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  • Qigong

    by Gabriele Golissa

    An inspiring journey of discovery
    China today is often only seen as the country of unfair trading practices, product piracy, environmental pollution, and violation of human rights. While it is certainly facing multifaceted challenges, China is also a country with an ancient history and a rich culture. Gabriele Golissa uses Qigong, the ancient Chinese method to health, to discover and explore a world often unfamiliar and foreign but nonetheless fascinating. Fully bilingu... more

  • Starved to Obesity: My Journey Out of Food Addiction and How You Can Escape It Too!

    by Emily Boller
    Ten years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was morbidly obese with dangerously high blood pressure, heart disease, and pre-diabetes. I took my passion for art and created an online art exhibit using my body as a canvas and food as the paint. I lost 100 pounds in less than a year by focusing on eating instead of dieting. Now, I help others stop dieting, lose weight, and get healthy too. This book is the key that unlocks sufferers from the prison of food addiction!
  • Mommy Why Are They Wearing That?

    by Logan Lezell and Carol Lezell
    "Mommy Why Are They Wearing That", presents charming illustrations along with the encouraging message that teaches children to not stare at different religious outfits. The book teaches without judgment and with respect so kids don't get the impression that some religions are "better" or "weirder" than others. Your kids are undoubtedly going to have questions about all of the fascinating things they're learning and seeing. Especially at an age when children are interacting more with others an... more
  • Near-Death Experiences Are Real!: But Only for Survivors!

    by William Pillow

    Therefore this book is radically different from any other book you have ever seen, read, or heard about. It dares to challenge everyone’s beliefs about the so-called “reality.” Although the book reads like science fiction, everything you read here is as factual as is humanly possible. For example, you cannot personally perceive the electromagnetic waves that invisibly surround us to carry Internet information and communications! So this book will introduce you to another kind of humanly imper... more

  • The Real Home School Handbooks

    by Kathy Banks
    The Home School Handbooks are 3 booklets less than 50 pages each all about helping parents make home school not just more affordable, but enjoyable. There are the author's own lesson plans, schedules, high school credits, forms, resources of the best helps she used. Learn how this mom spent less than $500 in eleven years of home school. Learn how to let each child teach themselves. The author helps parents understand the alternative to traditional school is not to produce a cookie-cutter child, ... more
  • chennai escorts

    by malvika adhikari
  • B075B5KV4Q

    by Tracy Bright
    This is a book about domestic violence. Called the Domestic Violence Trap because it entails the subtleties, innuendoes, and ins and outs of generational and intergenerational domestic violence. This book explores, the social, cultural, political and gender triggers and issues around the cycles of violence, how it is perpetuated, learned, and acted out. Domestic violence has many sides to it that can be ignited through anger, repression, and ignorance. Like a tiger in the jungle it awaits to be ... more
  • B075P2CTHX

    by Tracy Bright
    The Domestic Violence Trap Workbook is supplemental practice and application for readers of the textbook The Domestic Violence Trap. It is designed to follow the book to completion of the study of domestic violence as it occurs within individuals, families, and communities.
  • Attachment Fathering

    by neena roumell

    Attachment Fathering is an encouraging parental guide which underscores the far reaching positive impact and the benefits of nurturant fathering from birth through early infancy and beyond. Attachment Fathering is daddy-motivating and well researched, providing a window into the opportunity for strong attachment and sensitive paternal caregiving. Author images of multicultural involved fathers and their infants following birth, during comforting and play high... more

  • Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Understanding the DSM-5

    by Ashley L. Peterson

    Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis aims to cut through the misinformation, stigma, and assumptions that surround mental illness and give a clear picture of what mental illness really is.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5) has been criticized for overly subjective diagnostic criteria and pathologizing normal human experience.  This book will discuss the right and the wrong way to use the DSM, and the problems inherent in trying to diagno... more

  • Are Your Kids Naked Online?: How to Protect Your Tech-Savvy Kids from Online Self-Destruction.

    by Chris Good

    This book is about much more than naked photos of your children showing up online. Will your kids’ social media accounts keep them out of that prestigious college? Will those naked photos on their cell phone that they didn’t request land them in jail or get them charged with a felony? Are your tweens and teens buying fake IDs on the dark web to get into dance clubs and buy alcohol? Will your child be charged with manslaughter for bullying? If the pers... more

  • Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones

    by Bryant Lusk

    There are natural treatments for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Hundreds of millions of women and men throughout the world are affected by osteoporosis. Follow this guide to naturally increase bone density and trabecular bone quality like never before! Women and men of all ages can benefit from stronger bones. Prevent Osteoporosis. Get this book today!

  • A Man's Cry for Health-A holistic look at a man's mental, physical, and spiritual health from a woman's perspective

    by Toni Hickman

    The intuitive and empathic author and survivor Toni Hickman is back again with another bestselling book, “A Man’s Cry for Health,” which dives into the different concepts of the mental, physical, and spiritual health of man from a woman’s perspective. As Toni has channeled her higher source to write the spiritual details of this book, the message of spirit comes from a comfortable place that will resonate with each reader. Toward the end of the book, Toni invited some ... more

  • Zeus Defied: Mastering The Mindset Of Weight Loss

    by Rez Khan
    Crippled by excruciating weight-related pain for over 20 years, Rez Khan set out to find a solution. The Zeus Process is the story of his journey and the simple plan he created to resolve his debilitating health issues. The once devastating agony he suffered is now a distant memory. His health has been transformed and the toxic weight which once burdened him is gone.
  • Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do

    by Ashley L. Peterson
    People living with mental illness are often left out of the loop when it comes to understanding how exactly medications work. This book will explain pharmacology in a simplified way to help you understand the effects, both positive and negative, of psych meds, and why these effects occur. It's everything you didn't realize you wanted to know about medications! The book begins with the essentials of pharmacology and moves on to cover all the major classes of psychiatric medications. You'll lea... more
  • The United States of Opioids: A Prescription For Liberating A Nation In Pain

    by Harry Nelson
    The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain, shares the story of Harry Nelson’s deep dive into opioid crisis response. The book lays out an essential understanding of the interwoven crises of pain, addiction, and overdose deaths – and the first comprehensive plan for addressing the crisis at both a policy and grassroots level. As one of the leading healthcare lawyers in America, Harry Nelson got the same call in the aftermath of nearly every celebrity overd... more