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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • In My Saturn Era

    by Nazarena Lopez
    A how-to guide providing tools to help you through your Saturn Return.
  • Dare to Author!

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Lior Arussy’s latest book, Dare to Author! is a call for people to write—and therefore own—their life’s story, even when events are unexpected and don’t always turn out the way we want. The book is a manifesto and a guide to converting life experiences into future strength, resilience, and development and, in the process, transforming ourselves from victims to victors. Incorporating unique personal insights and his own professional experiences, Arussy carefully describes the challenges and dange... more
  • Lines on the palm

    by Diana Nuri
    These are different stories of women with one common thread—power. Each one uses her power in a different way. One woman uses it for good, while another one doesn't. The same happens in life. The program of creation sometimes loses to selfish impulses, impacting not only our lives, but also the lives of others. Jess' story is about a girl with a very disadvantaged start in life. Will she be able to channel her power in the right direction and bring love into this world, despite all the trials a... more
  • be. love.

    by Christin Collins

    be. love. is a transformative guide that welcomes the reader on a profound journey into self-discovery and healing. Drawing from her experience as a health and wellness coach and her insights as a mindfulness facilitator, Christin Collins explores the essential role of love in achieving true wellness and inner peace. be. love. delves into the complexities of the human spirit, emphasizing the power of self-love and compassion as pivotal forces in personal growth and health.

    Thro... more

  • The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You're Running Out of Time

    by Ryan Lindner

    "I'm going down now," I said to a young woman a few seconds before the darkness-my first cardiac arrest. As I returned to work as a behavioral coach, it became maddening to hear about all-consuming, everyday problems and misguided priorities while I fought to merely remain conscious.

    The Half-Known Life challenges conventional thinking of success, identity, and personal change. Most often, truly profound change happens following events that shake someone to their... more

  • Farewell: Vital End-of-Life Questions with Candid Answers

    by Edward T. Creagan, MD
    Being present at the bedside—and even at the moment of death—can become an experience embedded in the minds and souls of family members for generations. It is a deeply emotional time, one of relief and sadness. Anyone who has taken that final journey with a loved one will never, ever forget those moments. Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Edward Creagan has dedicated his life to death. And now this esteemed medical doctor examines death not only from a medical standpoint, but from an acutely emotional perspecti... more
  • Start Today

    by Jesse S. Smith
    Improving the conversation you have with yourself can help you to improve your relationships with others, and set you on the path to achieving a more fulfilling life. Start Today offers a vision of self-help as a personal philosophy, which shares many of its timeless precepts with major world religions from Christianity to Buddhism. In his quirky, conversational writing style, author Jesse S. Smith describes the simple decisions that any of us can choose to make, at any time, to get our lives ... more
  • One Door Closes: Korey's Courage--The Documentary

    by Tom Ingrassia, Executive Producer
    Based on the award winning book, One Door Closes: Korey's Courage presents the stories of 4 people--including Scherrie Payne (Formerly of The Supremes) and June Monteiro (of The Toys)--who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their roads to success. The documentary premiered in October, 2023, and is currently on the film festival circuit. It received the Gold Award/Feature Documentary at the International Independent Film Awards, and was named Best Local Feature at the Massachusetts In... more
  • Triveni complex Escort Service Call Girls In Delhi +91-9873111009

    by manisha sharma
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  • Self-Esteem in a Selfie World

    by Shobha Nihalani
    Do you spend most of your time thinking about all the things you've done wrong and all the ways you need to fix yourself? Do you lean towards self-loathing when you make a mistake? Do you people-please to stay ahead of the competition? Do you compare yourself with others? What is it that we are seeking in all our restlessness to do more and be more? Without a doubt, it is to be loved, accepted, respected, rewarded and valued. If that's not what we get from our environment, and our... more
  • Sex, Drugs & the Love of God

    by Ellen Harlow
    As a child, author Ellen Harlow dreamed of becoming a renowned vocalist. However, chasing the dream of stardom left her feeling incomplete. She wasn’t satisfied and eventually found herself searching for something more. In 1991, Harlow gave her heart to Jesus Christ resulting in a renewed desire to speak and sing for the sole purpose of giving praise and adoration to God. In Sex, Drugs, and the Love of God, she narrates her real-life experiences and how she transformed her life of sexual sin, d... more
  • Untangling

    by Barbara McGavin and Ann Weiser Cornell
    Untangling is a self-help method for developing the capacity to provide a compassionate inner environment in which difficult personal issues can be resolved. These difficulties can include anxiety, self-criticism, using food or alcohol to deal with inner conflict, and blocks to taking effective action in the world.
  • Grateful Lady: 444 Celebratory Expressions of Gratitude for the Female Body: A Self-Help Guide to a Happier & Healthier You

    by Mehdi Esfandiari
    Grateful Lady is a heartfelt exploration of self-love and appreciation, offering 444 expressions of gratitude for different parts of the female body. Divided into 13 chapters, each dedicated to a specific body system, this book by Mehdi Esfandiari encourages women to celebrate the divine artistry within them. It helps shift focus from perceived flaws to the blessings we often overlook, fostering a deeper connection with oneself. Perfect as a daily companion, Grateful Lady integrates mindfulne... more
  • Common Wisdom: 8 Scientific Elements of a Meaningful Life

    by Laura Gabayan, MD, MS

    The new “Common Wisdom: 8 Scientific Elements of a Meaningful Life” (Redwood Publishing, March 2024) is an easy-to-read book that unveils the discoveries of The Wisdom Research Project, a fascinating journey led by Dr. Laura Gabayan to explore the timeless question: What is Wisdom?  Drawing upon her research and medical expertise, Dr. Gabayan created The Wisdom Research Project, which involved interviewing 60 “wise” individuals across North America (ages 50-79) ov... more

  • Try Your Own Case

    by Jordan Marsh

    Try Your Own Case is an invaluable resource for anyone who is currently representing themselves in court or considering doing so. Authored by veteran trial lawyer Jordan Marsh, Try Your Own Case walks you through the litigation process step by step, and includes loads of tips, examples, and a comprehensive appendix with forms and sample pleadings to get you started.

  • Back After Burnout

    by Dennis Consorte
    Burnout didn’t kill me, but if I gave it too much of a chance, it would have. As an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through several periods of burnout and one big one that forced me to reinvent myself completely. I lost my sense of purpose. I was depressed and experienced a complete loss of interest in my work. It affected my mental and physical health, impacted my income, and strained my relationships. In this book, I tell my story, and show you how to overcome burnout, how to find purpose in life agai... more