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Political & Social Sciences

  • Mass Media and Communication in Global Scanario

    by Ratnesh Dwivedi
    The Idea Behind Putting These Research Papers And Research Articles In This Book Is To Give Various Aspects Of Communication, A Platform Where From Readers May Go Through Them At One Go. The Book Deals With The Research Articles And Papers Dedicated To Core Areas Of Journalism And Mass Communication. The Papers And Articles Compiled In This Book Touches The Need Of Students, Academicians And Reserachers On Most Challenging Areas And Topics. In The Collection Of These Papers Author Has Discussed... more
  • Machiavelli for Babies

    by Christopher W. Land
    Whether it's the corporate boardroom or the preschool playground, today's world has become a competitive, cutthroat place. Help give your little one the philosophical leg up with Machiavelli for Babies. Teach them how to acquire and wield great power, and ruthlessly bring destruction upon their rivals. The book features time-tested classic advice from history's most clever and scheming political advisor Niccolò Machiavelli, author of The Prince, accompanied by hilarious photos of babies accompli... more
  • What We're Up Against

    by Andrew Bard Schmookler
    For many years, a majority of Americans have believed that their nation is heading in the wrong direction. We should be asking ourselves: what’s gone wrong in America and how can it be set right? In WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST Dr. Schmookler – a Harvard grad, UC Berkeley/Graduate Theological Union Ph.D., who has served as a radio talk show host, and run for congress – provides an illuminating answer to those questions. He offers compelling evidence that we are headed in a direction where the many a... more
  • Intelligent Strategic Development Of Knowledge Societies

    by Mustafa Ebaid

    Sustainable intelligent strategic development and renovation, includes Social Contract Development and Intractable Conflicts Solutions, Education, Health, Research and Sports Systems, Security Management, Economy and Investment, Leadership and Senior Strategic Management Systems, Legal Systems, Measurement And Evaluation Systems

  • UFO Space Craft Identification Manual

    by David Campione
    How to contact a UFO Space Craft for your own personal information and knowledge. Over 50 UFO space craft illustrations, various sighting reports and experiences. Two actual Space Craft Photographs.
  • Borderlands USA: or, How to Protect the Country by Car

    by Ben Batchelder
    A returning ex-pat circumnavigates the Lower 48 on a quest to discover what it means to be an American post-9/11. Far from the touristed paths, he discovers that the country’s edge tells much about its core, while coming home to a sense of profound gratitude.
  • Unicycle, the Book of Fictitious Symmetry and Non-Random Truth: (Nature's Democratic Pi)

    by Paul V. Cornell du Houx

    The unicycle provides a singular image of balance and impending peril, lightened by whimsy for the weighty subject of this book. All the evidence of experimental science confirms that nature is asymmetric. No pure symmetry has ever been found. What does it mean to live in an asymmetric environment?

    Unicycle introduces the logic of asymmetric change to interpret the evidence, while showing how our symmetry-based math has failed to grasp a vital ethical connection between humanit... more

  • The Love Theory

    by Michael Stansfield
    The Symmetry of all things: Religions, Political Parties, Economics, etc. and the common person on the street.
  • The America of my Dreams

    by Dom Sgambellone
    The book is a collection of idea and suggestions to make the political process easier and less corrupt. This book encourages all to get involved for the good of the country and to take it away from the claws of special interests.
  • Winning the White House in 2016: A Conservative Platform That Will Win The Popular Vote

    by Tom E. Porter
    This book is a game changer! It places the Conservative Movement squarely behind the U.S. Citizen. It identifies and solves the five factors causing the wealth/income gap. It details an impactful jobs program that rebuilds our middle class. It makes an ironclad offer of a more honest government and constrains our overreaching federal bureaucrats. It explains how the Republican Congress can compel the Supreme Court to quickly address the Executive Branch’s unlawful actions without shutting down t... more
  • Corktown is a novel. No Pie In the Sky: The Hobo as Ameriican Culture Hero in the Works of Jack London, Jphn Sos Passos and Jack

    by Frederick Feied
    The central premise or conclusion of this work is that the struggle for survival or supremacy is the motive or driving force in the evolution of societies as well as species. Conflict and competition, war and the threats of war have carried us to undreamed of heights of achievement. They have also led to some of our worst excesses, consigning once great civilizations to the dustbin of history, their monuments trampled underfoot, their subjects dispersed, enslaved or put to the sword. This para... more
  • Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism

    by Barry Shaw
    Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism defines the Gordian knot that binds a fervent anti-Israel activism at all levels as being inimitably linked to Jew-hatred.
  • by

    This book is in response to the failed national policies and the misguided foreign policy agenda of the government of the United States of America. Our Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution, should not be mocked and ridiculed by those who serve us, the sovereign People of the Republic of the United States of America. As a nation, I believe we have lost our way and it is imperative that we return to our core beliefs. Our nation has been a guiding light to this world, but this cannot continue ... more

  • At What Cost?: a discussion about government

    by Tom Knight

    National polls show most people are dissatisfied with government. This book explains government to anyone, cutting through the noise. It then provides practical suggestions about how government can be better. First on the list? Start using the preferences of the majority of citizens for decision-making.

  • Introducing Economic Actualism

    by David Billings
    Human history is a confusion of nominal and actual economic wealth. Just as a fire results from the combination of spark, oxygen and fuel without extinguishment, so too do duress, ineffectiveness and inversion without social feedback result in economic bubbles. These bubbles are neither pretty or temporary as their damage can be severe and permanent.
  • Braids of Forbidden Trinity

    by Ibtihal Mahmood