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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Freedom From Failure: A 10-step guide to actionably transform painful setbacks into life-defining triumphs

    by Desmond Devenish
    CREATE AN UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS To avoid the hurt from life's failures, we end up allowing in more pain by downsizing our beliefs. You know that you can climb that impossible mountain, yet deny it out of conditioned fear. To rise to the summit means letting go of dead weight, and reprogramming with relentless courage. In 10 actionable steps, you will confront false narratives and strip away useless mindsets. No more feeling stuck without purpose and lack of... more
  • Conscious Coping: How to stop fighting your mental health, embrace your challenges and learn a new way to cope

    by Laurie Sharp-Page
    Conscious coping is an innovative take on how to take care of your mental health. Written by Laurie Sharp-Page, a practicing psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and coping enthusiast, Conscious Coping introduces a new philosophy and framework for coping with your mental health and all of life's varied challenges. Using real-world examples and personal narrative, Conscious coping takes the reader on a personal exploration of their own mental health, empowering them with language, education, and meanin... more
  • The Triple C Method®️

    by Ryan Spence

    Halfway through a successful career as a BigLaw lawyer, life coach Ryan Spence realised he was on the wrong path but he didn't know how to change direction or believe that was possible for him. In this book, Ryan sets out his Triple C Method®️, the framework that changed his mind, helped him ditch his life of lethargy and start creating a life that's lit! Ryan shares his stories to empower others in the position that he was in to believe in themselves and ... more

  • One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams

    by Tom Ingrassia & Jared Chrudimsky
    One Door Closes presents the inspiring stories of 16 people (including Mary Wilson of The Supremes) who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live into their dreams. Though their powerful stories, these dreamers share a road map guiding the reader to discover how to live life with vision, courage, determination and passion. Incorporating holistic self-assessment tools and self-motivational techniques, One Door Closes helps you to develop the skills to take 100% responsibility for y... more
  • The Black Girl's Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds

    by Nijiama Smalls
    I wish my father had been present in my life, so I would not have accepted a lot of crap from men… Growing up, I didn't feel loved by my mother which caused.... It is hard to find and maintain a solid group of trustworthy girlfriends to do life with... I was devastated by a previous lover and that hurt changed me for the worse... I avoid family functions like the plague because there is sure to be some tension present... I often don’t feel loved... I don’t know what to do with my life and I feel... more
  • The Change Guidebook: How to Align Your Heart, Truths, and Energy to Find Success in All Areas of Your Life

    by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
    If you are seeking change and want to align with your highest purpose, the power is in your hands. Many of us know we need a change, an overhaul of the way we “do” life. We feel the need to move forward but we aren’t sure where to place our feet to take those first steps. There are countless manuals for bettering our lives, but we crave something that will truly help us to change for the better once and for all. The Change Guidebook ends the search for self-help that works, serving as a li... more
  • The Code of Opposites—Book 1

    by Mahalene Loiis
    Do you have a communication issue? That is, you know what to do to be successful, but you just don’t want to do it? If language is the problem, it is also the solution. The Code of Opposites (TCO) introduces an idea whose time has come: a newly revealed metalanguage to feel the resistance, choose peace, and emPower the NOW. Language is where your Power is. To transform, you must look at the story you tell. Activating a metalanguage – a language beyond all languages – allows you to track pattern... more
  • New Essay On Life, Death, Meaning, and the Far Future

    by John Messerly
    Short essays about the meaning of life from a professional philosopher.
  • The Diary of a COVID-19 Widow: Including Reflections and Tips (Part 1)

    by Tabrina Dixon
    This book is a compilation of social media posts and diary entries that express the thoughts and feelings of a middle-aged widow who lost the love of her life suddenly and tragically to COVID-19. It offers an up-close and personal view of what grief and healing can look like over some time and practical suggestions for creating your healing journey.
  • Love in a Suitcase

    by thomas schwendler

    What happened when Rev. Tom Schwendler found a well-worn suitcase, holding his late aunt and uncle's love letters? He found the best marriage advice he'd ever read. 

    From planning a wedding to handling in-laws to navigating the inevitable ups and downs of a long-term relationship, the letters said it all. Reverend Tom simply added a few gentle comments and musings for digital-age couples looking to their analog ancestors for guidance.

    A celebration of love and a remin... more

  • InControl: A Systematic Approach to Taking Complete Control of Your Life and Career

    by Reza Abraham
    BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND CAREER with Reza Abraham's book, InControl: A Systematic Approach to Taking Complete Control of Your Life and Career. 1 CORE 3 CORNERSTONES 12 PILLARS 90 HACKS This book will NOT make you invincible. What it WILL do is offer you the gift of timeless lessons grounded on lived experience, years of research, and compelling stories. This book also sets the standard in defining What you are actually in control of, How to leverage it, and Why it is important in the f... more
  • The Happy Human Playbook

    by Antonia Hall
    Healthy, simple pleasures can be transformative. Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, and generally unfulfilled? You’re not alone. The fact is that most humans find true satisfaction to be elusive. Fortunately you can rewire your body to bring a true sense of happiness back into your life — one pleasure at a time. It is too rare that our society encourages the exploration or discussion of the health benefits of enjoying our bodies, especially when it pertains to sexuality. Many of us wer... more
  • Not in Vain, A Promise Kept

    by Melissa Mullamphy
    They were killing her mother with negligence, Melissa Mullamphy recalls. And eight months later, Mullamphy’s mother succumbed following a cancer battle fraught with frustration, medical missteps and the endless bureaucracy that goes hand in hand with navigating our complex healthcare system. Not in Vain, A Promise Kept is Mullamphy’s candid account of her mother’s journey and the family’s roller coaster of emotions. Readers will witness the mistakes that compounded their pain, the small victo... more
  • 10 Things I Learned From A Schizophrenic Mechanic

    by Lisa Kugler
    In her book, Ten Things I Learned from a Schizophrenic Mechanic, L. M. Kugler states "We don't talk about mental illness nearly enough in our society, not enough about what it's like to be mentally ill, nor what it's like for the families of those who are mentally ill." In this novella-length work designed for those aged 15 and up, Mrs. Kugler takes readers on a journey through ten different lessons she learned from her father, who was schizophrenic. She uses vivid stories from her life to do... more
  • How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants ... So You Don't Have To

    by Elliott Katz
    Are you tired of having to be the one who always wears the pants? Are you frustrated with men who won't make a decision? Are you fed up with a man who won't ever take charge? You're not the only one. How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants ... So You Don't Have To shares strategies on how to inspire a man to be more decisive and do his share of taking the lead at home and in the family. It tells you what you need to say to get him to take charge of dealing with his share of day-to-day respon... more
  • The Great Self-Connect

    by Sarah Johnson
    This new-age generation-defining self help guide teaches you that if you want anything from life, anything at all, whether it be a stronger connection with Self, a path to move forward from abuse, or simply to live a more creative, robust, fulfilling, and prosperous life, begin your personal transformation by removing the confusion and chaos in your life first. Use the knowledge and pathways provided within to remove that which blocks your desires and hinders your well-being. Use it to reduce st... more