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  • The Long Way Home: Lifelong Learner's Guide to Authenticity and Transformation

    by Rachel A. Riccobono
    Through the lens of her unfiltered insights, experiences, and research within personal growth and development, author Rachel Riccobono wants to show others that the lives we lead don’t have to be so cookie-cutter. In The Long Way Home, Riccobono strives to show there is no “right way” to live your life. Your journey is uniquely yours. Our stories may be infinitely connected, but we walk along separate paths. As an individual, you must continuously recalibrate, design, and determine which route b... more
  • Never Married dating

    by Never Married Dating
    Never Married Dating . Com (, a comprehensive, user-friendly dating website , is excited to announce its launch of a new dating app . Offering mobile smart phone users a way to find love online . Never Married Dating is the ultimate guide for single never married people in their search for love . "We understand the inundation of options in the dating app market can make it challenging for users to choose the right applications for their needs." That has b... more
  • The Book On Parenting: 22 Principles For Raising Successful Children

    by Giovanni Yarabek
    Parenting today looks different from when you were growing up. Schools, organizations, and governmental impacts have changed the playing field. Strategies for children to compete in life are complicated. Raising your child with a foundation of skills is simple when you know what to do. These principles are new, straightforward, and easy to implement. Your results will improve communication, patience, and understanding of your children. Rewarding each child’s ability will help them to succeed in ... more
  • Achievement Addiction DETOX

    by Elena Rand, JD, MSW
    In Achievement Addiction DETOX, Elena Rand challenges our dangerous assumptions about the virtues of achievement at all costs and shows us how to create the successful life we deserve without killing ourselves. Rand’s 7 STEPs for Achievement Addiction DETOX will help you reclaim your life and redefine success on your terms by teaching you how to: • Identify your self-destructive Achievement Addicted habits • Recover from Achievement Amnesia and the Achievement Trance • Stop “The Chase” – the ... more
  • How We Go On

    by Ken Druck, Ph.D.
    How We Go On is a compilation of Dr. Ken Druck’s life’s work helping individuals, families, organizations, communities and nations find the path forward after a loss, change or setback. Born of his work in the trenches after tragedies like 9-11, Sandy Hook and Columbine, Dr. Ken's Code for Courageous Living shows us how to become the stronger, better, more resilient, truthful, compassionate and just version of ourselves. How We Go On takes us on a healing journey through life's seasons, from bir... more
  • Radical Reinvention

    by Candi Cross
    Maureen Lippe, media powerhouse/entrepreneur, and former Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor debuts her new book, Radical Reinvention, the personal and professional journey of self-discovery after being forced to reimagine, reset and reinvent after losing her beloved husband and partner to COVID-19 and having to transform and grow her company, Lippe Taylor. It was a time of terror, uncertainty, and painful grief. Read how Lippe managed to reclaim her identity and more than double her business follo... more
  • Legacy Empowered: The Everlasting Rise of Women

    by Pierrette kengela
    Step into a world of inspiration and empowerment as Pierrette Kengela takes you on an extraordinary journey through the pages of “Legacy Empowered: The Everlasting Rise of Women.” In this groundbreaking book, Kengela explores the profound significance of woman-to-woman legacies and unveils the transformative power of women’s empowerment. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and equipped with the tools to create a lasting impact. In the introduction, Kengela sets the stage by delving into the im... more
  • Illusions of Certainty: thoughts about thinking

    by Bernard Warnick
    A close examination of our powers of reasoning shows certainties, especially in fields of morality, values and ethical social behavior, are illusory. Even in science, understandings are based on the best evidence at the moment. When we consider that neurobiologically our subjective feelings invade the beginning of our reasoning process, the pervasive ambiguity and vagueness of language and the fuzziness of the concept of truth, we start to wonder if certainty of conclusions is available. Patt... more

    by Geoff Pridham
    How to Feel Better… Realistically is a no-nonsense guide on how to feel better no matter what life throws at you. The chief recommendation of the book is that we should be realistic. Other guides to happiness and feeling better have recommended techniques such as positive thinking, positive psychology, mindfulness, living in the present, chasing your dreams, and so on, but none of these work reliably over the long run. How to Feel Better… Realistically moves forward from these approaches to p... more
  • Schooled House: Ace Sharing Space Between Work & Homeschool

    by Amanda M. Ferris
    Making the choice to homeschool doesn’t mean you have to be alone. 2020 may go down in history as the largest ever migration from classroom learning to school at home, forcing parents across the world to make difficult education decisions for their child while juggling work and life under the same roof. Each new regulation presented to our communities prompted more questions than answers, especially when it came to schooling. Schooled House: Ace Sharing Space Between Work & Homeschool shar... more
  • Six Aspects of Being

    by Vanessa Rochelle
    Six Aspects of Being is a self help book about awakening, healing, transformation, and wellbeing. In Six Aspects of Being, Vanessa gently guides readers in a thought-provoking, entertaining, and compassionate way back to themselves. Vanessa writes, “I invite you to be open and have some honest reflections with yourself.”
  • The Art of Memory: Remebering What Not to Forget

    by Bill Beckwith
    The Art of Memory: Remembering What Not to Forget is an indispensable road map for baby boomers and generation X-ers to improve their memory at, home, at work, or at school. Furthermore, Dr. Beckwith describes how aging effects memory and ways that memory disorders develop. He provides a helpful outlook and effective strategies for managing memory. His guidance is honest, realistic, and useful to everyone.Dr. Beckwith provides numerous examples of how he has helped others and himself deal wi... more
  • 978-0-646-87442-5

    by Trevor M Swadling

    How can we improve our quality of thinking? What tools can we draw upon to become better at living? How can we understand and expand the framework in which we think? How can we use this understanding to assist us in gaining more positive outcomes in our lives? How do we understand our perceptions and viewpoints? This is a book about a philosophy of living that endeavours to find practical answers to these perplexing questions. Taking the past, present and future into account, the author prese... more

  • Life-Long Effects of Child Sexual Trauma in Drawings

    by Viola B. Mecke Ph.D. ABPP
    Seldom have the long-term effects of sexual or other trauma been traced throughout the life of a traumatized person. This article presents the drawings of a sexually abused child, with pictures the child drew before the abuse and afterwards. A follow-up at age 45 is included. The drawings show the horror following the abuse and the gradual recovery of childhood. The defenses that developed following the trauma show the desperate, often maladaptive attempts to readjust. The drawings suggest that ... more
  • F*cking our way to Enlightenment

    by Kandace & Gregory Loewen
    Discover a journey like no other in "F*cking our way to enlightenment." Join Maggie and Josh as they traverse the uncharted realms of consensual nonmonogamy in the Swinger Lifestyle. From steamy encounters with swingers around the globe to their transformation into advocates of divine sexuality, this true story will captivate and enlighten you. Unveil Maggie's empowering quest to overcome her teenage sexual trauma, as she emerges stronger and more liberated than ever before. Delve into their ex... more
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