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  • Your Child's Asthma: A Guide for Parents

    by John Hunt
    Asthma is not a diagnosis. If you or your doctor thinks your child might have asthma, your next question should be: "What disease is causing my child to have asthma?" It's a question often forgotten. There are many diseases that cause asthma, and these diseases require different therapies. Your Child's Asthma is unique, just as your child is unique. This book is entirely focused on the diagnosis and management of the individual child. There is no cookbook medicine here. In Your Child'... more
  • Frugal Family Fun (Parenting, Family Activities): The ultimate family resource with over 300 budget friendly activities

    by Amanda Mawhinney
    Want closer relationships with your family? Get your family members excited to spend time with you. Discover how to get ALL of your family members involved in activities and eager to spend more time together. Find team building exercises that you can use to work out family conflicts. Learn how to customize activities for YOUR specific family- including different age groups, family structures and even families with special needs. Utilize family directed money making activities and money savi... more
  • Alzheimer's Disease: How Its Bacterial Cause Was Found and Then Discarded

    by Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD
    Every 72 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease (AD). And it has been said that almost everyone living long enough will eventually show evidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Thus far its cause has remained elusive. Nevertheless, recently, study after study, in which scientists have injected human Alzheimer diseased brain tissue into mice and other laboratory animals that later developed the disease have left little doubt that Alzheimer’s arises from an infectious process, and the foc... more
  • Momma's Little Helper Day Planner

    by Tracey Spaventa
    Momma’s Little Helper has designed this planner & notebook to assist you in managing your time and priorities.
  • Beyond the Tiger Mom

    by Maya Thiagarajan

    In Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age, Maya Thiagarajan looks at the differences between Western and Asian approaches to parenting and education.

    How do Asian parents prime their children for success from a young age? Why do Asian kids do so well in math and science? What is the difference between an Asian upbringing and a Western one? Why do some Asian mothers see themselves as "tiger moms" while others shun the label? How do Asian... more

  • The Habit of Habit

    by J.B. Keats, M.D.
    A practical and unique guide to diabetes, prediabetes, and waist control created by a doctor diagnosed with the disease, The Habit of Habits is a straightforward method of saving your life. Guided by Benjamin Franklin's wisdom and the latest medical science, it sorts the confusing blizzard of advice about diabetes and weight control, debunking common myths in favor of a simple, mindful, take-charge method tailored to your unique personality, one that's guaranteed to decrease your blood sugar alo... more
  • Breathing Poison

    by Anthony Rebuck
    There is a triple threat in the Asian air to human health and well-being. First, we are going to see an increase in tobacco-attributable deaths as more and more people smoke. Much of this mortality, as well as crippling chronic lung disease, can be prevented if smokers stop smoking. Secondly, additional suffering, disability and premature death from lung disease can be prevented if pollution – Asian pollution being the worst in the world - can be reduced. And lastly, the coughing, wheezing and... more
  • Miracles are Made: A Real Life Guide to Autism

    by Lynette Louise
    MIRACLES ARE MADE: THE REAL LIFE GUIDE TO AUTISM is a real life guide, written from the happenings of real life. In Miracles Are Made Lynette not only shares stories from her personal and professional life, but also illuminates the whys and the wherefores of the social climate parents find themselves in when coping with autism. She does this by educating us on the history of science and social awareness in relation to this disorder. By highlighting neurofeedback and the plasticity of the bra... more
  • Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety: A Book For Parents From A Child's Perspective

    by Corine Toren
    The book gives a glimpse inside a child's anxiety-driven mind. It is a unique parenting book written completely from a child's perspective. The book explores the author's personal struggles with anxiety as a child, and also offers ways parents can support their own children struggling with anxiety.
  • Autism Decoded - The Cracks in the Code

    by Stella Waterhouse
    Autism Decoded - The Cracks in the Code takes light and somewhat controversial approach to this weighty and complex subject, illustrated by personal accounts, film and literature, and even the lives of some other people to bring new – and often surprising - insights to the search; offering views that challenge readers to reassess their thinking and join the debate.
  • Women and Heart Disease: The Real Story

    by Jacqueline Eubany
    Heart disease remains the number one killer of women in the United States. It kills more women than breast and lung cancer combined. Do you know that you can decrease your risk of having a heart attack by almost 80% with some changes in lifestyle habits? This book aims to educate women about heart disease. Explains risk factors for heart disease and several principles that can be adopted to decrease one's risk for a heart attack. A heart attack can no longer be thought of as a "man's" disease.
  • Testosterone Resistance

    by Malcolm Carruthers, MD
    This is a controversial account of why, because of the barriers to testosterone action in the body, men can have normal levels of testosterone but still have life-, love-, and health-wrecking symptoms of testosterone deficiency which need treatment. The deficiency is increasingly being linked to common and serious medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart and circulatory disorders, and even Alzheimer’s disease. This has clearly been shown by the author’s pioneering research publication... more
  • Breastfeeding Is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do it Anyway

    by Cassi Clark
    We cheer “Breastfeeding! Yay!” on social media, and around our female friends with feminist pride. But at 3 a.m. you may be cudgeling yourself with, “Oh, dear god, what have we done?” Intellectually, we all know it’s better for our babies, and instinctually, many of us want to do it. But our pregnant daydreaming does little to prepare us for the pain, frustration, self-judgment, and fear that we may experience by choosing to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be all angels and rainbows. But more ofte... more
  • Geoff Goheen's Self Health Guide

    by Geoff Goheen
    Why not heal yourself? Save more money, live without pain, achieve the body and mind you've always wanted. This is your complete guide for self-healing, stress reduction, diet, exercising, and hands on therapies you will use time and time again. How to heal yourself through diet, exercise, and hands on therapies.
  • Healthcare Insights: Better Care Better Business

    by Dr Harold Goldmeier
    A fascinating collection of articles written by Dr. Goldmeier describing the fast changing nature of the medical and healthcare business, staffing, and patient care. The book offers a penetrating look into the mindset of administrators, doctors, nurses, and patients as they maneuver through the care delivery system.