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Art & Photography

  • Looking: A Glimpse into the Digital Bathhouse

    by Anonymous
    Looking: consists of 6 months of real Grindr screenshots collected by queer college students in the New York City area. Outside of keeping identities anonymous, these photos are completely unedited. Looking: is a self published project by NYC college students/recent graduates.
  • The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird: A Photo Essay

    by James B. Sumpter
    This book contains 88 full-page sized photographs that show the Ruby-throated Hummingbird in great detail, from numerous perspectives. They capture the many variations in its appearance, including its green and gold iridescent colors, its black beak, its white tongue and its black wing feathers. Other photos show the various iridescent colors (red, gold and black) of the male’s throat feathers. In addition, some photos catch the humming bird in mid-flight, thereby “freezing” its wings. A numb... more
  • shop display items

    by ansu jacob
    It is moreover basic to set up the internal parts in shops as commonly incredible. Also, besides basic to exhibit case the things, shop show fittings are used to arrange things in your shop in an eye getting way. Sorting out things can bolster both the customers and sales rep to successfully find things. Also, show counters will keep the neatness of the shops. Different kind of things are used in shops as shown by the sort of things bargain in the shop. In material shops, it is possible to attra... more
  • Connections: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

    by Christopher Briscoe
    This book celebrates the universal search for meaning—how we pursue our passions on our way to solving the puzzle of who we are. Connections takes readers into the thick blue smoke of a forge where a bearded blacksmith hammers red-hot iron into artwork. It introduces them to a young man, long overdue for a bath, who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in order to find himself. Connections is about love, collaboration and giving purpose to our lives. Our DNA has wired us to seek relationships... more
  • The Road Between Us: A Father & Son Bicycle Route 66

    by Christopher Briscoe
    When Christopher Briscoe and his son, Quincy, rode their bikes along historic Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago, majestic beauty and quirky characters became regular features of their daily routine. It was 58 days and 2,700 miles of exhaustion and magic, through sometimes overwhelming heat or driving rain. Along the way, they discover that the road between them is the life path that connects them. Their journey is captured in photographs and stories that bring to life their adventures and he... more
  • Zen Photography and My Dialogue - True Zen and Minimalist Original Fine Art Photography

    by Stone PENG
    One picture "Solitary Tree in Snowy Landscape" (picture is not showing here)and with my dialogue Maybe, we all need to accept our fate and resign to working hard to make a living. When I was little, I often wondered why I wasn’t born, with a gold spoon in my mouth, into a regal wealthy family. After many years of vicissitudes, I have come to the realization that this is a matter of fate. We all have our fates, and all seem to be predetermined at birth。 I am thinking there is an inv... more
  • An Affair with Beauty: The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy: Romantic Illusions

    by James Philip Head

    Fame, fortune, and beautiful models – Howard Chandler Christy had them all. Christy was the most famous American painter of the Jazz Age, a time when an elite brotherhood of New York artists dominated the publishing world. Christy had eclipsed all of them with his “Christy Girl,” an idealized woman who redefined beauty, influenced fashion, and inspired generations of women. Illustrated in popular magazines, best-selling novels, and top-ranked newspapers, the “Christy Girl” transformed the art... more

  • Big Sur to Mendocino (Coastal Paintings & Stories with Legends Revealed)

    by Kevin Milligan
    Big Sur to Mendocino (Coastal Paintings & Stories with Legends Revealed) This book includes a painted pictorial of the California coast that spans 275 miles. The pictorial is paired with a text about the history of early pioneers and artists of this stunning coastal region. This coffee table book has color plates of 120 paintings that were created outdoors in plein air style.
  • Constance: One Road to Take: The Life and Photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914–2000)

    by Peter Elliott
    The Book: Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914–2000) was a leading female photographer, fêted in both South Africa and the United States of America yet little-known outside of these countries. She was intrepid as a war correspondent and as a solo woman photographer in South Africa and would go anywhere to capture the photographs she wanted to take. Constance: One Road to Take is the first comprehensive book on Constance Stuart Larrabee’s life and work, covering her work in South Africa during the pe... more
  • 978-0-692-14582-1

    by Soraya Matos
    The Ghost People of Tanzania is more than a photo book. It’s a tool of advocacy for fighting misconceptions rooted in hate. Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by the lack of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. Tanzania currently holds the worlds largest population of people with albinism (PWA) at in every 1,400 individuals - but for country with such a large population there is little awareness on the fact that albinism is actually a genetic condition. Witchcraft is at the root... more
  • There is No F in ART (is there?)

    by Eli Castelli
    Irreverent, adolescent toilet humour meets cultural sophistication. Do most Art Collectors know their Arshile Gorky from their El Greco? Can money really buy 'cultural appreciation'? There is No F in ART (is there?) asks questions most of us were thinking all along and delivers the answers using pop cultural imagery and remakes of well known art works.
  • 40 Years of Animated Cartoons

    by Jacques Muller
    ?Animation, a life?s passion? Animation has always been Jacques Muller?s life passion. Since he was a small kid, he wanted to draw Cartoon characters that he had seen on the screen. These Cartoons were magical to him. The screen was no longer a flat surface but a window opening new worlds and other realities. After having practiced drawing through all his childhood and adolescence, he eventually had his first break into the industry in 1977 as a storyboard artist. Working for several years for t... more
  • A Beautiful World

    by Robert Radin

    A Beautiful World: Photography and Writings (1973-2013) is the 40-year retrospective and exhibition catalog of world photographer Robert Radin (1923-2013) which includes the author's written reflections on each of eighty-six 35mm photographs. Radin's historic photographic work is that of a keen-eyed artist successful at capturing portraits of people at work, children, animals, and landscapes. An international businessman and world-traveling production photographer for documen... more

  • Gardens of Corfu

    by Rachel Weaving
    Armchair travelers and those mulling a re-design of their own gardens will love this sumptuously illustrated first-ever book on the gardens of this greenest of Greek islands. Focused entirely on private gardens, it gives a unique entrée to a secret world that ranges from romantic old estates through highly personal artists’ gardens to stunning contemporary works by international designers. Rich with stories about the gardens and their creation, the text brims with insights into Corfu’s social an... more
  • No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer

    by Julian David Stone
    No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer tells the story, in words and photos, of how Julian David Stone, entirely by sneaking his equipment into concerts, amassed an incredible archive of over ten thousand rock and roll photos. Starting by simply stashing a camera in his socks, then taping equipment all over his body, to finally customizing a jacket to hide equipment from security guards, he shot dozens of the 1980s greatest acts: Prince, U2, the Police, David Bowie... more
  • All Mimsy Were The Borogroves: A Family's Struggle with Lewy body dementia

    by Jennifer Dakan
    In 2011, at the age of seventy, my mother was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and shortly thereafter, Lewy Body Dementia. Lewy Body dementia is hard to explain, hard to comprehend, and hard to witness. Throughout the six years she was consumed by this disease, my mom, who had always been a source of comfort to others, became hard to be with. Her disease made people uncomfortable. She was not at all herself, and also very much herself. I relied on photography, a shared passion between m... more