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History & Military

  • Alternative Economics: From Absurdistan to Obscuristan

    by Marc Batko
    This 154-page eBook anthology includes translated articles by Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists. Mainstream trickle-down economics has no answer to exploding inequality and precarious work. Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Michael Schwendinger explains how reduced working hoiurs can be a socio-economic investment that brings better long-term health and greater time sovereignty. The appendix "Myths of the Economy" explains 29 state myths, business ... more
  • Hidden Women: A History of Europe, Celts and Freedom

    by Jacqueline Widmar Stewart
    Buried treasures show that Europe’s ancient Celts valued females in ways that later empires did not. Over the past 2000 years, institutionalized sexism has carried imperialist male domination all the way to the present. That said, the Celtic family-based culture remains hidden in plain view by using the right lens. This book gives a look into the world of nature-loving ancestors and their descendants.
  • The Watford Knight's Fee

    by Murray Johnston

    Today, Watford village in Northamptonshire is known for little more than the Watford Gap motorway stop.  But, for 600 years, the parish was home to one of medieval England’s first knight’s fees.

    As far back as the Norman Conquest of 1066, Watford with three towns was exceptional.  Soon after, the king awarded Watford as a knight’s fee—a parcel of land sufficient to support a knight.  Two centuries on, the single holding was broken into separate man... more

  • Where Have All the Sheep Gone? Sheep Herders and Ranchers in Arizona: A Disappearing Industry

    by Barbara G. Jaquay

    Sheep herding for its wool and meat has been an Arizonan occupation since the mid-1800s and if the Native Americas are included, the date can be pushed back to the early 1600s when sheep were pilfered from the pueblos in New Mexico.  Sheep was one of the many livestock breeds that Father Kino introduced into the Pimería Alta and he proceeded to teach the local southern Arizona Native Americans sheep husbandry in order that they would have a constant supply of wool and meat.   But, this was a ... more

  • "Three men in Sea' ISBN no 9789352128860

    by Ashok Masillamani
    Three men, in an attempt to shatter the run-of-the-mill experiences of travel, embark on a quest for an adventure of a kind that made them crazy with delight. “Three Men in SeA” is a delectable record of an enjoyable journey that reveals the joie de vivre of the three comrades on an odyssey in their early twilight years. These men seek to relive their youthful past, inspired by the love of people, nature, art, culture, history and architecture. They set out on a trip to Southeast Asian countri... more
  • There Is Something About Edgefield

    by Edna Gail Bush and Natonne Elaine Kemp
    Through the stories of their ancestors Bush and Kemp take us on a compelling journey through African American history into the hearts of individual lives. In tracing their ancestral roots, these family historians discover their connections to some of the South’s most powerful men, both famous and forgotten. The community at the heart of this historical study is Edgefield, South Carolina, yet the stories in this book form a microcosm of events experienced by black communities throughout the South... more
  • Land of Seekers

    by Triveen Nair
    1766 was arguably one of the most decisive years in the history of greater India, yet was one of those years that went down in recorded history as the least recorded. In the noise of the churn that was happening in the subcontinent, with several occupiers and defenders and conflicting narrative between the victor and the vanquished, no one document can ever be a correct representation. While a deteriorating Mogul Kingdom in the north witnessed general lawlessness, the Portuguese and then the res... more
  • The Greatest Blunders of World War II

    by Horace Edward Henderson
    Nearly a lifetime of research and study by a veteran of World War II reveals the major political and military errors and mistakes which caused the greatest catastrophe in world history, almost lost the struggle with the greatest evil the world has ever known, failed to end the conflict in a decisive victory for the survival of freedom and democracy, subjected the world to almost half a century of fear and turmoil in the Cold War, and wasted vast world resources on armaments while hundreds of mil... more
  • Inventive Minds of 20th Century America:

    Since 1790 over six million patents have been issued in the USA. Of these, approximately 5.8 million were awarded in the 20th century. The inventions they covered have been credited with providing the USA with its industrial supremacy. Whereas the patents awarded to a handful of famous 20th century inventors such as Edison, Marconi and Tesla are well known, there are hundreds of thousands of other inventors who contributed to the greatness of the USA whose names are long forgotten, consigned to ... more
  • The Making of a Leader: Franklin D. Murphy: The Kansas Years

    by Nancy Kellogg Harper
    As a teenager he purchased on the installment plan a Durer woodcut print from a Kansas City antiquarian. Thus began a lifelong love of the arts. By age 32, he had graduated first in his medical class at the University of Pennsylvania and become dean of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He gained national prominence for his plan to bring doctors to rural America. Three years later, Murphy was named Chancellor of KU and served during a transformative nine years. It was said that he "bro... more
  • He Could Make Words Sing: An Ordinary Man During Extraordinary Times

    by David Greene
    Harry Greissman, raised in 1920’s and 30’s Brooklyn by his immigrant parents, represented the Greatest Generation as he defeated the Nazis in World War II, became the first in his family to graduate college, led the exodus to the suburbs in Westchester, served for 40 years as a “Mad Men” in an anti-Semitic advertising agency, and retired to sunny Florida. His life is the subject of an interesting story told by his son-in-law in a new book, He Could Make Words Sing: An Ordinary Man During Extrao... more
  • The Founders' Revolution

    by Michael S. Law
    Readers will re-discover the forgotten treasures of the history and principles of the Declaration of Independence, recognizing the dedication of the Founding Fathers to the principles found therein. "The Founders' Revolution" expounds upon the forgotten history and principles, enlightening the reader and urging them to "come back to the truths" found therein. "The Founders' Revolution" focuses on the intent of the Founding Fathers and the historical circumstances of the Declaration of Independen... more
  • Rise and Decline: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It

    by Bruce Thatcher
    Sooner or later, all nations die. Rise and Decline: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It studies six of history’s great democracies and republics – Ancient Athens, the Roman Republic, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The French Third Republic, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Rise and Decline shows that the United States has passed its peak in world prominence and is on the decline. It identifies the core values that drove its ascendance. And it shows that the reas... more
  • Here Is The Church: A History of St. Mary Parish

    by Donna Lee Davis
    Fredericksburg's Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church is steeped in history, from its antebellum roots in overwhelmingly Protestant Virginia through the carnage of the American Civil War and its aftermath to the modern age which finds its congregation 18,000 strong. Its colorful story comes alive in Here Is the Church: A History of St. Mary Parish through the chronicling of local newspapers and first person accounts.
  • Betrayed: Secrecy, Lies, and Consequences

    by Frederic H Martini
    In 1944, 168 Allied airmen were beaten, experimented on, and otherwise mistreated in Buchenwald, where the famous Nazi engineer Wernher von Braun obtained slave labor for his V-2 factory, the Mittelwerk. After the war, the US Army brought von Braun and his associates to America, as part of the ultra-secret Project Paperclip. The US government concealed von Braun’s wartime activities, and promoted an alternate history that sheltered him from prosecution for war crimes. This involved suppressing ... more
  • The Seasons of Treaty Oak

    by Jane Bauld
    The Seasons of Treaty Oak is the life story of the beautiful and historic Treaty Oak of Austin, Texas. The author tells the story sensitively and suspensefully with due respect for both history and legend. The story of the attack on Treaty Oak and its struggle to recover is truly inspirational.