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  • 26 Miles at 96 Years - Why I Enjoy Good Health at 96 and You Can Too

    by Jonathan D. Mendes
    This is the story of my life-long love of the outdoors and physical activity, my good fortune to stop smoking and start jogging at age 46, my introduction to running marathons through the NY Road Runners Club, the wonderful and inspiring people I have met there, and the satisfaction of completing 16 NYC Marathons, including my last in 2016 at the age of 96. It is also a reflection on the some of the life habits I learned that helped bring me to this fortunate point. It is my hope that my stor... more
  • Color And Solve Your Favorite Holidays

    by Kevin D'Agostino
    Color and Solve Your Favorite Holidays offers 40 holiday drawings to color, plus 40 companion word search puzzles to solve ̶ on favorite holidays and annual events. Holidays range from Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January) through Christmas and New Year’s Eve (December), as well as the four seasons. The hope is to have parents and children enjoy spending time together. As a child colors a pumpkin or turkey on the left page, a parent or guardian solves a Halloween or Than... more
  • SunPies & Minds'Eyes An Astrological Instructional Art Guide for Everyday Cognitive Living

    by Augustus C.R.
    SunPies & Minds'Eyes is an Astrological How to Book. The book introduces The Sun Pie Chart Method to the novelist and the advanced alike--broaching the subject of Astrology's place in everyday living. SunPies & Minds'Eyes, offers a window into the complex world of Astrology and offers a tool for bridging Astrological perspective to everyday life. This is a bridging and meditative tool. Benefacted to all those feeling their way into The New Age.
  • 8 Minutes a Day to Make an A!

    by Pamela L. Johnson
    Using this System, your child can go from D's and F's to A's and B's within 4-6 weeks and stay there! Your child will also remember to do routines and chores without having to be reminded.
  • Your Scorpio Child: A Guide for Parents

    by Maria Riegger
    Want to know all the secrets to handling your intense Scorpio child? Scorpio is the most misunderstood and enigmatic of all the signs in the zodiac. Much has been written about Scorpio men and women. However, the Scorpio child remains elusive, mostly because Scorpio children do not usually say what is on their mind. Scorpio children are dramatic, suspicious, manipulative, and can seriously try parents’ patience. They are also sensitive, intuitive, and loyal. The key to having the relationship... more
  • MBBS in abroad approved by mci

    by bissav overseas
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  • The Health Recovery Zone

    by Cary Kelly

    Do you WANT to be well?

    There is HOPE!

    There ARE things we can do and we must learn the importance of daily giving our body what it needs to HEAL ITSELF when life bombards us with the constant assault of environmental chemical manipulations! Discover for yourself as the author shares her experience, strength and hope including how she reversed her own chronic, autoimmune illness using some doable HEALTH RECOVERY ACTION STEPS, any reader can implement!


  • Burnout in Healthcare: A Guide to Addressing the Epidemic

    by Rajeev Kurapati
    A must-read for every medical professional, healthcare consumer, and patient advocate.Burnout among medical professionals has reached epidemic proportions. Much of this distress can be attributed to the pile-on of duties and responsibilities healthcare workers face, including an increasing workload, complex quality measures, and expanding policy stipulations—on top of providing quality patient care. At the same time, these growing tasks are coupled with staff shortages and waning organizational ... more
  • FAB Functionally Alert Behavior Strategies

    by John Pagano, Ph.D., OTR/L
    FAB “Functionally Alert Behavior” Strategies presents practical multidisciplinary interventions that help youth with complex behavioral challenges. Therapists and teachers have difficulty working with students who have complex behavioral challenges. FAB Strategies integrate behavioral, environmental, sensory modulation, mindfulness, massage, and physical self-regulation interventions. Guidance is provided in individualizing the FAB Strategies interventions to meet the needs of each child and ado... more
  • 978-0997984323

    by Angelina Assanti
    From multiple award-winning comedy writer, Angelina Assanti, comes her first non-fiction book. Determined to keep her sense of humor though cancer, she talks about what happens to a patient from diagnosis through treatment. Told she would only need surgery, she was shocked to learn she would also need chemotherapy and radiation at her post-surgery appointment. With candor and laugh-out-loud moments, she describes her interactions with people who did not understand what she was going through. Ang... more

    by Michele Packard
    A must-read for parents while sitting on the porcelain throne or as an entertaining and enlightening conversation starter. A compilation of musings and experiences of a middle-aged woman with too much time on her hands.
  • How to Tell Stories to Children: And Everyone Else Too

    by Joseph Sarosy
    A new book combines the modern science of storytelling with a step-by-step method for parents, grandparents, educators, and anyone interested in a lasting relationship with children. What we now know from a host of evolutionary theorists, neurologists, psychologists, and academics is that storytelling is not just for fun. It is a cognitive tool humans evolved over eons to transfer knowledge, attract and retain attention, and build trust. When viewed from this lens, storytelling becomes more abou... more
  • Jiffy Body

    by Bart Potter

    Jiffy Body: Avoid aches, pains, stiffness, swelling, nerve impingement and joint problems with this 10-Minute Daily System.

    Learn the little known secret......that muscle imbalance creates the vast majority of aches and pains......and how you can easily fix this. You don't have to suffer or sweat with this non-workout. You can practice in your pajamas.

  • Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do

    by Mirla Raz
    This informative book gives parents the tools that will help them help their child. The book explains the following and more: - what happens when a child stutters - stuttering facts - the role of emotions in stuttering - the emotions and roles of the parents - what can cause the child s stutter to be better or worse - the impact of the child s environment - what parents can do if they want to help their child stop stuttering - when and where to seek professional help - what to expect w... more
  • How to Teach a Child to Say the "S" Sound in 15 Easy Lesson

    by Mirla G. Raz
    How to Teach a Child to Say the “S” Sound is part of the popular Help Me Talk Right series that parents and professionals have been using since 1992. Mirla G. Raz has made it possible for anyone to help a child say her sounds correctly. You and the child will enjoy the fun activities and exercises. Evidenced-based speech therapy techniques are presented in non-technical, enjoyable and user-friendly ways. Whether you are a parent or a professional, the Help Me Talk Right books lead you step-by... more
  • Relationships: Why Are They So Difficult & What Can We Do about It?

    by Avigail Abarbanel
    Why are relationships difficult? It's not because we are bad or stupid. It's because we are not well made... What can we do about it? We need to develop our brain beyond what nature has given us and what our childhood has wired into us. In particular, we need to work to integrate our executive functions and our limbic functions. The key to better integration is through our emotions. Only when we are better integrated, we are mature enough to be in relationships that are based on compassion, unco... more