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Art & Photography

  • Kiboko Projects

    The Kiboko Projects programs are international exchanges that use the creation of masks as a way for teens and adults to express their creativity and explore their identities. Along with the mask-making, participants from Africa, Russia, and the United States have created photo diaries with film, video, and bookmaking that speak of their hardships and dreams. The participants, by articulating their stories, whether they be of struggles with child labor and AIDS, or pride in their culture, learn ... more
  • The Art of Pastel Mastery: How to Translate the Image in Your Mind onto the Canvas before You

    by Joshua Holmes
    You’ve Always Wanted to Take Your Art to THE NEXT LEVEL. Now You Can! In this book you'll learn: - How to choose the right portrait - How to build in shapes and layers - How to apply color - How to manipulate color And Much More!
  • What Time's the Next Color?

    by Ann Nelson
    What Time’s The Next Color centers around Doc The Clock and Moe The Mouse. Together they search an old attic finding colors to bring Doc’s gray face back to life. This colorful tale will help little ones better understand the concept of the color wheel which contains twelve colors making up primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  The story aims to build the foundation of a lifetime of art appreciation.
  • Cemetery Reflections

    by Jane Hopkins
    Cemetery Reflections integrates poignant photographs, historic poetry and memorable prose in an exploration of the cemetery as a place of solace and comfort, where final and loving farewells may rest safely among the tombstones. Beautiful images of intricately carved headstones and statues vividly capture the pain of grief and loss across three centuries of American cemeteries. The embedded text provides a compassionate context that deepens our awareness of the significance and mystery of deat... more
  • Intimate Isolation

    by Jeremy Janus
    Intimate Isolation: A Photographic Journey Through Nature is a collection of the best photos and their stories from the first 5 years of photography from award-winning nature photographer Jeremy Janus. Jeremy adventured and traveled all over the globe to capture intimate moments in nature and share them with the world. From a photography portfolio of over 65,000 photos, Jeremy dwindled down his 50 favorite shots to create this colorful and vibrant nature photography book. These photos span the s... more
  • Ida's New Fun Word : Create

    by Keimesha Campbell

    "It means I'm an artist," replied Ida, "just like Michelangelo!" Ida's New Fun Word: Create is a creative child's fairytale! In this fun and delightful story, repetition, rhyme, and vibrant illustrations are used in an authentic way to encourage and celebrate creative thinking in young readers, who are invited on a magical adventure with Ida, as she participates in imaginative and creative play using simple everyday objects. Ida's affectionate interaction w... more

  • DECO DESIGN: Miami Beach Style

    by Isabel Hill
    A delightful look at Art Deco architecture--Miami Beach style! Colorful photographs and catchy rhymes take children--and adults--through a tropical paradise of bold and beautiful historic buildings. Along the way, readers learn architectural terms for features that define the Art Deco style.
  • Finding Me Beyond Illness

    by Shanali Perera
    “I am not the illness. I am a person first.” ‘I control what I create . . .’ Says Shanali. Inspired by life rhythm and flow, her canvases were an outlet to transform her lived experience into a more meaningful way of living as she shifted roles from clinician to patient to becoming a person again. Guided by the sheer emotion she feels, she uses art as a self-inquiry to capture her invisible space within, making it visible to others. “Embodiment of emotion conceptualized in art. I questio... more
  • Blue Zeus

    by Carol J. Walker
    A stunning wild stallion named Blue Zeus and his family encounter photographer Carol Walker in the Red Desert of Wyoming. She follows his family over 4 years, including through the heartbreak of he and his family being rounded up and sent to holding corrals. Finally through the effort of Carol and her friends, they are reunited at a sanctuary in Oregon.
  • Picturing Freedom: African Americans & Their Cars

    by Stanley B. Burns, MD & Elizabeth A. Burns

    Picturing Freedom, a meaningful celebration of African American life, chronicles the photographic history of the pride and joy of car ownership. The 272-page book includes over 450 photographs; histories of photography, car freedoms, and travel; personal photographs of legendary photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. and public health advocate Gerald Deas, MD; prefaces by the authors; and a comprehensive history of The Burns African American Collection. Picturing Freedom is the sixth book fro... more

  • Gaps and the Creation of Ideas: An Artist’s Book

    by Judith Seligson

    Gaps is a 20-year encyclopedic, interdisciplinary project. Artist and author Judith Seligson juxtaposes hundreds of quotes and images from science, art literature, criticism, religion, and more with her own thoughts in between. She sees the quotes and images as neurons in the brain.

          The reader’s thoughts are the neurotransmitters that fire across the synaptic gap between the neurons. Like the synaptic gap, the space between quotes and i... more

  • The American Weekly Covers of Edmund Dulac 1924-1951

    by Albert Seligman
    A complete full color collection of the 106 Hearst Sunday Supplement American Weekly covers painted by English artist Edmund Dulac between 1924-1951. It contains all thirteen series from Bible Stories in 1924 through his final Arabian Nights series in 1951. This is the first complete collection ever published and each American Weekly cover was photographed from an original copy of the magazine.
  • Don't Miss This: A Decade of Eccentric Performing Arts

    by Jim R Moore

    Don’t Miss This: A Decade of Eccentric Performing Arts ~ is Jim R. Moore’s pictorial paean to the stars of today’s circus, sideshow, burlesque, and new vaudeville scenes. In these 284 pages, you will find the world’s most eccentric extended family: clowns, acrobats, thespians, musicians, contortionists, jugglers, puppeteers, ventriloquists, daredevils, aerialists, opera singers, drag stars, monologists, impresarios, magicians, impressionists, fire-eaters, nuts... more

  • Go For Broke: Volume I

    by Curt E. Angeledes

    Go For Broke: Volume I, is a visual history depicting five decades of concert performances by The Rolling Stones as seen through the eyes of one photographer. The book features 276 full page photographs and short stories about the journey taken to get them.

  • Rhinotopia Beginnings

    by Sarah Soward
    Rhinotopia Beginnings is a collection of the first thirty-eight oil paintings in Sarah Soward’s Rhinotopia series that equate the rhino to the sacred. The paintings work with archetypes from around the world in the form of deities, powers, and forces of nature. The book presents the paintings with art analysis and context to deepen the reader’s connection to the art and, more importantly, to the rhino.
  • San Diego Visions

    by Bro Halff
    San Diego Visions is a dynamic collection of watercolors and writings by Bro Halff, capturing the charm of San Diego and surrounding areas, as well as the visionary attitude of its people. This book, and its companion volume, San Diego Days, present diverse landscapes and cityscapes from one of America’s most beautiful and appealing cities. The author portrays, in writings and vibrant paintings, his vision of San Diego, during his residence of twenty years there. He captures scenes of daily lif... more