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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought

    by Jason Merchey
    My book is a fascinating research-based yet personal take on that place where philosophy, psychology, well-being, personal growth, spirituality, politics, and American culture come together (collide?). It is 389 pages, boasts an attractively-designed matte soft cover, and is quite unique. It communicates "This is what wisdom is; here is how it is useful for me; within is inspiration for how it can be useful for you--and the United States as an ailing society."
  • Keys to Healthy Communication

    by Bobby Patton
    Keys to Healthy Communication is written strategically to improve personal health, both physical and mental, to foster healthier relationships, and to develop a better understanding of how to build and participate in a healthier society. Contemporary issues, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, are used to illustrate the negative and positive results of communication actions. It is possible to be authentic, empathic and empowered in our actions and our interactions. It is possible to be mindful o... more
  • A Beekeeper's Diary 2nd Edition

    by Charlotte Ekker Wiggins

    "A Beekeeper's Diary Self-Guide to Beekeeping 2nd Edition" is available in print (310-pages 8.5x11 inches black and white photos) and ebook (70% color). The book covers the first 3 years of beekeeping and supports beginning beekeeping classes with helpful guides and checklists; stands alone as a helpful guide for those who can't make a class but still want to start keeping bees, and includes an extensive helpful index.

    The Diary is also a class guide for a Great Plains... more

  • Infographic Guide to Creating Stories

    by Hank Quense
    Do you have a story struggling to come out?  Do you know how to write it down?  Or how to tell it?Writing a story involves weaving many elements together to create a singular tale. If you’re stumped on how to get started, you need this book: Infographic Guide to Creating Stories Hank Quense tells you how to create your story. He believes that stories come from the melding of three elements: getting ideas, story design and story-telling. Ideas have to come from the author. Infographic Guide... more
  • Love and Honour?

    by David D E Evans
    "Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace, exposes the ongoing phenomenon of Romeo and Juliet style romance tragedy; families killing their own and other families' daughters, sons, sisters and brothers in the name of family 'honour"". Focused on Northern India and Nepal, the stories illustrate that despite India adopting a democratic constitution in 1950, the public murder of forbidden lovers continues. Media reports of this phenomenon did not surface until 1993, but have increased dramatically since... more
  • Self-publish a Book in 10 Steps

    by Hank Quense
    Self-publishing a book is difficult.  This book simplifies it by breaking down a self-publishing and marketing project into 10 steps. This step-by-step process will get your book published  and initiate the pre-launch marketing.
  • The Finger Labyrinth Workbook - Mindful Tracing Art for Stress, Anxiety and Attention Management

    by Ravensdaughter

    The Finger Labyrinth Workbook is a collection of 21 full-color tracing Labyrinths. Some Labyrinths come from churches and cathedrals, some Labyrinths come from antiquity, and some Labyrinths are original creations by mindfulness artist, Ravensdaughter. Adults, Teens, and Children can easily trace a Finger Labyrinth. Tracing creates focus, and tricks the mind into meditating.

  • Oneself

    by Kleanthis E. Bairaktaris
    In this book, the author, influenced by the Psychoanalytic Philosophy of the last century, is immersed in a frenzy of newly formed - self-pronounced - terminologies identified with the significant and signified - in Lacanian terms -, in a philosophical work, through which he analyzes the Psychology of Oneself. The terminologies - both the old from former Psychoanalytic thinkers, mainly Freud and Klein, are presented with simplicity, aiming at their adequate comprehensibility by the average re... more
  • I'm Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization

    by Jill B. Yesko

    In "I'm Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization," Jill Yesko, a Certified Professional Organizer®, explains the difference between chronic disorganization and hoarding disorder and the multiple ways to access resources for help. Some people develop a hoarding disorder after experiencing a traumatic life event. Others accumulate items due to brain-based challenges such as depression, anxiety, or attention deficit disorder. Whatever the underly... more

  • Perf

    by Chloe Cullen
    Comparing ourselves to the flawlessly accomplished reminds us of how imperfect we personally are. We create a negative loop of constant dissatisfaction and distort reality to say we are nothing. And that, my friends, is the glamor of perfectionism. Perf: The Unspoken Flaws in a "Perfect" Culture explores what it really means to live in a culture that encourages “perfection.” This book uncovers the truth beneath the romanticized mindset of a perfectionist and their unrelenting quest to do, hav... more
  • Choir of Brave Voices

    by Gillian Walter
    This book is an invitation to compassionate curiosity for: • Anyone holding something inside that they have never said out loud. • Anyone sensing (and probably resisting) the allurement of their own creativity. • Anyone keeping (and most probably hiding) a creative secret from the world. • Anyone intrigued by the rhythm and dance of seasons, nature and life. • Anyone supporting clients on a journey of self-discovery to find their own Brave Voices. What is this book for? For exploration, d... more
  • "Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude"

    by Michael Floissac
    In Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude, Michael Floissac explores the extent to which we may find gratitude in various aspects of life. And challenges the reader on the path to gratitude.
  • Faith Hacker

    by James "Jim" Wilcox
    Faith Hacker is an approach to Biblical scripture in terms of trouble shooting a modern software system. It recognizes a problem, then starts building a root cause analysis. Along the way, there's also a speculative fiction story that illustrates ways of looking at the system wholistically, the way an engineer might.
  • The Happy Clam

    by Rosemary A. Schmidt
    The Happy Clam picks up where Rose’s last book left off. If Go Forward, Support! was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. Started many years ago and finished in 2020, with the world on the brink of a global pandemic, this book’s messages of hope and happiness are perhaps needed now more so than ever before. The Happy Clam scales the realms of happiness - physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual - bringing together findings from acr... more
  • Positive Habits Get Results

    by Donna Portland
    While in her fifties, Donna Portland finally summoned the courage to walk away from her unfulfilling existence and begin a fabulous journey toward finding meaning in her life. Today, she has achieved a sense of her true self and purpose, and lives authentically as a beacon of inspiration to others. In short, Portland is living proof that positive habits get results. Portland, a Master NLP coach and hypnotherapist, interweaves her personal story with research and discovery to share a practical r... more
  • Box Lunch Lifestyle: Using Your Lunch Break to Win Back the Life You Deserve

    by Cheryl K. Johnson


    How often do you finish the workday wondering “Really? Is this all there is?” Too many days are spent grinding through the to-do list. And even when it all gets done, those days feel more like a slog than a win. Something is missing.

    Maybe you feel change isn’t possible. Or worse yet, that it doesn’t matter much anymore. (Ouch.) But if you’re ready to finally do something different... more