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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality

    by Cat Howell

    Ready to cultivate your dream reality?

    The world of magic is shrouded in stigma and fear but to those who dare open their hearts awaits an empowering practice of self discovery.

    Whether you find yourself in a structure that no longer fulfils you, overwhelmed or confused, or if you are merely curious about what magic has to offer, this revolutionary book holds the answers.

    In Magic Source Codes, Cat Howell demystifies the fear of alchemy, and dives into the n... more

  • The Effortless Perfection Myth

    by Caralena Peterson
    Set to expose the unfiltered reality of the college experience, Caralena Peterson’s groundbreaking new book, The Effortless Perfection Myth: Debunking the Myth and Revealing the Path to Empowerment for Today’s College Women mixes research and historical context with moving stories of more than a dozen young women, including Peterson’s own story, to educate both female undergraduates and their support systems on what’s really going on, how to heal from it and how to create a better experience fo... more
  • The Journey to the Centre of your Soul: Discover who you are through the mirrors of life

    by Adam Stansbury
    The Journey to the Centre of your Soul is a guide for those who are willing to ask deep questions about their relationship to life so they may uncover who they are and who they want to be. How can we be the change we wish to see in the world until we understand who we are as individuals? Only then can we encourage and support others on their journey to uncover their truth, creating the societal ripple effect that we need as a catalyst for collective change. The journey to the centre of you... more
  • Forget Me Not: A Caregiver’s Guide to Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

    by Torri L. Fisher

    If you are looking for support while caring for a loved one who is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, then you need the invaluable resources in this book. It is undoubtedly noble to take on the hefty responsibility of being a caregiver, but it’s equally important to take care of yourself in the process. You can maintain your peace, positivity, and well-being during this time with access to the right tools.

    Inside Forget Me Not: A Caregiver’s Guide to Early... more

  • Mind Your Business

    by Juanita P Guerra
    This is a transformational memoir where I share some of my relevant life experiences that led to the development of 6 key strategies that are intended to help individuals live in an authentic and empowered manner. The strategies are tools that I use therapeutically and they emerged from both personal and clinical experience.
  • Serpent in the Cellar: Love and Death in Life and Myth

    by Tom Strelow
    The Serpent is a complex moral archetype in mythology. As the Viper, it is a dark force lurking in the shadows waiting to strike. As a sacred mediary, it may represent the power of healing and perpetual life, or the wisdom of the gods. The Serpent on the Tree of Morality weaves the mythological fabric of moral development underlying the three Abrahamic religions. While the institutional ideologies often lose this thread, the authentic myth is vitally an ancient psychology of love founded on e... more
  • On the Emancipation of Hatred

    by A.S. Milevsky
    Hate crime, hate speech, hate as the plague of our times ravaging our networks and tirelessly targeting new victims... What makes it so prevalent? Is hate our natural tendency, an integral part of our most profound social instincts or simply another piece of evidence for the failure at anger management and controlling our hunger for power and influence? Can those who utilize hatred as a smart marketing tool be considered evil? Are those who categorically dismiss it as an untenable social tendenc... more
  • Discover DBT Create a Life Worth Living: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Is the Proven 6 Month Solution to Escape Negativity

    by Peggy Darling
    Create a Life That Is Worth Living, no matter what hurdles you face. If you are: Depressed, harming yourself, or even having suicidal thoughts. Distracted, afraid, worried, and anxious. Have trouble with relationships (partners, family, school, work, your neighbors). Overreacting or letting your emotions dominate your rational thinking. Sabotaging your long-term peace of mind by making poor short-term decisions. Distressed to the point of misery about all kinds of situations in your life. ... more
  • Worth The Risk

    by Kristen Lee, EdD, LICSW
    Discover the rewards of strategic risk-taking―an award-winning behavioral scientist shares a practical guide on using small, intentional acts of courage to build resilience, confidence, and connection. 
 In each chapter of Worth the Risk, Lee provides a solid dose of brain science combined with practical actions to build confidence and sustain yourself through challenges. With a blend of stories, composite sketches, science, ancient wisdom, behavioral science, and practical exercises, you’ll e... more
  • You Matter in this Information Universe

    by Jesuis Laplume
    You are a very Special being in this Information universe, as a human likely not the only Special species, but one of them. We are falsely taught that we are physical beings, made of matter particles, but we are actually Special Information beings with minds that connect, using our information processing abilities, to the Cosmic Mind of our sentient universe. As Information beings, we likely have no real limitations on what we can do and become; however we are falsely taught that we are limite... more
  • Acts of Compassion: Bringing Love and Caring Back into Your Life

    by Linda Spangle, RN, MA
    Through meaningful stories and examples, Acts of Compassion helps readers bring love and caring back into their lives. Drawing on research findings as well as many life experiences, this book will help motivate people to show kindness and compassion to others.
  • The Digital Mind of Tomorrow: Rethink, transform, and thrive in a fast-changing and brutal digital world

    by Isabella Wang

    "Isabella’s insights on the future of business will open your eyes to what could be achieved..."- Howard Tiersky, WSJ Bestselling Author

    No one knows but you.

    Our outdated social structure collapses in the digital age. We are ignorant of how technology affects us on a fundamental level. The downgrade of human intelligence is faster than the progress of machine intelligence. Modern thought and beliefs are misguided and powerless in a technology-dominated future. We ... more

  • I Don't Give a D*MN!

    by Avonda Anderson
    This guidebook will aid you through the four stages of the process, to reach the I Don't Give a D*MN! mindset. At this level of awareness, you are ready to conquer your greatest fears and achieve your wildest dreams. You are your own imagination in action, and you are the creator of your own reality. When you truly know this and are ready to put this knowledge to practice your life will never be the same. Your mind will be free to elevate to the highest levels of I Don't Give a D*MN! in all its ... more
  • The 6 Pillars of Intimacy

    by Alisa DiLorenzo
    Is it really possible to rekindle the spark and restore the “like-new” connection in your marriage? Can you strengthen your bond, grow together, and enjoy deeper levels of love and intimacy that rival your newlywed days? And can you do any or all of that without having to digest mountains of self-help books, or pouring your hearts out to a total stranger in endless counseling sessions? Yes, it is possible—and as you read, you’ll see how easy it can be! Authors Alisa and Tony DiLorenzo a... more
  • Be Transcendent to Sustain Happiness

    by Yvon Milien
    Yvon Milien learned through experience and education that there are no shortcuts to happiness. Only the usual route will lead to it. The lawful path is self-realization. In other words, it is getting to know ourselves and surrendering to God's Laws that will help in our quest to live a happy life. In Be Transcendent to Sustain Happiness, Milien draws inspiration from many sources to prompt you to follow the high path to sustain happiness through life's challenges.
  • 978-1-4897-3517-1

    by Walter Broach
    Spiritual Energy is also known as the breath of life, Qi, vital force energy, soul, and other terms. This book talks about how we are all actually spiritual beings walking around with physical bodies while on earth. It will interest people interested in metaphysics, Science of Mind, Spiritual living rather than religion and their relationship with this vital force.