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  • A Skeptic's Journey Through the Yoga Experience

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    A Skeptic’s Journey Through the Yoga Experience takes a hard and personal look by one who once held deep skepticism about yoga at the history, the myths, the controversies, the practice, the philosophy, the growth, commercialism of, and impact of yoga. The book examines the racial and gender conceptions and controversies that confront yoga, as well as the controversy and debate over the physical hazards of yoga to men especially. A Skeptic’s Journey Through the Yoga Experience is a small primer... more
  • Help! I've Created A Brat!

    by Chantal Kayem
    Most parents of spoiled children never intended for it to happen; however, despite loving parents’ best intentions and sincere efforts to teach their children good values, their children unwittingly act spoiled. Although the path to turning around your child’s spoiled or difficult behaviors is not an easy one, it is however possible. You absolutely can turn around your child’s spoiled behaviors! Teaching parents the benefits of effective strategies for unspoiling children, this remarkable ne... more
  • Soar into Health

    by Dr. Carolyn Dolan DPT, Cert MDT
    This book is part memoir, part storytelling, and part self-help. It is the sharing of information and experiences that may help others to improve their health status, treat their patients, and even raise their family. It is a synthesis of many research articles in the field of health, rehabilitation, medicine, nutrition, sleep, and much more in a useable and understandable format that everyone can understand. Achieving health and wellness while reducing chronic disease is the goal of Soar Into H... more
  • Airdrie's Boys

    by Airdrie Thompson-Guppy
    Adolescence can be a challenging period under normal circumstances, but for five troubled boys, 1963 is a particularly difficult year. As social worker Airdrie Thompson-Guppy and her family settle in Waterloo, Ontario, Airdrie?s life is about to dramatically change when those five boys are placed in her home by the Children?s Aid Society. One by one, the boys cautiously move into the home Airdrie shares with her husband and one-year-old daughter. Lefty is the unwitting victim of his father?s ... more
  • Staying Connected

    by Rachel Saliba
    Staying Connected is a journey of discovery for parents of children who are about to begin school or who are already on their journey through education. Rachel encourages parents to discover where learning happens and shares stories of the school experience from a parent perspective. Her helpful advice draws from real life stories of parenting children as they make their way through their education. Truly connecting with children and their learning is at the heart of the book as Rachel encourage... more
  • The Seed of Intelligence: Boost Your Baby’s Developing Brain through Optimal Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

    by Chong Chen
    Your child’s brain is developing long before they make their entrance into the world and it is just as important to help it to grow at this stage of life as it is in any other. With his latest book on child development - The Seed of Intelligence: Boost Your Baby’s Developing Brain Through Optimal Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle – Dr Chong Chen explores the needs your unborn child has and how you can provide them, through: - How to sow the seeds of intelligence - Maintaining a healthy diet... more
  • Science & Philosophy of Teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy: The Complete Manual for Yoga Teachers, Students & Practitioners by Jacquel

    by Jacqueline Koay
    The is the definitive textbook for yoga teachers all over the world, covering the syllabus of USA Yoga Alliance's 200 Hour Teacher Training Programme.
  • Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle

    by Keesha Ewers
    Women are diagnosed with 80% of the over 145 identified autoimmune diseases (that number is still growing). Over 90% of the population has a form of autoimmune disease and inflammation. Several autoimmune diseases, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, myasthenia gravis, and multiple sclerosis, afflict women anywhere from two to 10 times more often than they do men. Getting to the root cause to reverse autoimmunity is possible. There are 3 root causes that functional me... more
  • The Way I See It: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions

    by Thomas Neviaser, MD
    The Way I See It: A Head to Toe Guide to Understanding Common Orthopedic Conditions is a reference guide for non-medical individuals presenting over ninety common orthopedic diagnoses and seventy-five illustrations/diagrams in an easy to read and understand format. Medical terms and anatomy are phonetically spelled out and explained in an informal yet very instructive manner giving the reader a most unusual introduction to orthopedic surgery and its related diseases. What sets this book apart ... more
  • Psychology for Pregnancy: How Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Programs Your Baby’s Developing Brain

    by Chong Chen
    Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the near future? Do you want to make sure that your mental health won’t have a negative impact on your baby’s developing brain? It is a certainty that your mental health can influence the way your developing baby’s brain is programmed while it is still in the womb. It can be a worrying thought, but there are ways that you can make sure that you reduce the risks. In Psychology for Pregnancy: How Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Programs Your Bab... more
  • Fitness Habits To Improve Your Health: How To Trick Your Brain For A Better Body (Fitness Fatburn)

    by Joshua Huss
    How healthy are you? Do you have a range of bad habits that mean you’re not in the peak of fitness? Would you like to be able to improve your health with some simple tricks? We are all aware of the bad habits in life. Smoking, drinking alcohol or just lazing around too much can all have a negative impact on our bodies. But there are good habits too and these can be even more powerful, and in a much better way. Inside Fitness Habits to Improve Your Health: How to Trick Your Brain for a Bette... more
  • New Possibilities in Memory Care: The Silverado Story (New Edition)

    by Loren Shook and Stephen Winner
    New Possibilities in Memory Care: The Silverado Story, reveals how two men changed the world by defining what's possible in memory care. Their story demonstrates that through innovation, clinical excellence and engagement, a dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of full and purposeful life.
  • Common Sense for Our Common Good: A Parent Guide to Good Schools

    by Jim Baumann
    Common Sense For Our Common Good: A Parent Guide To Good Schools is about how you, as a parent, can most effectively support your child and your child's school. That takes both individual passion and collective commitment. But it also takes some basic knowledge about what a good school, public or private, looks and feels like. Supporting your child and your child's school is not just the right thing to do but also the most sensible and productive thing to do. Education is a thoughtful and pruden... more
  • When Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents

    by Chris Schopen
    This quick, easy-to-read book is meant to guide parents and adults through the process of what to do and how to deal with a child's sexual abuse disclosure. The scope of this book allows the reader to better understand the process of disclosing abuse, the systems who may become involved after a disclosure is made, and how to begin the healing process, both individually and as a family. Specific, helpful resources have been included in the book to assist parents and adults in effectively supporti... more
  • I'll Love You Even More

    by Marybeth Bluhm
    A message for the parent: When I was expecting my twins, I wrote a poem for my eldest son, who was eight at the time. This book is adapted from that poem. This is a story of love and reassurance for your first-born child when a new baby is on the way. This book will help you show your child that they still mean the world to you, and that the addition of a new baby won?t diminish the love you have for them, it will just make it stronger.
  • The Physician of the Future Maximilian Bircher-Benner ISBN9783906089072

    by Andres Bircher
    Dr. M.Bircher-Benner ISBN:9783906089072 This book by the ingenuous physician and pioneer of a scientifically based natural medicine is still highly relevant today. In his clinic, he has treated thousands of people from around the world to heal their chronic ailments considered incurable. It demonstrates the biographical path from a well-trained physician to a “new physician” who in every-day practice has recognized a totally new holistic view of a person, their biology and their soul. This is... more