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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Innatious

    by Linda Buscemi
    Have you been in a relationship that ended, but you weren't sure what went wrong? Do you feel there are parts of yourself that you need to hide from others? Enter Innatious-a new psychological tool conceived by Dr. Linda Buscemi that will not only help you understand the truth behind why you think, behave, and choose the things you do, but also offer you a blueprint for making real change in your life. In Innatious: An Innovative Tool to Strengthen Your Emotional IQ and Improve the Quality of An... more
  • The Withdrawal: Healing the War Wounds of Addiction

    by Edward James
    The gloom of addiction has long blotted out the sun of many peoples’ hopes and dreams. In this technologically superior age, we make sure our cell phone is in perfect working order, but our mental health often deteriorates without our seeing that fact until it’s too late. As a result, the threat of addiction has continued to grow with no signs of stopping. There is no cure, and those that promise one are only doing addicts a great disservice. The only hope in bringing addicts and their loved... more
  • FoodWISE: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices

    by Gigi Berardi
    FoodWISE is a personalized tour through our entire food system, from farm to plate, reviewing up-to-date, sometimes surprising scientific insights into popular diets and how we make our decisions about what to eat, together with a look at farmers and community groups trying to do the right thing with food. The book is designed precisely for those who are frustrated with the incomplete and confusing picture they get from the flood of diet information and books. FoodWISE gives us a WISE view of pr... more
  • Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs

    by Michelle Rayburn

    Classic Marriage is a fun-filled marriage book with practical tips and tools for communication and a long-term commitment. As the odometer climbs, everyday challenges have probably affected communication, romantic feelings, and even commitment. Michelle and Phil have been there, and they want to help you experience wedded bliss well into the golden years.

    In this book, you’ll find:

    • Biblical, faith-based resources from 30-year marriage veterans.
    • Honesty and humor... more
  • Life In Full Colors: Unlock Your Childlike Curiosity to Uncover and Activate the Creative Intelligence You Are

    by Corry MacDonald

    Isn't it incredible what upcycle artists can do with discarded and broken materials? Picking up seemingly worthless pieces to transform them into something wonderful.

    Did you know you have the innate ability to do this with your life?

    Life In Full Colors presents a unique seven-step creative process for reframing your perceived “problems” in order to access the myriad potentials you hold, revealing how you can create your own lin... more

  • Cancer Babble

    by Chris Drnaso
    Cancer Babble is a book I never thought I’d write, but as the saying goes, ‘…and yet here we are’. Diagnosis, biopsies, doctors, treatment, caregivers, support, hair, chemo- brain, and a whole chapter dedicated to stupid things people say to cancer patients. This book has it all! Before you say, “Oh crap, this guy’s writing another ‘poor me, I got cancer’, book,” I promise you that if you catch me in any moments of self-pity you have my permission to toilet paper the trees in front of my ... more
  • My Little Book of Happy

    by Elena Josaya
    Filled with meaningful quotes, actionable tips, and reflective questions, this book is the perfect balance of inspiring and practical. Big change happens through simple steps, and this book is all about building a new approach to your everyday actions and routines. With My Little Book of Happy: 50 Tips for Finding Yours, you'll feel more empowered to: reconnect with your purpose and motivation, reach your full potential, make a difference in the world, and inspire people around you.
  • The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace

    by Carolyn CJ Jones

    Forgiveness is an art form. Once you practice this art and the methods described in this book, a world of peace opens to you. What you begin to feel inside is reflected on the outside. In other words, your life around you mirrors your inner peace. As you read this heart-warming and inspirational tale about the author's journey to wholeness, you access gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness and practice these frequently. The results are a life lived in deep peace, freedom, gratitude and po... more


    by Sofia Santiago, PhD; Margarita Sarmiento; Chrystina Katz; Charlotte Canion

    Would you like to know how to. . .

    • Quit struggling with life’s dilemmas that have you ending up making bad choices
    • Start creating more opportunities in your life simply by learning to use a language of abundance
    • Stop placing your dreams on hold because you never have enough time to pursue them
    • Defeat procrastination once and for all and regain more needed time and energy
    • Confidently make changes to create a more fulfilling, worthwhile journey... more
  • Guilt-Free Mommy: Insights and Tools to Overcome Mommy Guilt

    by Dayna Reed
    Countless moms wrestle with mommy guilt - those mental attacks that call into question the adequacy of their parenting ability - from subtle intimations to being regularly riddled with guilt. Where do these nagging thoughts originate, and why do moms so easily and often buy into the exaggerated accusations? In Guilt-Free Mommy, Dayna, mother of two, draws from her own journey of being guilt-ridden to becoming guilt-free by sharing: *What is mommy guilt? *Mommy guilt's origin and ways we p... more
  • Five Question to Finding Peace of Mind and Authentic Happiness

    by Armando S Garcia
    Can you really find peace of mind in this fast paced, distracting world? Absolutely, because what troubles the mind is not the outside world, but the mind itself. It is the mental grasping of what you want and rejecting what you don't want, especially the rejecting, which causes psychological stress and distress. Heedlessly we chase our hopes and dreams trying to figure out what makes us happy, often seeking distractions to avoid facing what is really troubling us, all the while undermining the ... more
  • The Forgotten Option

    by Kenneth Connelly

    The Forgotten Option is about marriage and how to stay in it.

    Today most married couples see their options as being either married or divorced with no in between. However marriage is more than just being about ourselves; there are so many others that we may not see that depend on us and our spouse sticking it out together.  It is for this reason that Ken looks at what is The Forgotten Option of how to stay together when your marriage is in trouble, or even whe... more

  • The Algorithm of Consciousness

    by Kenneth Macfarlane
    Kenneth A. Macfarlane’s essays, which are compiled in The Algorithm of Consciousness, lead the reader through the massive complexities of this matrix we call life and how the reader can face them head-on, understand them, and implement them to the best of our abilities into conscious selves. It’s not only essential for our own well-being, but also for the world around us. Our own self-awareness will help us become our full potential in a positive way, one that will benefit both ourselves and our... more
  • The Quantum Reality of Life

    by Saravanan Marimuthu
    Seeking is a natural attribute of mankind that propels us through time to find answers to the known unknowns. But in today’s materialistic world, the notion of seeking has been misdirected, forcing us to create false identities attached to our artificially created concepts. And when such identities are challenged we build emotions which constitute our actions to protect such identities, often resulting in destructive outcomes. In this book, the author has tried to explore and elucidate few per... more
  • 0.1% Beyond Human Reality: An innocent Look into Existence and the potential of Being Human

    by S.S. López
    0.1 percent is a humble journey through the murky waters of human nature, existential doubt, suffering, and human potential. The 99.9 percent offers a starting point to understanding humanity through current human realities. Rational, subjective, deep-subjective, intersubjective, and virtual realities form the backbone of how we perceive, analyze, and rationalize whatever this thing is that we call existence. The book offers the reader some perspective on the obstacles we face while living com... more
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