    by Judith Franklin
    Within each human, regardless of ethnicity and life experiences lies our spirit. Within it, lie our beliefs, dreams, and the capacity to soar. This gift of spirit, a bequest of our Creator, contains our dreams, beliefs, encounters with our God, the power to achieve lasting relationships, and weave memories. With all of its powers, it remains our own. Within these pages, may you find your own ?musings,? find peace within the stanzas, recall a joyful experience, or grow in your spiritual life, awa... more
  • The Basics of Electronics

    by David Askew
    Are you working in the field of electronics and have no formal training but want to learn more about the basics? Or are you a hobbyist who wants to learn more about how electronics work? Then this book is for you. This book goes through the basic theory of topics such as DC and AC. It also covers several electronic components, how they work and applications along with labs to experiment with, audio, data, and troubleshooting. The end of the book also contains several listings of suppliers of bot... more
  • The Thriving Heart

    by Thomas Millner
    For those who don?t know, PD stands for Parkinson?s disease. I could think of other names right now as well, but I?ll stick to the subject. Technically, there?s a portion of my brain that produces dopamine, a chemical necessary for nerve conduction (and a bit of sanity), where cells have died. There?s a technical term for those cells as well, but this is neither an anatomy lesson nor a pharmacological treatise, so I?ll forgo the technical details. I want to talk about what it?s like for me to ex... more
  • Why Waiting Works

    by Rob Kowalski
    Why Waiting Works is the self-proclaimed, most practical book ever written on the subject of waiting to have sex until marriage. While some books have been written, few, if any, have ever broken it down as clearly. Why Waiting Works deconstructs the myths and misconceptions associated with the often misunderstood, but vital to understand subject. It’s the common sense approach to dating and finding true love. Have you ever wondered, WHY WAIT? WHAT’S THE POINT? WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? Mayb... more
  • The Trees for the Forest

    by Ronald Johnson
    Coming of age in a world of new beginnings. From the innocence of the Appalachian Mountains to the haunting secrets endured in German forest. A symbolic journey described by one who undertook it. Discover the tribulations that refines character and faces uncertainty using defiant confidence to navigate through the dark forest of humanity. Unforgetable. Compelling. First love. Will you be able to see the trees for the forest?
  • The Breakup Survival Guide for Women

    by Susanna Gold
    Your relationship has ended - and you are devastated. You feel lonely and depressed and you can’t shake the terrible mood you are in at all times. You miss him badly and you desperately hope that he’ll contact you. But in your heart you know that it’s unlikely. On some days you feel like you would do almost anything to win him back. On other days you want to get over him, leave the relationship in the past, and move forward with your life – but how? You can get past these feelings. You can ge... more
  • The Breakup Survival Guide for Men

    by Susanna Gold
    Voted #1 of the best breakup books to read in 2018 by BookAuthority, book recommendations made by the world's most successful CEO's, business leaders and experts, and on the list of BookAuthority's best books of all time. Your girlfriend who you loved with all your heart has just broken up with you, leaving you devastated. You have difficulty accepting that the relationship is truly over. You feel depressed and lonely, and nothing you do seems to raise your spirits. There are days when you m... more
  • @happy: A Handheld Guide to Happiness in Modern Times

    by David Sedillo
    We live in the most incredible era of human history. Yet too many of us find ourselves unhappy, unfulfilled, and out of touch. @happy is a collection of 30 simple phrases and drawings meant to inspire the path to a happy, meaningful life, complete with supporting sources for further research. Read them, try them, and come to discover on your own how to survive these modern times. The journey is half the fun.
  • The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

    by Nancy Wagaman
    One dream symbol can reveal the meaning of an entire life-transforming dream. This dream dictionary unlocks the power of dream symbols with tips, tools, and 1500 symbols defined for personal growth by the author of The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation. The interpretation of dreams opens the door to a new world of empowering self-knowledge in your dreams each night. This book puts that power of dream symbol meaning directly into your hands.
  • Connect How To Love And Accept Yourself After Divorce

    by Dawn Burnett
    It's Time To Thrive! We've all heard tragic divorce stories from our friends - and may have one of our own. But have we really embraced a fresh new start? Or have we just picked up the pieces of the divorce rubble and moved forward trying to make sense of it all? In this powerful book of vast relationship wisdom, you'll discover pages cascading with helpful tips and easily adoptable strategies presented through the engaging, personal anecdotes of author and wellness strategist Dawn Burnett. ... more
  • Heal Your Family

    by Magui Block
    Many of us muddle through life while lugging heavy baggage crammed with an invisible family legacy. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what is inside the baggage. Even worse, as members are added to the family, they clone the baggage and add more weight. The good news is that it is possible to liberate ourselves and our offspring from a burdensome legacy and ultimately heal and joyfully move forward. Magui Block draws upon her work as a psychotherapist to share cases and personal experiences... more
  • Waiting Still

    by Marie Stevens
    A book of imagery, gentle persuasion, touching, encouraging, new life love and desire, not only in our own selves but, God Himself.
  • Lasting Happiness; Secrets of the Heart, Mind & Spirit Revealed

    by T. M. Hoy
    Includes 46 emotionally intense images. Lasting Happiness is a practical, step-by-step guide to help you create a life rich in love, meaning, and creativity. Use the wisdom that almost cost the author his life to make yours a paradise. Here are the tools and techniques you need - the latest state-of-the-art knowledge from some of the most brilliant thinkers, doctors and scientists who've ever lived !. You are a few pages away from transforming your existence. Why wait ? Start NOW !
  • Log Off: How to Stay Connected after Disconnecting

    by Blake Snow
    After 1800 consecutive days online, recognized journalist Blake Snow had a digital awakening. From this "Montana Moment" he gained newfound perspective on the benefits of offline balance; how to find it, why it matters, and how it improves all areas of life, both work as well as personal.

    by I S
  • Author for Life or for a Living?: Manifesto for Real Writers

    by Cristina G.
    Being an author has always been your dream, but everybody told you’re insane, right? I know the feeling. The competition is ferocious, the readers are the leaders. It’s a grim time to be an author, but it’s also the perfect time. I am here to tell that your dream is possible… if you work hard and never give up. Faith is what you need first. Self-esteem is second. Self-confidence comes with knowledge. To build these, you need time, determination, and self-discipline. You can be w... more