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Art & Photography

  • The View from Down Here

    by Sylvia Longmire
    Where do you want to roll today? Accessible travel writer, explorer, and photographer Sylvia Longmire asks herself this question every day as she lives her very active life from the vantage point of a power wheelchair. Despite having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2005 and being completely unable to walk, she refuses to let that slow her down. With her sense of adventure and camera in hand, she and her electric scooter have set out to see what the world has to offer while her bod... more
  • Objects of Veneration

    by Chaim Bezalel
    The author and artist began collecting small carvings as a child in the 1960's. Only later did he begin to research the religious and cultural meaning behind many of these objects. He began doing a series of paintings of these as well as objects in other collections. The objects, all by anonymous artists, span six thousand years. They are described and put into context as they migrate from their original cultic and religious purpose to their presence in modern day collections. Finally, so as no... more
  • Public Works (in the realm of art and infrastructure)

    by Chaim Bezalel
    A cross genre exploration of the state of art and community and how they relate. The author began the book while serving on the Planning Commission of his city, where he wrote poems describing the current agenda.He then went on to create an installation in various artistic mediums dealing with the subject. The book contains poetry, art, and essays on the role of art in modern society. Contents: Introduction Public Works (art, photography, poetry) Memento Mori, poems of life and death Essays on ... more
  • Sonata: Art Gallery

    by Raul Folea
    For Goro Endow, LIFE is an explosion of color, and being is something unique that cannot be repeated. His paintings have something extraordinary, the abstract feels alive. The mix between human and robot or nature and technology is presented in a new type of harmony. The beauty in an Android Woman, is created from mixing human features on one side and robot-like characteristics on the other. Then some of the paintings are a message from a higher being. And there are those paintings that represen... more
  • "Turning The Camera Inward: a search for a photography of the self"

    by Dale Garell
    When, after a long medical career, and entering retirement, photography offered Portland area resident Dr. Dale Garell a path down which he was better able to connect seemingly disparate parts of his life, —and glimpse what possible learning and experiences are yet ahead. Dr. Garell’s new book, “Turning the Camera Inward: a search for a photography of the self” is a richly illustrated view into a highly personal journey into aging, how the joys and insights afforded by photography can equip one ... more
  • Madison Explores Paint

    by Sabrena Bishop and Madison Bishop
  • Indian Mythology: The Ultimate Character Encyclopedia

    by Pradeep Sanjeev

    Fully illustrated encyclopedia to the characters from the three epics of India, THE RAMAYANA, THE BHAGAVATA, and THE MAHABHARATA.

  • Skies/Himmel

    by Gabriele Golissa

    An inspiring and informative voyage through the world above
    German-born and now Montana-based fine art photographer Gabriele Golissa takes you on a journey through her skies. Enjoy wonderful photographs of skies in almost every color, learn where the colors of the skies come from, and look at interior design ideas and how a Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photograph could look in your home. An ideal book for art lovers, fans of photography, and nature enthusias... more

  • Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations

    by Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin
    More than just a technical guide, this 320-page, fully illustrated book provides comprehensive information for those who are new to cold wax, as well as technical expertise and inspiration to those already using the medium. The authors' advice and experience--along with the work and words of over 100 artists from around the world--will strengthen your work and studio practice, suggest exciting new directions, and support thoughtful self-critique. Authors Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin f... more
  • St. Augustine's Pictures of the Past

    by Mark Tellier
    St. Augustine's Pictures of the Past: the Second Discovery was published in a numbered, limited edition of 2,000 duotone copies in 1979 and sold out quickly. Now I am re-releasing this history of photography in the nation's oldest city in digital format as an eBook. Copies of the original book are still occasionally listed on Amazon and sold.
  • Mark Tompkins Sec Song and Dance

    by Mark Tompkins SEC
    In this book the author talks about the various forms of modern dance and how they inspire people...
  • Artful Thoughts in prose, poetry and pictures

    by Ron Shaw
    A compilation of home spun philosophical thoughts on life in general supported by Haiku poetry, prose and photography by the author and others..
  • Life's Little Things: The Quotes

    by Cendrine Marrouat

    Quotes have been part of the human fabric for a very long time. No matter how old we are, we like to keep our favorites with us. We often have them safely tucked in our wallets or framed on the walls of our homes.

    Quotes bring us a sense of comfort and keep us grounded. They force us to think and question our preconceived notions of our surroundings. Most importantly, they inspire us to become better people, especially when they are paired with photography that tells multi-layered stori... more

  • The Youngest Hall Of Famer

    by Rain Fields
    The Youngest Hall Of Famer: Rain Fields Today Rain Fields has over 200 Published Children's Book on line. He has been inducted into our amazing baby Hall of fame children's book series. I believe that every child born on this earth, are so amazing. This new book series for kid's, of all ages will feature some amazing babies from all across the world.
  • Dad & Me

    by M. Valo
    Dad & Me is a coloring book that celebrates that special bond between a father and his child. Designed with the very thought of bonding fathers with their children of any age, this book invites us to connect, talk – and listen, during the relaxed moments of coloring, and offers a way to “show your love in color” in the form of colorable original art, poems and heartfelt messages. Features 24 unique and beautiful pieces of artwork that range in complexity and are good for kids and grown-ups a... more
  • The Order of the Days

    by Brendan Schweda
    Discover the ancient, mythological, and mystical roots of our week. Seven artists create images based on the history and meaning of the days.