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  • Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes

    by Laura Kronen
    Life is hardly sugary sweet when you’re a card-carrying member of the diabetic club—whether you’re diagnosed with the disease yourself or have a loved one who is. But if laughter is the best medicine, then Too Sweet is just what the doctor ordered: a candid, humorous, and empathetic guide to living with diabetes, written by a life coach with twenty seven years of experience as a type 1 diabetic. Born with a hatred of needles and a love of sweets, Laura Kronen shares a wide variety of perso... more
  • Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness

    by Will Hall
    KIRKUS REVIEWS: An expansive set of interviews and essays that offer a unique perspective on mental health. Hall, a professional therapist, a former psychiatric patient, and the author of Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs (2011), has been interviewing patients and therapists on his Valley Free Radio show, “Madness Radio,” for a decade. This book assembles more than 60 of those interviews with patients, therapists, and mental health activists who share their very personal an... more
  • Life with C

    by Damián Guede
    In 2011, C was born. Since then, I have witnessed her growth, his learning and I have spent amazing moments by her side. Some of those moments made up Life with C. Interestingly, I have also witnessed (not always being aware of it, I´m afraid) my own growth and learning by being by her side and the rest of the people around us (mainly C's mother). Anyway, I've done it from the only position I'm entitled to: that of a father. I'm still not very clear about how to define that word, after almost... more
  • Happily Ever After

    by Andreas Wagner
    Do you know the feeling when you’re practically glued to your screen and your brain is screaming “One more episode!” even though it’s 3 a. m.? Are you someone who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee or end it without a glass of wine? Have you ever noticed that you go shopping whenever you feel sad or lonely – not when you actually need new things? Many addictions appear innocent at first. What’s so bad about spending a few hours scrolling Facebook and reading random arguments... more
  • Why do I need a family dentist?

    by Marie-Lara Wietch

    Dental issues can crop up anytime within a family. Having a family dentist that attends and addresses all the dental problems of your family is a great idea. It simplifies your dental care regimen. A family dentist will treat everyone in your family- from the toddler to the young ones, you, and the elders in the family.

    Why choose a family ... more

  • Never Say Never...Living with Prostate Cancer, Loving with ED, Learning what doctors never talk about

    by Kenneth Linde
    You've got cancer! Today over 10,000 people will hear those words. For men, prostate cancer is the second most common type and one of the easiest to treat IF caught early enough. "Never Say Never" looks at the malady from a patient's perspective and answers many of the questions men never ask and doctors never offer.
  • Solve the Divorce Dilemma: The Workbook

    by Sonia Frontera
    Are you unhappy in your marriage? Do you feel trapped and unfulfilled? Do you wonder if you’d be happier without your husband? Are you on the fence whether to leave or to stay? SOLVE THE DIVORCE DILEMMA and get off the fence! Find out if your husband is a keeper and create a life you love—with or without him! This Workbook is a companion to the empowerment guide “Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist? Get Clear, Get Strong and Get Off the Fenc... more
  • Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist?

    by Sonia Frontera


    You don’t have to live unhappily ever after. Get off the fence and create the beautiful life you deserve--with or without a husband!

    This empowering book offers an easy and effective step-by-step method to help you GET CLEAR, GET STRONG AND GET OFF THE FENCE! Solve the Divorce Dilemma is not like other books on relationship advice. Solve the Divorce Dilemma is a roadmap for the journey from unhappily married to fr... more

  • Radiant Mommy: The 3 Week Program to Feel Healthier, Happier and Balanced

    by Ixiana Hernández Wilmot
    Empowering women with information and tools to take charge of their health sustainably is long overdue. This book will guide moms on their journey to health. They will learn about stressors, how they affect health, and how to fix them, in real, simple, and specific ways. The Radiant Energy Program was designed as a guide to jumpstart the health makeover moms so desperately need. I believe every woman is not only deserving but capable, of living their best life in health, this book is where they... more
  • The Funniest Quotations to Brighten Every Day: Brilliant, Inspiring, and Hilarious Thoughts from Great Minds

    by Team Golfwell

    If you like amusing and entertaining quotations, you'll love this book. A great book for laughs and inspiration. And, it's the perfect gift for family, friends, co-workers, clients, or anyone from #1 bestselling authors, Team Golfwell and Bruce Miller J.D., who bring you a timeless collection of some of the funniest and inspiring thoughts to brighten each day.

    You can pick up this book anytime for your own amusement and enjoyment or for an intriguing or funny quote each day, or ... more

  • It's a Jungle Out There: Power Parenting Lessons Inspired by the Lion King

    by Nathaniel Turner
    It's A Jungle Out There: Powerful Parenting Lessons Inspired by The Lion King is the book that may be the catalyst for improved parenting on a global level. By exploring scenes from The Lion King, readers gain insight and instruction on how to not only improve parent-child relationships but repair this Nation's tattered and torn social fabric. Finally, a book that may help moms and dads understand the connection between great parenting and elevating humanity.
  • Magic Lessons: Celebratory and Cautionary Tales about Life as a (Single, Gay, Transracially Adoptive) Dad

    by Joseph Sadusky
    Magic Lessons: Celebratory and Cautionary Tales about Life as a (Single, Gay, Transracially Adoptive) Dad shares stories and reflections about family life for Joe—a single, gay, white man—and his adopted black sons.
  • The Power of Your Past & the True calling of Your Soul!

    by Angelika Schulze
    We are the sum of our experiences, and sometimes our pasts hold unhealthy power over our current lives. The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul is an interactive guide to achieving a better life. Author Angelika Schulze takes us on a journey into understanding our pasts, that we may move forward in purpose. Through an in-depth exploration of five key sources of power, Angelika delivers practical wisdom in a conversational exchange with readers. The power sources are... more
  • body to body massage center in Delhi

    by relax spa
    A Happy Ending Massage happens when a massage ends with sexual contact and ejaculation, usually through a hand-job. Satisfied Finishing Massage can be provided to both men and women clients though men are the more common customer.body to body massage in Delhi For the less informed, a pleased ending massage is a massage that is performed by a girl on a guy, and the girl finishes off the guy with a full blown hand job or more. Now that is attractive exciting, and definitely a fetish straight ou... more
  • Ayurveda Deutschland

    by Riyaa Joseph
    Our Ayurvedic heritage is especially valuable for the representatives gatherings of Germany who are continuing with the surged life. Because of the excited present day lifestyle the people are pushed and there is no chance to worry over the real nearness. This will make significant issues the presence cycles like birth , advancement developing and passing. Ayurveda is the best other option or the treatment to keep up a real life cycle. Ayurveda Deutschla... more
  • lakeside college of nursing bangalore

    by mary john
    With the help of Nursing Dunia you can pick your best foundation and they will manage the insistence draws near. Finding the Best schools outside kerala become more straightforward by this sort of consultancies. They can offer responses for nursing including preparing and work. They help the likelihood to get affirmation in Indian board supported schools ouside Kerala or India. lakeside college of nursing bangalore f... more