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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • The Quest for Happiness

    by Paula Price
    You can choose happiness daily no matter what your circumstances are. Go on the journey to find it through things like healing, self-love, outlook, daily gratitude, choices and purpose. We may not be taught these subjects in school but it is up to us to continue to teach ourselves with love and compassion. By doing things like writing thank you notes, journaling, getting out in nature, meditating, creating things we love, and more; we are offered many ideas to encourage a positive change within ... more
  • One Journey- The lovetuner book

    by Sigmar Berg
    One Journey: The LoveTuner Book" is a heartwarming and thought-provoking story that inspires readers to embrace love as a guiding force in their lives. It's a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and insight into the transformative power of love and self-discovery.
  • From Doubt to Do

    by Kat O'Sullivan

    Are you facing a significant transition? Do you have doubts about what else is possible? Kat shares stories of personal and professional transformation that provide hope, inspiration, reassurance, and encouragement, as well as a clear strategy, plan, and practical tools to help you on your journey from doubt to do… from impossible to possible.

  • Find Your Wild: How to honor Your True Nature and Go After Your Dreams, no matter how Wild they seem!

    by Lisa Liljeberg
    This inspirational step-by-step guide uses neuroscience, proven coaching methods and true stories to help you: - Reconnect with who you really are (your Wild). And when you do, you will know it, because it feels right. - Learn to dream again … really dream! We’re not talking about daydreaming here. We’re talking about daredreaming, with real systems and real plans to make things happen. - Learn scientifically proven methods to program your brain to help you get wherever you tell it you want t... more
  • Satya and Smith : An Amazing Walk

    by Dr Abhishek Kumar
  • Harness Your Emotional Intelligence: Build Self-Awareness, Improve Interpersonal Skills, Regulate Emotional Response, and Levera

    by Clifton Brown
    This book is not just about understanding emotions; it's about leveraging them to enrich every aspect of personal relationships—from family dynamics to romantic connections. It’s a journey into the heart of self-awareness and interpersonal skills, revealing how emotional responses can be harnessed for deeper, more fulfilling connections. What sets this book apart from other books in the genre is its targeted approach towards personal relationships across various aspects of life, from familial t... more
  • Cooling The Flame: Guiding Kids Through Anger

    by Laura Urgell
    Rather than promising to transform your child's challenging moments into a state of zen-like serenity through magic, this book takes a refreshing lighthearted and humorous approach to the unpredictable journey of parenting, spanning from the toddler years to pre-teen tantrums. Urgell acknowledges that parenting is like a wild rollercoaster ride encompassing various stages of childhood. Instead of offering complex theories or one-size-fits-all solutions, the book provides a practical toolbox of ... more
  • Total Acceptance

    by Tim Sherbo
    Totally Acceptance is a spiritual journey. Starting with a thought-provoking description of ego, it offers a completely loving way for resolution without judgment, blame, guilt, or shame. It is about forgiving ourselves and others, expressing traits of our higher self, and following kindness, patience, and compassion. Totally Acceptance offers a plan to gain high self-worth and unconditional love whenever possible. It combines the inspiration of the Bible with the wisdom of Buddhism, raja-yoga,... more
  • The Rooted Renegade

    by Rebecca Arnold
    LEVERAGING PEACE FOR EXTRAORDINARY PURPOSE Many of us are caught in the hustle of daily life and use quick fixes to find relief from our stress, overwhelm, and discontent. Are you ready for something radically different? Discover how to calm your nervous system, fire up your passions, thrive sustainably, and create space for exceptional impact. Your very own holistic leadership coach Rebecca Arnold guides you step-by-step to create a more fulfilling, joyful life that meets the challenges o... more
  • Dating in the Art and Style of a Gentleman

    by Race P. Vanderdecken
    This is a book that every woman should read with or for her boyfriend if she desires a more profound dating relationship. Why be stuck in a dating relationship where you are not dating and not going anywhere fast? Learn how to move the relationship forward so that you can have a fulfilling dating relationship that leads to somewhere beyond just hanging out. Every date needs at least three things: a meal, an activity, and a time limit. Secondly, there needs to be a purpose to every date, such... more
  • You're Not Your Job

    by Daniel Voigt Godoy
    You’re Not Your Job explores how procrastination, feelings around money, conformity, doubts, fears, and much more affect your career choices. Voigt Godoy believes many people lose track of who they really are. They mistake their identity for their job. Deep down, however, they know they are not meant to be living like this. He believes that if you are looking for answers, then you need to try asking questions instead! In this short yet inspiring book, Voigt Godoy does not offer answers. Instead,... more
  • Twist of Fate

    by Ronnie Rush
    It has an interesting take on life and the things that happen to us. It's a great rainy day read curled up next to a fire. It's an intriguing look between fate and destiny. A deep and introspective book that gets you thinking. I definitely recommend to anyone interested life's journey and how we have moments that determine our fate, whether that be a decision we make, or just by being in a certain place at a certain time. These moments have a huge impact on our lives determining our destiny. -Ro... more
  • From Lonely to Fearless: A Guide to Conquering Loneliness, Boosting Self-Esteem, and Letting Go of Others' Opinions

    by Ramona Galey
    Are you yearning for positive, like-minded friends to share your journey? Do you struggle to stand up for yourself in the face of others’ opinions? Embark on a transformative journey from isolation to empowerment with this practical guide designed for those grappling with loneliness, isolation, and the myriad emotions that accompany it. If you find yourself feeling disconnected, rejected, painfully shy, or struggling with low self-esteem, this comprehensive guide offers step-by-step inst... more
  • Overthink

    by Lyndsey Getty

    The first in a series of Thoughtbooks, Overthink offers innovative approaches and fresh perspectives to help readers silence mental noise and take control of their thoughts. Key features include writing prompts and a simple three-step process to help readers restructure their mindset. This book is not just a guide; it’s a roadmap to self-discovery and a more purposeful life.

  • Wholly Naomi: One Woman, Nine Numbers, and a Cat Looking for Love

    by Louise Gilbert

    Wholly Naomi captures Naomi's journey towards finding meaning, navigating through her feelings of emptiness and disconnection from life. Guided by a transformative book and its nine life-altering principles, she embarks on a path of self-discovery, mirrored by her bond with a stray ginger kitten seeking its place in the world. Along her journey, Naomi learns to shed the burdens of societal expectations, letting go of who she thought she should be, or should have, realising that true happi... more

  • Breaking The Silence: Confronting Guilt and Shame in the Chronic Pain World

    by Debra Morgan, Advocate

    "Breaking The Silence Receives A 5-Star Editorial Book Review Awarded By Reader's Favorite 2024!"

    Debra Morgan, the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling memoir "Graceful Agony: An Intimate Memoir of Living with Fibro & Chronic Fatigue,"
    has published a new book titled "Breaking The Silence: Confronting Guilt and Shame in the Chronic Pain World" for readers who suffer from chronic pain and loved ... more