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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • If It Didn't Hurt

    by Dr. Jay Uecker
    Pain is intelligent, bound up energy that really just wants to share its wisdom with you. This book shares the knowledge gained from Dr. Jay’s two decades of experience in private practice, actual client stories and exercises designed to help you experience what's possible when you're willing to turn your heart and your attention toward your pain: It becomes a portal that leads to a place in you where the illusion of separateness collapses and the parts of your body and soul that have been disco... more
  • Finding Your Way Through Therapy: A Navigation Tool for Therapists & Clients

    by Steve Bisson. LMHC
    Finding Your Way Through Therapy: A Navigation Tool for Therapists and Clients by Steve Bisson is designed to be an effective tool for both therapists and clients regarding the trials and tribulations of therapy. Therapy is much more complex than many make it out to be: it’s not all just laying on a couch and speaking to a Sigmund Freud look alike. As readers travel through all 12 chapters, they will gain a deeper knowledge, whether as client or therapist, on how to gain the most out of therapy.... more
  • Travel As Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity

    by Gregory V. Diehl
    When you travel to a foreign land, do you experience this new place as your old self? Or do you become a new version of you? From living in a van in San Diego to growing chocolate with indigenous tribes in Central America, to teaching in the Middle East and volunteering in Africa, Gregory V. Diehl has spent his entire adult life discovering the world and himself. Leaving his California home shortly after his 18th birthday, he went on to live and work in 45 countries across the globe by age 28... more
  • Compassionate Recovery: Mindful Healing for Trauma and Addictions

    by Darren Littlejohn
    Compassionate Recovery is a principles based practice guide for healing addictions. Using neuroscience research on trauma and addiction, the reader is guided through a journey from problem to solution. Research on compassion and self-compassion practices reveals the healing that is possible. The book then guides you into individual and community practices to engage in common humanity in your community and beyond.
  • Unplug Your Robot: The Secret to Lasting Happiness

    by Karin Kiser
    Are you fired up in the morning, ready to jump out of bed and embrace the day with enthusiasm? Do you feel a sense of daily excitement? Of purpose? Or are you wondering right now if those things are even possible? They are. All that is required is to unplug your robot. The robot is the part of you that wakes up at the same time and eats the same breakfast day after day. It’s the part of you that considers busyness, competition, scarcity, anxiety and fear as a normal part of life. Life is about m... more
  • Higher and Friendly Powers

    by Peg O'Connor
    An expansive alternative for those who have struggled with the “higher power” of AA’s 12-step program, Higher and Friendly Powers (Wildhouse Publications / September 1, 2022) offers a sense of human decency, moral ideals, and even a better version of oneself. In Higher and Friendly Powers, Peg O’Connor, PhD, addresses an audience much like herself: those in recovery who have struggled with the Christian-centric God at the heart of Alcoholics Anonymous. She brings our attention to a little-... more
  • Significance

    by Tab Edwards

    I have always had pet peeves--certain behaviors by people that made me wonder, "What is motivating that reasonably rational person to behave in such a manner?" It was obvious to me that their behavior was exhibited for some reason other than that which the person wants us to believe. For example, I've always wondered: Why do athletes, entertainers, and others frequently and publicly proclaim, “I want to thank God”? I was certain that their reason was not to genuinely... more

  • There is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole Through Radical Self-Acceptance

    by Suzanne Jones
    Feel like something in you is broken beyond repair? Explore ways you have the radical power inside to heal yourself. Trying to work through long-term pain with little to no results? Do scars from your past keep you from being your best self? Sick of persistent feelings of unworthiness? Developer of the science-based Trauma Informed Mind Body Program and founder of the global TIMBo Collective, Suzanne Jones has helped thousands of women in their recovery journey. Now she’s here to share how to... more
  • Daily Gratitude Reflections Volume 2: 365 Inspirational Guides to Grateful Living

    by Deborah L Perdue
    Would you like to be a happier, more peaceful, and positive person? Practicing gratitude each day is well worth the effort. It is the power to transform negative thinking, limited perceptions, low vibration emotions (such as anger, depression, anxiety ), and how you experience life in general. Peace, joy, and a brighter outlook are natural consequences of flowing gratitude. Uncovering things to be grateful for, even in challenging moments, is a skill most of us need to be taught, and then ... more
  • New You! Who Knew?

    by David R. Edwards
    Life is messy. It flashes by as you wonder what your future will be and how to influence it. You struggle to take charge of your life and it’s frustrating. Trying new things never works as well as you hoped. Why isn’t your story as wonderful as those you read about? YOU are the focus in New You! Who Knew? Each chapter helps you build the core skills you need for everything else to fall into place. The surprising but enduring foundations encourage you to build a life to be proud of. Without t... more
  • The Goffman Lectures

    by Thomas Hood
    This book consists of essays presented as lectures to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The context was a special class during which students were reading the published work of Erving Goffman and writing about what they were reading. Some students enrolled as philosophy students and others as sociology students. Professor Hood and Professor Van De Vate often handed out printed versions to the students on the day they were presented. Dr. Hood took thes... more
  • Public Speaking: Motivational Speeches In Depth

    by Ali R. Jaber
    Public speaking is not something simple, it is rather built from emotion, logic, and facts. In this book we breakdown the deep side of motivational speaking. A book written by popular Author, Motivational Speaker, and Writer Ali R. Jaber who provides sophisticated speaking strategies. 
  • Is Everyone at the Table?

    by Ernest G Tannis
    In this collection of 18 lively, real-life stories that are based on actual interventions, Ernie Tannis illustrates the importance of values, perseverance, trust, humour, and other principles in dealing with everyday disagreements and disputes. Drawing on his extensive experience in both interpersonal and international situations, he demonstrates how mediation principles can have practical benefits in daily interactions, even in tragic or violent circumstances. Captivating personal anecdotes com... more
  • Toast

    by Eddie Rice
    With a short, snappy, and straightforward speechwriting system, this practical handbook is your all-in-one guide for nailing the perfect toast, arming you with a comprehensive overview of the full speechwriting process. Built on a simple 7-day brainstorming system, you’ll uncover how you can brainstorm clever speech ideas, structure your speech with humor and storytelling, and overcome your fear of public speaking with a tried-and-tested plan.
  • Are You Love Smart Or Love Stupid?

    by Dr. Rachel Sims
    If you could uncomplicate your love life, would you do it? Well, look no further! Marriage and relationship expert, Dr. Rachel Sims, has written this comprehensive guide to understanding and identifying the limiting and damaging myths that prevent many of us from experiencing fulfilling relationships. In this book, Dr. Sims provides an invaluable source of information, applicable real-life examples, as well as clear and concise takeaways to put you on the right path to finding and keeping love. ... more
  • Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates' Dreams

    by Carol Oschman
    What makes prisoners' dreams different? Stress! Stress brings on dreams. Much can be learned, lives change. Rehabilitation has a new tool! True stories from a prison dream group leader. Think about what it can do for you!