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  • Bangalore Escorts

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  • United in Autism: Finding Strength inside the Spectrum

    by Julie Hornok
    A diagnosis of autism can rock a family's world. The toll it takes on everyone involved can be one of isolation; a child who doesn't respond to the world around them, a parent who gives dedication, patience and love often with no expressible love given back. It's a messy equation with huge emotional and financial costs. As a mother of a daughter with autism, Julie Hornok has experienced her fair share of these parenting challenges, and now brings together thirty inspiring and heartfelt stories f... more
  • by holistic bodyworx
  • Best Supplements For Parkinsons

    by Simplesa Nutrition

    We understand that selecting the correct Deanna Protocol® bundle that is most tailored to your needs can be a bit confusing. But we can get you straight to the best supplements for Parkinsons.

  • Placebos for Pets? The Truth about Alternative Medicine for Animals

    by Brennen McKenzie
    Whether online or in the local pet store, there is a bewildering variety of pet healthcare products and services to choose from. Diets and supplements, ancient herbs and folk remedies, and even high-tech treatments like hyperbaric oxygen tanks and laser therapy. Everything promises to give your pet better health and a longer life, and isn’t that what every pet owner wants? But how do you know if all of these products do what they claim? Do they work? Are they safe? If they really are miracul... more
  • The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve

    by Robin L Shapiro
    The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve, is a book written for anyone who has ever navigated healthcare and wondered if there is a simpler way to get effective care. This book breaks down common, urgent health issues that any ordinary person should know about. Riveting, true stories highlight what can happen when you don’t know what to do in a health situation. The goal of this book is to help ordinary people understand what to say and do if they are confronted ... more
  • Herbalism Training Workshop

    by Cara E. Moore
    Herbalism is a healing art that sees the person in a holistic manner, the mind, the body, the spirit, as one. Lifting one's frame of mind with Aromatherapy or a herbal tea is as important as making a poultice for a boil or rash. It is about bringing balance back in a gentle, nurturing way that limits side-effects. The WHO recognizes that for most of the world, herbal treatments are used as a necessity and Herblore is a vital tradition.This 9 Lesson Course explains the use of herbs in relation to... more
  • Herbal Primer

    by Cara E. Moore
    Practical Herbal Primer for Herbalism Practitioners which includes sections on Aromatherapy Uses, Herbal Action Classifications and Herbs for Body Systems and Herbal Preparation for creams, compresses, decoctions, infusions, poultices and tinctures. Sections on Herbal Identification of Dried Herbs and Recipes for Herbal Products, Herbal Dyes, Incense, Pot-pourri and Teas.
  • Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal demonstrates the different hatha yoga practices that enhance the chakra system. It includes asanas, mandalas, mantras, meditations, and mudras as well as nutritional and skincare information associated with each dosha type. The illustrations are done by the author. This workshop helps to enhance your Yoga practice for holistic wellbeing for the Auric and Physical body.
  • Find Your Weigh

    by Shellie Bowdoin
    Find Your Weigh offers a new perspective and proactive steps to change one's relationship with food. It helps readers develop a mental framework and workable habits that allow them to enjoy all kinds of food in a healthy, managed, Holy Spirit empowered way! When we think about losing weight, most of us immediately think of a diet. However, diets are only short-term fixes to target our weight, which is really just a symptom of our behavior with food. If we really want to change our weight stor... more
  • Health: A Natural Approach

    by Yael Tusk
    A holistic self-help guide to health that will give you the knowledge and power to make informed health decisions and take better care of yourself or your family. When it comes to preserving one's health, the better we understand our options, the better off we'll be. Barring genuine emergencies, whichever path of medicine we choose, we usually have time to get informed. Find out the risks and benefits of modern interventions and holistic alternatives for many common pediatric and adult ailments.... more
  • Importance of commercial pest control for Enhancing businesses:

    by Emily Jhon

    Today insects and growth of bugs and roach infestation in commercial levels are very common. These are the insects that disrupt the productivity of individuals and infect environments however availing the aid of professionals to recover areas is a costly job. There are many commercial pest control services in Brampton known for their expertise and pest control skills. Rodents can affect commercial areas and can be dealt with effectively by using chemicals. The bacteria or virus caused by inse... more

  • No Parent Parent Just a Perfect Purpose

    by Tonya Milligan
    In this day and age we all know there is no such thing as a perfect parent—yet if doing your best is the goal—then you have come to the right place. In No Perfect Parent, Just A Perfect Purpose, you’ll discover: •\tYour calling to cultivate greatness. •\tHow to parent intentionally and raise eagles, not ducks (read: leaders, not followers). •\tHow to create a written plan that incorporates a vision for your family. •\tThe power of play for learning and for fun. •\tWho’s really in cont... more
  • Of Epidemic Proportions, Expanded Edition, 2019

    by Sylvia R. Karasu, MD
    Of Epidemic Proportions: The Art and Science of Obesity, Expanded Edition, 2019, is a compilation of 101 scholarly blogs, with over 400 color art images from the world's leading artists, on obesity and obesity research. I have been writing these blogs for the past eight years for the website.
  • "Food is the Cure for the overweight disease"

    by Dr FB Willis, MBBS, PhD, FACSM
    Eat More and Exercise Less! This empowering book teaches how to use these unique but scientifically proven methods for lifetime weight loss. the book combined Traditional plus Holistic Medicine, Nutrition, 40 Delicious Recipes, and 36 easy, 2-minute exercises to help raise the metabolism throughout the day.
  • Buy Malegra Online

    by James Miles

    Suffering from Malegra is one problem many men suffer from but when a man also suffers from premature ejaculation that can have something of a devastating effect on their sex life.