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  • leoharry

    by Leo Harry
  • 23: Voices of Adopted Youth

    by Lori Rosove
    23: Voices of Adopted Youth is a powerful glimpse of adopted youth’s thoughts on how adoption has impacted their lives. Through their own voices, twenty-three youths share heartfelt and profound stories about relationships with parents and birth parents and how, ultimately, these affect their sense of identity, self-image, relationships with siblings and friends, and expectations of self and others. They acknowledge the uniqueness of adoption and emphasize the importance of knowing who they were... more
  • A Devoted Daughter

    by Kareemah Mustafa
    A Devoted Daughter will impart knowledge about: The stages of Alzheimer’s Disease Communication How to cope with Agitation and Aggression Bathing, Bedtime, and Mealtime Tips “Sun Downing” and Wandering Hallucinations and Delusions Help to organize family matters and planning ahead And so much more…
  • Vitamin C Facial Oil

    by alkira skincare

    Alkira skincare is an online store, especially for the woman who loves taking care of their skin. Whether Vitamin C facial oil or Vitamin C Serum For Skin, we have a wide range of products for you that you can use for your daily skin regimen. There are fewer products available in the market, and our vitamin c skincare is the best made with all the ... more

  • Female Genital Mutilations

    by Getu Tadesse Mindaye Dr
    Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM) is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of Female External Genitalia. It is considered a violation of women’s sexual rights and currently is happening mostly in East, West and North Africa, as well as the Middle East. "The story of Kedra, who is a victim of the most dangerous kind of FGM which is called "infibulation", will tell us what is happening to a million little girls in those countries. This book will show in great detail the short and long... more
  • Best Sarms Company

    by Sarms for Sale
    If you are looking for the best Sarms company, then you are in the right place. Get the best Sarms products with Sarms for Sale when you have an option.
  • Optimize Your Heart: A Practical Guide to Lowering Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

    by Andy Beal
    Andy Beal suffered a massive stroke and heart attack at the age of 44. The entire right side of his body was paralyzed. He had trouble thinking, talking, and answering the simplest of questions. Just two days later, Beal walked out of the hospital in what doctors call a “remarkable recovery.” That remarkable recovery was in part due to the heart health improvements Andy Beal made just eight months earlier. Beal improved his diet, exercised more, and reduced many of his risk factors for heart di... more
  • Kamagra Global

    by smith white

    Kamagra Global is to deliver high quality and effective generic medicines. All these drugs are used to treat male impotence issues. The FDA and WHO approved medication is only available here. The drugs at our medical store are available at an affordable price. To have any of the medicaments you just need to provide prescription and transaction n details. Your medication parcel will be delivered in the given time frame. 

  • Buy Artvigil 150mg online

    by Steven James
  • Your Vitamins Are Obsolete

    by Sheldon Zablow, MD
    Current multi-vitamins are obsolete because the synthetic B-vitamins found in supplements cannot be absorbed well or converted into the bioactive forms our cells actually use? Even other vitamins can't work well if there is not enough of the naturally occurring B forms called vitamers. For example, without B vitamers, taking vitamin D won't prevent osteoporosis. My book will explain how to improve your chances of heathy living and longevity by using the bioactive forms of these B vitamins.
  • Conversations with My Kids: 30 Essential Family Discussions for the Digital Age

    by Dina Alexander and Melody Bergman
    Parenting in the digital age has never been tougher. It seems the world is changing around us at an ever-increasing speed with new technology, massive amounts of information, and new dangers lurking everywhere. At school and in our communities our kids are talking about BIG topics and they have questions. Whether it is about technology, racism, feminism, LGBTQI issues, social media, the environment, terrorism, or whatever, it’s time for us as caring adults to combine our wisdom and their savv... more
  • Dasman Diabetes Institute

    by Diabetes Institute
    Dasman Diabetes Institute aims to develop the best health implementation and prosperous lifestyle for those under the threat of Diabetes or the vulnerable society living with this malady. The sector classification of the institute includes research, medical as well as operations from disease targeting invention, superior health quality, and effective delivery and operations making phenomenal achievements. A vibrant set of research and development ha... more
  • Weathering the Storms: Living with and Understanding Epilepsy

    by Jon Sadler
    Hope is the anchor to the soul and not everyone has this, especially those struggling with seizure disorders. Weathering the Storms is the personal experience of living with epilepsy of someone who never gives up and earns a Masters Degree as part of recovery to get his brain to recover. It provides education and hope to those struggling with the unknowns of seizures, including the caregivers. It starts with the history of the disease, the types and triggers of seizures in laymen terms and firs... more
  • BestSkinCareforMen

    by BlackLeopard Skin Care

    Want to remove acne from your face? Then Black leopard Skin Care can help you as we are providing Best Skin Care for Men and Skin Care Products For Men where you no longer have to suffer from skin problems. We know and can understand that skin problems ruin the beauty of your face as you look like someone painted your face with bad shades. We have natur... more

  • You've Got This: How to Continue Your Freelance Career When You Become a Mother

    by Dorota Pawlak
    The life of a first-time mother is full of challenges, surprises, uncontrolled tears, and laughter. The life of a mother who runs her own business can be even more intense on each and every level. Can you prepare for this new lifestyle? Is it actually possible to combine freelance work with motherhood? In this book, Dorota Pawlak interviews 15 women from across the world who work in various industries to learn how they combine their freelance careers with motherhood. She also shares her exper... more
  • 978-0-9991560-3-2

    by Dr. Angie Rumaldo
    TECH-OLOGY: A Digitally New Way to Raise Happy Kids demystifies the digital era for parents, illuminating the science, culture, and psychological implications for your children. Dr. Rumaldo, a licensed clinical psychologist, guides you towards addressing many of your digital concerns. You will achieve what she terms ‘digital biculturalism.’ A way to effectively communicate and parent your kids by understanding their culture, their language (social and written), their values, and struggles. ... more