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Art & Photography

  • Treasure Found

    by Cinthia James

    Treasure Found can be a guide to starting your own art process, ensuring a continuous stream of inspiration and visible improvement in your work. You’ll be able to discover and define your style and feel confident to experiment with your art. Treasure Found shows you ways of finding inspiration, how to understand art as a discipline, and it outlines some design fundamentals.

  • The Joy of Drawing

    by Caroline Mustard
    A 21st century approach to teaching the beginner how to draw in easy steps with video demonstrations for both traditional and digital artists. From learning how to hold a pencil to gaining the skills needed to draw anything, this 80-page manual also provides the student with a printable workbook. Just scan the QR codes at the start of each chapter to access the 20 demonstration videos as well as the printable workbook and you are al set to learn how to draw. Based on over a decade of experienc... more
  • There Will Be Nonsense

    by Leah Ode Kiser
    There Will Be Nonsense. is an enchanting picture book that invites readers to experience the whimsical world of Leah Ode Kiser. Leah displays each of her highly detailed paintings with a fun question to encourage readers of all ages to look beyond the pictures and imagine stories of their own.
  • Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs

    by Carl-Evert Jonsson
    Using Japanese paper on digitally printing photos can yield tremendous results for photographers who are interested in experimenting with new methods. But beware: The common concept of how photographs should look will be challenged if you decide to use this technique. Carl-Evert Jonsson shares his experiences using the experimental technique in this book. After using Japanese papers (washi) for paintings and collages, he started to use the papers for his photos. This technique is not an alter... more
  • Throw away your camera: and become a photographer

    by George Tatakis
    Photography guide: composition, light and philosophy. Throwing away your camera when you want to be a photographer may sound weird at first, but all this book is about, is for you to manage to escape the first significant barrier in photography, which is photography gear. An essential part of becoming a photographer is to master light and be able to create images by using it appropriately. That is all there is to it. At least the artisan part of it. The first part of this book, “Creating ... more
  • Cloud Conversations & Image Stories--Leonardo's Theory

    by Margaret A. Harrell

    How does Leonardo's theory of chance images, “accidental” inspiration, relate to clouds? In Cloud Conversations & Image Stories, Margaret A. Harrell weaves her own cloud photography into the art history of chance images, bringing in related drawings, scrying, and our relationship to Mother Nature. Regarding Robert Desnos’ trance drawings, Andre Bréton called the “tangled web of lines” a result of chance, but the figures that “appear suddenly... more

  • Black Superheroes Coloring Book

    by N.D. Jones
    The Fantasy in Black adult coloring book series celebrates representation. Fairies, angels, mermaids, superheroes, visual diversity matters. From the windy city of Chicago to the mountainous plateau of the Guinea Highlands to the shimmering spaces between today, yesterday, and tomorrow, Black Superheroes rise like the fiery wings of a reborn Phoenix. These heroes stand in the gaps, armed with superpowers like strength, speed, flight, magic, and telepathy. They protect the innocent. Fight ... more
  • A Body Hair Experiment: An Intimate Lens on Gender

    by Eli Cohen
    As an experiment, Eli Cohen removed the hair off the left side of his body and began to journal about the experience. The result is a luscious and intimate photo essay that invites us to challenge assumptions and unearth hidden beliefs around masculinity, femininity, and gender. These tenderly provocative photos and words create a powerful prompt and open a doorway to the vast potential of experiences within our human bodies. o\tCan our seemingly inconsequential decisions around body hair lim... more
  • Forever Famous and Fxxxing Naked

    by Bambi Woods
    The information about the book is not available as of this time.

    by Barnaby Conrad III

    Jacques Villeglé and the Streets of Paris is a large format art book about the  the last great French artist of the 20th century. Born in 1926 in Brittany, Jacques Villeglé moved to Paris in 1949 and began stealing torn, damaged posters off walls and billboards, then mounting them on canvas and proclaiming them Art. In 1959, André Malraux wrote to Picasso: "It is the art of the future showing its teeth." With over 3... more

  • Painting Joy: the Art and Life of Fernando Llort

    by Teddi Ahrens
    Painting Joy: the Art and Life of Fernando Llort describes how a Salvadoran artist used the power of art to bring resilience and joy to his country. He restored the ancient symbols of El Salvador to its people and transformed a struggling village into an artisan community. Even in the midst of a civil war, the men and women of La Palma dedicated themselves, not to violence, but to creating colorful art and crafts as their mentor taught them.
  • Intimations

    by Martin Miller

    Intimations is a visual ode to the strange workings of the human mind. Fear and mystery wind through the book like the serpentine image on the book's dust jacket. The book comprises a collection of eight selected photographic portfolios created over the course of some fifty years of wrestling with how the mind perceives the implacable world in which it finds itself. Each portfolio is introduced by a short essay expressing the motivation behind the images.  The early work, entitled &q... more

  • Bas-Relief Modeling

    by Ross Pollard

    Bas-Relief Modeling is an introduction to the tools and techniques of traditional bas-relief sculpture with a focus on creating plaques and medals. Richly illustrated with examples of the author’s own work, this concise volume devotes special attention to the fundamentals of working with clay, wax, plastilina and plaster, with supplemental chapters on bronze casting, die-struck medals and nineteenth century techniques.

  • Muses and Inspirations

    by Gosta Iwasiuk
    Creating art is something very personal and unique to every artist. It is also a gift that is not explainable. How is it that some people can make something out of stone or clay, or put oil pigment on a piece of linen to look like a tree or flower or a person, and another individual can’t draw a straight line? One can learn how to do it up to a point, beyond which it is left to the mysteries of DNA that takes over to create the masterpiece. Humans have dabbled with creativity for 60,000 years, d... more
  • Costume Design 101, 2nd edition: The Business and Art of Creating Costumes for Film and Television (Costume Design 101: The Busi

    by Richard E. LaMotte
    Costume Design 101 a Guide to Business and Art of Creating Costumes for Film and Television. Written by an industry veteran with 40 years of experience, this book is the new edition of Costume Design 101.
  • Heroes Live Here

    by Amy Forsythe
    Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11 contains more than 150 full-color images and beautifully designed graphic illustrations depicting Camp Pendleton Marines involvement in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's a one-of-a-kind book filled with perspectives and reflections from post-9/11 warfighters who've called Camp Pendleton home. This book guides readers through the sprawling military base and shares heartwarming tributes behind more than a dozen monum... more