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  • The Book on Internal STRESS Release: Get Powerful Health and Nutritional Secrets

    by Coach Melvin
    With the combination of Coach Melvin's Dynamic Application of Internal Awareness™ (DAIA) Method, Dr. Totton's 100-day method to condition your body's neural pathways to establish a new habit which then becomes automatic, and with Dr. Painter's method of committed practice of Li Family Yixingong (Standing Meditation) to produce profound results at the neurological level, novices to advanced practitioners gain the ability to access your inner core, tapping into an area that can positively affect y... more
  • Secrets Revealed: Protect Yourself From A Hostile Dog Attack

    by Coach Melvin
    Dogs do not discriminate about whom they bite. You are a potential victim, regardless of your race, creed, color, religious affiliation, size, height, or weight. Even your country of origin is of no concern to a dog. All dogs of every country speak the same language: bark.
  • Uber Diet Coach

    by Bruce Scher
    The real deal solution for weight loss. Written by Diet Expert who lost 75 pounds in 12 weeks.
  • They Do Come With Instructions!

    by Ivy Faske, M.D.

    The book is subtitled: "What Parents Need To Know about the Physiology, Care and Development of Newborns to Young Children."

    The 226-page soft-cover book is in full color and contains more than 220 photographs of normal (and not-so-normal) newborn rashes, "geographic" tongue, sore and strep throats, the normal resolution of a hemangioma, chicken pox and shingles, different types of diaper rashes, conjunctivitis, fifth disease, eczema, hives, poison ivy, ringworm and ... more

  • Choose FITness not FATness Today!

    by Matthew Wharton
    This book tracks what 365 days of solid commitment can do. Once this commitment becomes a habit, the results of decreased body fat and increased athleticism become not only attainable and sustainable but inevitable for anyone who is struggling with excess body fat. And the solution only takes one day to work: today! Choose FITness Not FATness Today! enlightens the reader by removing the guilt associated with obesity that is experienced by people living in a culture obsessed with the lean b... more
  • The Upside of Cancer: How a Terrifying Illness Can Lead You to a New Life

    by Christopher Foster

    "You have cancer." Anyone who has received this diagnosis knows the gut-wrenching fear these words can bring. But suppose these words could bring light, not darkness, and courage instead of fear? The Upside of Cancer is a pocket guide, born of personal experience, that helps cancer patients find joy and inner peace.

  • Steps Towards Educational Excellence

    by Gilbert Gbedawo
    This book addresses the issues confronting parents, students, schools, and governments as they struggle to cope with the challenges of new migrants, migration, and to how to effectively educate them. The book examines the causes of underachievement among ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom, especially people of African and Afro-Caribbean descent. It highlights the frustrations of teachers in mainstream schools as they interact with children from overseas and some ethnic minorities. It also g... more
  • Boomer Emergency Room Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and Older Folks

    by joel cohen
    Emergency medicine expert Robert Derlet, MD and experienced geriatric care physician Joel Cohen, MD offer priceless insights and insider tips on how emergency care and hospital treatment harms older adults – particularly frail elderly. Baby Boomers, chronically-ill seniors, caregivers and home-based healthcare providers of all stripes will gain valuable insights to help older adults get the best possible care. Why do seniors wilt while under care in hospitals? Learn about a trailblazing “Die-... more
  • A Vegan Primer

    by Bruce Henderson

    Focusing on how to adopt a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, A Vegan Primer explains the basics for getting started, including recipes, diet tips and carefully researched information. The book helps readers to discover delicious, nutrition-packed alternative foods as well as giving them the tools to take charge of their health, manage stress and improve their mental outlook. A Vegan Primer helps those new to the lifestyle to get a footing while taking a more generalized and ... more

  • Diabetes, Medication, And You: Connect To Your Health

    by Shelly A Wallace
    This book is jammed packed with valuable information: resources, and tips, including: - The ins and outs of diabetes and it's affect on the body - How to lower blood sugar and decrease A1C - Medication and side effects - Body cleansing regimens - Exercise routines that help you lose weight and manage stress and much more
  • Awaken to Your Inner Authentic Beauty

    by Mitzi Reed
    What I am about to share with you is not unique! See if you can relate to any of my experiences or be reminded of any of your own that make you feel less than you are. Too many of us are experiencing what I went through and are continuing to deal with weight and poor self-image issues. There is a way out of this unhappy space of living by following my steps to find your beauty within . . . for the truth is that true beauty has no shape Awakening to your inner beauty will take you on an inward ... more
  • Dear Daycare Parent

    by Jackie Rioux
    Over 101 ways to improve your child's experience. Dear Daycare Parent addresses the entire daycare and preschool environment. After reading this book you will have a greater understanding of what to expect and how to make the experience the best it can possibly be for you and your child.
  • The Everyday Pain Guide

    by Ya-Ling J. Liou, D.C.
    Persistent pain affects one-fifth of adults in the U.S., according to a National Health Interview Survey. Those pains that seemingly come out of nowhere and plague day-to-day life are sending out an important warning signal. Something needs to change — now. Seattle author Ya-Ling Liou, D.C., sheds light on why pain develops, how to make it stop, and how to keep in from reoccurring in her new book, Every Body's Guide to Everyday Pain (Return to Health Press, 2016).
  • Build A Booty Bible

    by Miriam Fayas
    Have you tried to build that signature booty and feel you aren't making any success? Look no furthur! I have designed a challenging weight training program that will do just that. This workout journal has 6 months of intense workouts that will leave you feeling soreness in all the right areas for days. With that soreness comes your signature booty growth! You won't need to write down your workout either. Just pick up your journal and off to the gym you go! You also have the exercise demonstratio... more
  • Miracle Man: Beating the Odds; Cheating Death

    by Scott Pribyl
    I recently wrote a True Story- 100% Authenticated with Surgical and Hospital records- titled 'MiracleMan: Beating the Odds: Cheating Death' (Nurses gave me the name- not my idea). I Survived (less than 5% odds), then Cameback (far less than 1% Odds) from Emergency Aortic Dissection- same injury that ended lives of John Ritter, Lucille Ball, Albert Einstein and John Lennon (Except Bullet burst his Aorta) I then describe how I lost 50# in 2 months- 1990- and have kept the weig... more