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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • Beginner Balance Workouts for Seniors, Volume 1

    by Cat Miller
    This colorful guide contains at-home exercises to improve balance for beginners and/or seniors. It contains balance tests to provide an individual baseline from which to measure progress; warm-ups; chair and standing while holding onto a chair exercises that progress from toe to head to develop a firm foundation from the ground up; and cooldowns. This program will help improve endurance, strength, and flexibility – all of which improve balance.
  • Video Conference Card Games

    by Gerald Beaudry

    Learn the rules and procedures to play card games modified for play on video calls using real playing cards. Includes: Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Scopa, Rummy, Canasta, Whist, Hearts, Spades, Kaiser, and Contract Bridge.

  • Obesity: It's NOT what YOU THINK it is!: A unique perspective to mastering your health and weight

    by Richard Fast

    Frustrated with weight or health issues?

    You’re likely suffering from malnutrition. Most people get lots of calories but few nutrients and that means at the cellular level, they’re virtually starving. The only possible result of being overfed and undernourished is obesity, premature aging, cognitive decline, and disease.

    It may surprise you to know that millions of so-called “skinny” people are just as likely to be obese as p... more

  • Fencebat

    by Jim Schneider
    Take a glimpse into author and journalist Jim Schneider's life at the beginning of 2020 as his family's daily routine turned upside down through the new reality of lockdowns, shutdowns, and closures. Fencebat: A Big Kid's Guide to Parenting, Personal Growth, and Play reveals how Jim grappled with everything by blogging and chronicling his life. Every day. For 450 days. Jim didn't hold back. He wrote about the trials and tribulations of making unholy choices between safety and sanity, grocery ... more
  • I See My Baby

    by Alicia Hurtt

    "I See My Baby" is a poignant and inspiring memoir that chronicles the personal journey of Alicia Hurtt as she navigates the challenges of infertility, depression, and a crisis of faith. With raw honesty and vulnerability, Alicia shares her experiences of feeling like less of a woman due to her struggles with conceiving, and the emotional toll it takes on her and her relationships.

    Throughout the book, Alicia takes readers on her transformative journey of overcoming these obst... more

  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and Heart Disease; Exposing Longevity & Old Age Secrets to Living into Your 90s

    by Veltisezar Bautista

    Hello, World!

    I thought I was going to die.

    On that day, 26 years ago, while hooked to several machines in a hospital in Michigan, U.S.A, the doctor told me I had a massive heart attack that caused extensive bleeding; I was devastated.

    It was a shocker! Why? What happened? I asked myself.

    But I didn’t die.

    God kept me alive. I was then 63; I am now 90. 


    The above is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of the book, Reversing Type 2 Diabe... more

  • Move For You

    by Brigitte Cutshall
    Unleash the power of movement. Maybe you feel exercise is just another boring thing on your do-to list, like organizing your sock drawer. Or it’s something you’ll get to eventually—after all the other important things are done. You don’t have to be a superhero or an athlete to add movement into your routine. Your personal health journey is about finding happiness in movement and the joy in discovering what lightens your heart. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, dancing in your living r... more
  • Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture

    by Aesha Tahir
    In the digital age, technology has become a constant in our daily lives, but this convenience comes at what cost? Our modern work culture’s obsession with efficiency and multitasking is reducing the awareness of our bodies. We are forgetting the long-term implications of sitting hunched over our desks for extended periods. The posture we practice at work becomes the new normal for our bodies. In Unhunched, movement specialist Aesha Tahir reveals how our distorted posture is leading to physical p... more
  • Vaginal Prolapse Colpocleisis LeFort Surgery A Personal Story

    by Judith Cutler
    Vaginal prolapse is a painful, embarrassing condition which adversely affects the lives of countless women. It is usually a secret women do not share with anyone except their partner or doctor. I only wish that the gynecologists who treated me over the years had said even one word about prolapse prevention. I feel very let down by them. It could have been prevented. I hope the advice in this book helps to prevent it for others. Tell women. Share the information. This is a story of sadness, reco... more
  • The Joy and Love of Childhood. How to Change the World While Changing Diapers

    by Maisie Young
    Women face impossible choices when we discover too late that the modern fairy tale we’ve been sold of “having it all” is a real-life nightmare. This book tells the truth about the heart-breaking realities that affect unsuspecting new mothers, and seeks to help women avoid the traps, so they can focus on being the mothers they want to be. A must-read for both future and current moms, this book identifies and analyzes the hurdles women face as they seek to go beyond the basics and focus on the ... more
  • Climbing Out of Depression

    by Jacklyn Brown
    It has been written, I have unusual insight into the problems of human existence. My ability to assist people on their journey to overcome life's challenges comes from an inner wellspring of Spirit. Additionally, my studies help me analyze how and why things work in our lives. Credentials and degrees are the usual criteria for works such as this book. I have qualifications, just not ones that fit into the expected norm. By profession, I am a counselor, motivational speaker, and writer. I have be... more
  • Debunking Teenagers

    by Daphne Adler
    Why are teenagers constantly tempted to behave recklessly, and what can parents do about it? Why is telling your son or daughter to “just say no” a hopelessly ineffective strategy? How do imaginary peers influence your adolescent’s decisions? Why does the focus on reforming bullies and supporting victims miss the point entirely? What are the real perils facing children online, and how should parents respond? Why are teens constantly taking selfies? And how can you keep your child safe behind th... more
  • Health 4 Ever

    by Greg Wilson
    Australian health expert Greg Wilson has crafted a concise, A-Z reference guide of health facts, tips and fascinating information all explained in simple terms with many captivating ideas on living a healthy and happier life. NOT just another health book, focusing on hints and tips for a happier life; relationships, family matters, children, etc. Includes interesting hints and tips along the way that make us think and make this enjoyable to read and to keep for a future reference. Improvin... more
  • Different brands of Carisoprodol | Health Naturo

    by Alice Dcoz
    Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that is used to treat moderate to severe muscle pain. It is effective for such health issues and many doctors recommend taking the muscle relaxer to get better health benefits. It reduces body pain after 30 minutes of intake of the doses. This effective muscle relaxer is available in different brands in the market. The muscle relaxer brands are to be found in different strengths with similar eff... more
  • Health Hiccups From an I Witness

    by Salene Hill
    Health Hiccups From an I Witness is a collection of health, dieting, and medical daily advice. The collection covers men and women health, nutrition, exercises, and dieting tips. You will learn to love your body and mind, or create a unique way of becoming a healthy person.