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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Retiring?: Your Next Chapter Is about Much More Than Money

    by Bruce Hiland

     “Retiring?” is a concise,  insightful and encouraging guide to addressing the inescapable and profound non-financial challenges that retirement brings. This book is written for the person approaching retirement and the retiree coping with retirement's challenges as well as the partner/spouse sharing sharing the experience. The important questions are clearly spelled out along with realistic suggestions and sources for help ... more

  • The Relentless Cultivation of You

    by Thaddeus Garrett
    To cultivate is “to nurture and help grow.” Farmers cultivate crops, fundraising professionals cultivate donors, and celebrities cultivate their images. Ultimately, when you cultivate something, you develop it into something greater than it originally was. The Relentless Cultivation of You! is an intriguing approach and unique perspective to understanding some of the elements from our past and how they help to shape our personality, our core values, and the development, implementat... more
  • Life Engineering

    by Kenny Anderson

    This provocative book introduces a brand-new synthesis of philosophy and self-help through the surprising perspective of engineering. Technology is not just a jumble of wires and metal but ideas whose origins can go back before recorded history. Engineering is simply the craft dedicated to applying existing technology to innovating practical and desired products. Before the rise of the wannabe self-help guru, the technology of preventing failure and maximizing the performance of the good life... more

  • Bias is All Around You: A Handbook for Inspecting Social Media & News Stories

    by Erik Bean, Ed.D.

    Bias Is All Around You! Can you separate fact from fiction to safeguard your mental health? Let our handbook be your guide for inspecting all the information you are exposed to in social media today. If you cannot properly assess information bias it could:

    1. Lead you to follow a false cause  

    2. Leave you feeling foolish  

    3. Tarnish your credibility  

    4. Attract the wrong people  

    5. Create undue stress  

    6. Compromise you... more

  • The Exceptional Life R-Evolution

    by Jessica Tietjen
    Will you join the Exceptional Life R-Evolution? What will you say when you look back on your life? Will you think, “I lived an exceptional life?” Who doesn’t want to live an exceptional life? I know I want to be like my 90-year-old grandma who told me, with a smile and tears in her eyes, “I truly feel I lived an exceptional life.” My life’s purpose is to help people live their best life— an exceptional life—and this book is meant to help more people! This book is a practical guide to creati... more

    by Ned Sahin
    You will die by 2054 if you are at the age of an average book reader and you live as long as an average person lives in the US. The question is, how will you spend your time until 2054? This book tells you how to spend the rest of your life if you don’t want to be in the mainstream group of people that makes up 95% of the world’s population. This is not an ordinary self-help or productivity book. There are no to-do lists or ridiculous routines to follow. I share a very simple method al... more
  • Emotional Healing: Experience Balance and Self-Empowerment in an Age of Rapid Change

    by Verlaine Crawford

    You have the power to change your mind and experience a renewed sense of clarity. You can gain the confidence and self-empowerment necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The key to peace of mind is learning to release the past, relax about the future, and enjoy the present moment without stress or worry.

    How can we possibly release, relax, and enjoy when so much that we have known appears to be falling apart? Having to survive when needing to deal with isolation, a pande... more

  • Finish Line Feeling

    by Liz Ferro
    This uniquely uplifting memoir tells the compelling story of the author’s journey from foster child and sexual abuse survivor to founder of the nationally recognized running organization, Girls With Sole.
  • Living on Purpose: Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy

    by Amy Eliza Wong
    Achieve Profound Discernment and Joy Many people from all walks of life, even after their many accomplishments and experiences, are often plagued by feelings of dissatisfaction and deep questioning. These feelings may lead them to wonder if the life they are living is the life they were meant to lead. Living On Purpose is the guidebook these people have been waiting for. This book shows readers how to feel more connected to the people around them and how to be truly satisfied by the life they’... more
  • Your Life Is Designed to Work: A Psychological and Spiritual Guide

    by Jane Ilene Cohen
    Your Life Is Designed to Work shows you how to find a way forward regardless of your life's circumstances. It gives you a way to understand your experiences so you can effectively move toward a life that increasingly works. Although this book has a spiritual foundation, it is grounded in your everyday life experiences. This is supported by exercises and guidelines to help you transform your experiences in your everyday life. This includes a step-by-step process for defusing your emotional trigge... more
  • The Journeyman Life

    by Tony C. Daloisio, PhD
    The Path to Being a Better Man Many modern men are consumed by anger, frustration, aggression, and fear. We are unable to connect effectively as a spouse, a father, a friend, and even a leader. We push people away, lash out at those we love the most, and keep our inner struggles to ourselves. This disjunction from the outside world poisons our relationships and threatens our ability to find true fulfillment. But there is a path to a better version of the modern man. By confronting the inn... more
  • Over 700 Ways to Live "Just for Today"

    by Tom Garz
    In this book, I give you my Personal Guidelines on Living that I try to have for myself - "Just for Today". My Guidelines give me perspective and guidance as my day and life go along. These Personal Living Guidelines were developed over many years, from various sources, and much introspection. Just writing my Guidelines has helped me - I hope my writing helps you too. Ebook and/or Paperback-
  • Living Through This Pandemic: "Just for Today"

    by Tom Garz
    The Coronavirus (CV) Pandemic has affected all of us, in some way or another. All of us have been impacted psychologically and emotionally, even if we never were affected physically. This book is probably not for those who are thriving at this time. This book is more for those who are slogging through each day, just like me - learning to live "Just for Today". Ebook and/or Paperback-
  • Undomesticated

    by Indy West

    To the outside world, Jade?s life seems like the typical American dream, but to her, there?s a haunting void. When she reaches midlife, she questions who she really is and discovers she?s no longer willing to sit on the sidelines. A chance encounter with a mysterious man opens the door to the yearnings she long denied, awakening her true essence.

    Undomesticated is a story inspired by actual events, fictionalizing author Indy West?s own midlife transformation. Like Jade, Indy found ... more

  • A Journey into Truth: Unveiling Life's Secrets for Truth-Seekers

    by Alexis Gonzalez
    In sharing her real-life hardships, adventures, and experiences, Alexis Gonzalez guides the reader through her emergence out of the darker aspects of human existence. Cancer, addiction, and a suicide attempt would become the beginning of a six-year journey that would propel her into a time of renewal and growth. Get the inside scoop on her first-hand adventures meeting and training with psychics, mediums, Reiki masters, "hippies," shamans, monks, and plant medicine explorers. Like a captain c... more