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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Provoke Not Your Children

    by Dr. Carol E. Provo
    “Many people believe that what goes on behind closed doors is nobody’s business. However, family secrets can hide a multitude of evils that can affect the lives and relationships of those involved for generations to come. This book will expose a specific type of evil – parental abuse and manipulation, and its effects on the minor child and the adult child alike. While we know to beware of the dangers that lurk outside the home, what about the evils that reside among us inside our family dwelling... more
  • Discover Gold

    by D.L. Overly
    Discover Gold: achieve happiness and reach for dreams in your life’s next chapter is a guide that will give direction so that you can live your best life. The encouraging techniques offered will steer your transition, helping you to find passion and bravely reach for your dreams. This guide combines the wisdom of the greatest philosophers, and experts to empower you to answer serious questions. Who am I? What do I want in life? From life? Do I have what it takes to pursue my dream and capture i... more
  • Thanks for Letting Me Share

    by Steven McDonald
    This book contains 368 profound, funny, beneficial, quotes, quips, anecdotes and suggestions from and for recovering alcoholics and addicts. All proceeds from this book are used to purchase more books and are then shipped to drug and alcohol rehabs across the country.
  • Stigma: Breaking the Asian American Silence on Mental Health

    by Tanaya Kollipara

    Suicide is the leading cause of death among Asian Americans ages fifteen to twenty-four.

    But most would never guess this due to mainstream representations, which portray Asian American and Pacific Islander groups as “model minorities” in health, wealth, and mannerisms.

    Stigma: Breaking the Asian American Silence on Mental Health is both a narrative account and an informative look into the world of AAPI mental health. Exposing harmful narrative... more

  • BE BRAVE: Uncensored Motivational Quotes

    by S.Sulianah
    BE BRAVE: Uncensored Motivational Quotes is more than a collection of motivational quotes. The Author, S.Sulianah had written in such a way that one does not have to view life's challenges in a single way and what we assumed society wants us to. The quotes also includes stories that you can relate to your own life. Making you feel good is one thing, but making sure that the people around you aren't negatively influencing you is another in such a way as to make you feel inadequate about yourself.... more
  • Warrior Mom: How I Fought To Get A Great Education and Scholarships For My Children and Others, $10M Won!

    by Rhonda Copeland Lyle
    WARRIOR MOM: How I Fought To Get A Great Education and Scholarships For My Children and Others, $10M Won! Over the years, I’ve helped many students (including my own children) get free money/scholarships for college, travel abroad, enrichment programs, such as science and technology, leadership, and more, from elementary through college, totaling $10M! In my book, I provide you with the system I used. Great for anyone who has children, grandchildren or any children in their life.
  • 978-1-7336185-3-3

    by Heather Vickery
    How do you build the life of your dreams when everyone tells you it’s unrealistic? How do you have a successful career and find balance? Continue to fight through loss and discomfort? The answer is not being fearless! Society teaches you that fear is bad and asking for help is weakness. But these are all lies. We all live with fear. It’s a natural human emotion. The truth is, fear gives you the opportunity to be brave. If you've ever stopped short of a dream out of fear, F*CK FEARLESS is ... more
  • The Unused Path

    by Vincent H. O'Neil
    WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU GOING TO LEAD? As we go down life’s road, we should remember we’re the ones living that life—and so we’re the ones who should be making its choices. This book explores the ways we can get better at making those choices. When we take charge of the key decisions in our lives, we start living more authentically. In an authentic life our thoughts, words, and actions come into closer agreement with who we really are. Inside these pages you’ll also find step by step guides ... more
  • What Type of Dog Are You?

    by Gini Graham Scott
    What Type of Dog Are You? features a new approach to understanding yourself and others. You can use it to better communicate with others, improve your relationships in your personal life and at work, increase your business, and just have fun. It’s based on knowing the types of dogs you and others like the most and least. You can use this system both for personal development and in business to better deal with customers, clients, and coworkers and build a more effective team. The chapters cover t... more
  • One Life to Lead

    by Russell Benaroya
    Until you can lead yourself, how are you expected to lead and manage others? One Life to Lead captures the steps necessary to overcome your limitations to architect a life and business on your terms. And it starts with a series of design steps. Through stories from leaders and practical exercises, One Life to Lead provides the ingredients for thriving.
  • Uncommon Courage

    by Andrea T Edwards
    Uncommon Courage is an invitation to be your courageous best self every day. It’s also an antidote to the overwhelm, fear, and rage rolling around the world. This book opens a path to inner contentment, peace, and happiness, and a path to meaningful action. It brings you an opportunity to reflect. What if there was another way? What if we could do something about the bigger issues facing our world? What if we could make meaningful change? Well, we can. Despite today’s turmoil—which we can utili... more
  • Lazy Creativity: The Art of Owning Your Creativity

    by Kyle Bernier
    Lazy Creativity is a how-to to owning your creativity in a way that works for you. Creativity is incredibly important and is something most of us want more of in our lives but struggle to make room for. We have limited amounts of time, energy, and resources, so we have to work with what we have. Lazy Creativity is a guide to cultivating, growing, and loving your own creativity, no matter what that looks like – it’s creativity that meets you where you’re at.
  • Self-Help Sucks

    by Tony Blankenship
    Are harmful habits and addictions ruling your life, no matter how hard you try to control them? For those who’ve read every self-help book out there with no results comes the anti-self-help book that will finally allow you to affect real and lasting change. Because while self-help sucks, claiming the aid of a Higher Power and the support of others can lead to recovery, inner peace, contentment, and freedom from destructive behavior—and author Tony Blankenship shows you how. A six-part program ... more
  • 50 Shades of Truth

    by Nikole Thompson
    This is my real-life testimony of how quickly my marriage had fallen apart, and how with in a blink of the eye, drugs and sexual dysfunction had taken over my identity. There were seasons of my life where I experienced love and loss, drugs and anger, lust and bi-sexuality, abandonment and betrayal. But then... GOD! God brought about the most beautiful season of all. He continued to love me when I could not love myself. He loved me back to life, and graciously spent time teaching me His plan-... more
  • by A. Sehatti
  • God Loves Messed Up People

    by Gene Heil

    God Loves Messed Up People is not a book that preaches about God, but a conversation about life, designed to help others come face to face with their own dysfunction so that they can find a way out.

    Gene Heil wrote the book, God Loves Messed Up People, a masterful work about the grace of God in the life of humanity. It’s the story of one man’s abusive and dysfunctional life, made vulnerable for a lifeline to all. Heil suffered the devastation of living with an abusive alcoho... more