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  • Parent and Child - The two person family

    by Kathleen M Waddington
    Parent and Child is a guide book written to inspire and empower single parent families. It offers guidance throughout the parenting journey.
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    by Debra Stele
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    by Adam Jphn
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  • No Perfect Parent Just a Perfect Purpose

    by Tonya Milligan
    In this day and age we all know there is no such thing as a perfect parent—yet if doing your best is the goal—then you have come to the right place. In No Perfect Parent, Just A Perfect Purpose, you’ll discover: •\tYour calling to cultivate greatness. •\tHow to parent intentionally and raise leaders, not followers. •\tHow to create a written plan that incorporates a vision for your family. •\tThe power of play for learning and for fun. •\tWho’s really in control of it all (hint: it i... more
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  • Carcinogenic Mind. The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer

    by Vladislav Matrenitsky M.D., Ph.D.
    The role of the psyche in the genesis of cancer has been discussed by scientists for several hundred years. This book presents about 2000 studies that prove that our mind is the main source of cancer. The author, one of the leading psycho-oncologists in Ukraine, physician, molecular biologist, and Buddhist practitioner, uses an interdisciplinary and integrative approach, involving data from psychology, oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, philosophy, epigenetics, and other branches of knowledge. St... more
  • WHAT?! You Don't Want Children?

    by Marcia Drut-Davis
    As an award winning septuagenarian, followed by thousands in social media, seen in two documentaries, Drut-Davis answers how to face and overcome rejection in the childfree lifestyle. The childfree are negatively assailed everywhere:from family and friends, at work, in the military, in advertising, internationally, when we travel or are trying to find (or keep) a life-partner and even from within the movement itself. This is the book people are seeking to dispel myths, validate the choice and g... more
  • 9781733151825

    by Andrea Marcellus
    5 Simple Strategies For Living Your Best Life Most “diet books” make it sound so easy: do this, do that, lose weight, keep it off, have a fabulous life. The end. But we all know that fitness isn’t some story with a tidy ending. It’s a journey where the toughest step is the first and the destination seems to be a club where only the genetically blessed, athletically gifted and ferociously disciplined get to be lifetime members. If only there was a way for the rest of us to make the journey to ... more
  • Reading Toward Success: Tried-and-True Reading Practices for Raising Successful Kids

    by Rachael T. Reiton
    The guide for parents who want to help their children become better readers but don't know where to start.
  • The Origin of Disease

    by Carolyn Merchant and Chris Merchant
    US REVIEW OF BOOKS, Michael Radon Containing exciting information and thought, this book could help people find ways to improve or avoid diseases that can dramatically alter lives. This book challenges a lot of accepted thinking in Western medicine, but all truly impactful ideas have to shatter the old to move [thought] forward. [T]he authors identify a pattern of the root causes of... more
  • Muck Off: The Starting Point to Your Happily Ever After

    by Carol Lopez
    Carol Lopez shares her raw and real experiences which shows how experiences from childhood can hold us back in adulthood. Never feeling like she was good enough, abandonment issues affected her self-esteem which resulted in decisions and behaviors that lead to a painful life. She spent her life on a journey of healing and recovery. This book offers comprehensive tools that provide how-to exercises to become more self-aware, get out of the "muck," and move forward in life. She believes you can li... more
  • yoga teachers training mississauge

    by holistic bodyworx

    The Five Elements and Yoga

    The five elements are earth. Yoga and the five components dictate that they have a place in our body and they have a place in the universe. Pilates classes Mississauga

    Integrating the five components and yoga is important to our mind, body, and wellbeing as the elements would be the framework for virtually everything and our physique.

    Seasons relate to the elements, dishes, (co... more