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Self-Help & Relationships

  • How People Heal: Exploring the Scientific Basis of Subtle Energy in Healing

    by Diane Goldner
    For Diane Goldner, what began as an investigative story for The New York Times, became a four-year pilgrimage into the thriving yet controversial world of energy healing in America. Her report, How People Heal, serves as both an introduction to this world, and an engrossing narrative featuring in-depth portraits of healers Barbara Brennan and Rosalyn Bruyere. Goldner spent hours alongside these spiritual and savvy women witnessing their healing work, while casting a critical eye at the business ... more
  • Awakening to the Light: My Journey from Investigative Journalist to Energy Healer

    by Diane Goldner
    Journey To Extraordinary Realms. In this gripping, candid memoir, Diane shares the story of her transformation from investigative journalist to energy healer, following a dramatic initiation by a realized master from India. Diane started investigating subtle energy healing as a skeptic. What she discovered changed her life. Now a healer and medical intuitive, she helps people around the country and internationally heal and uplift their lives. “I love this book. It's so inspiring," notes Christia... more
  • Yes, You Can Heal: The Secret to Transforming Illness and Creating Radiant Health

    by Diane Goldner
    Have you ever wanted to really heal? Diane Goldner takes you on a journey to release the deepest levels. Based on her 20 years of experience as a healer, Diane shows you how to access universal healing energies and awaken your own inner healer. With wisdom and love, she brings you into the inner sanctum of her healing room. She shares how to use subtle energy for any ailment—including cancer, heart disease, chronic illness, infertility, mystery illness, trauma, surgery, and other challenges—or s... more
  • Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief

    by Diamante Lavendar
    This earthly plane offers much for us to learn: happiness, wisdom, loss, heartbreak, and enlightenment. It is a Pandoras box of emotions, situations, opportunities, and failures, all wrapped into a package we call life. Nobody is immune, but everyone has the opportunity to grow tall or wither like a flower in harsh light. Its completely up to us how we choose to respond. Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief is a gleaning of insights from artist Diamante Lavender. For her, life has been a long, ... more
  • Habits that Heal

    by Nita Lapinski
    Fearful thinking is a learned behavior that most of us adopt as our truth, but simple practices can change our lives. In Habits That Heal, Nita Lapinski teaches us how to transform and transcend the troublesome patterns of anxiety, the desire to control, negative self-talk, the need to judge others and the destructive habit of gossip. She masterfully presents us with practical, tangible exercises that will empower, strengthen and elevate us in the face of fear.
  • Redefining Success

    by Julio Briones
    If I were to introduce you to a 24 year old man that barely graduated high school, joined the Army at 17, who suffers from mild dyslexia and is about to begin a journey that will carry him through the next 13 years, just over 10 of which he will spend in prison? What would you consider to be his chances at a successful life? Would you even be able to define a scenario where success is even possible? Many would not. Now, let us look at this man today, he has been out of prison for many years with... more
  • Ten Reminders For The Single Christian Woman

    Are you a single Christian woman wondering what's going to happen next in your life? Is your faith wavering as you wait for that special "someone"? Have you been praying and enduring for months only to go though another breakup, failed relationship or bad decision? If this is you, then this book is for you. In Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman, Dr. Pamela Q. Fernandes talks about why you should stay optimistic and remain in God's love. As a follow up book in her Ten Reminder Se... more
  • God Spoke to Me

    by Coach Roscoe
    This book outlines the struggles and manifestations of a life destined for a higher purpose. It will inspire and encourage those who choose to take a step out on faith.
  • Parenting Errors

    by Dr Kerby T. Alvy
    All parents are prone to making errors in raising children, because parenting is an inherently difficult, demanding, and complex job. This book clarifies the many and interrelated responsibilities of parents, defines what parenting errors are, and provides a unique approach to solving them. The approach involves honestly discussing errors with children and then moving into action to remedy whatever damage may have been done.The author encourages readers to share with him their experiences in uti... more
  • Widows 101

    by Susan Barber
    Imagine working for years at your " dream job" only to have it taken away from you suddenly. What if the Boss changed your job description from " partner and party planner" to permanent cubicle resident with no benefits or chance of reinstatement? That's what it is like to become a widow. People don't know how to talk to you anymore. They exclude you from conversations that might involve the mention of couples. They are uncomfortable Becoming a widow isn?t like becoming a wife. Becoming a wife ... more
  • Sayings To Live Your Life By

    by Gregg Southgate
    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Every cloud has a silver lining. Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater. On the surface these phrases seem like aimless ramblings, but they’re commonly accepted in the English language and, when used correctly, impart a distinct meaning that is generally understood by others. They are tools for communicating complex and often intangible concepts for which direct words don’t always exist. Sayings to Live Your Life By delves into a collect... more
  • The Art of Talking to Yourself: Self-Awareness Meets the Inner Conversation

    by Vironika Tugaleva
    This might look like a self-help book. It might even read like one. Once you dive into its pages, however, you will find some differences. Unlike others of its kind, this book does not promise results or give expert opinions. It is neither a miracle cure nor a magic potion. It does not pretend to have all the answers. Rather, this book is a plea for self-trust and a gentle guide to self-awareness. Instead of helping you become who you think you should be, The Art of Talking to Yourself hopes ... more
  • The Reluctant Husband's Guide to Becoming Christian Grey

    by Sir D and pam
    At last... here is THE book for the woman whose husband doesn’t understand the appeal of the “Fifty Shades” experience, co-authored by a woman and wife of then 35 years, and her own reluctant husband. Like millions of women around the world, Pam was captivated by the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Not only did the story of Christian and Ana turn her on, it validated thoughts and fantasies she had long suppressed, believing them to be abnormal. As she came to grips with who she was and what she want... more
  • How to Write Your Book: ...from an Idea to Your Published Story

    by Francine Barish-Stern
    Do You Write or Want to Write? Have You ever said, "I want to write a book?" If so HOW TO WRITE YOUR BOOK may just be what you've been waiting for. We've turned the "dry" subject of learning how to write, into a fun, step by step interactive journey, with 3 Wise Guides to see that you get to YOUR FINISHED STORY! These Guides, the writer, Ms. Iwanna B. Writer, the editor, Ms. Edi Tor and the publisher, Mr. I. M. Publisher, all travel with you sharing their expertise. Each Chapter maps out a... more
  • Law Of Action: A Rationalist Approach To Self-Help

    by T C Thomas
    Have you ever tried self-help, only to find that it did not work? It did not matter how hard you believed or how closely you followed the information in the book, it just did not do what the speaker or book promised that it would do. Whether you are new to the world of self-help or you are experienced with the disappointment that often comes along with realizing that most self-help techniques are full of crap, this ends now. You see, I agree with you. The world of self-help is far from helpful... more
  • 360 Living: Practical guidance for a balanced life

    by Jacquelyn Salvador
    Ever feel burnt out? Missing a deeper meaning? Inexplicably unhappy? Sometimes life gets off-balance, but with the right steps, we can find the personal path to authentic happiness and balance. This guide will help you define your unique path to better living.