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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Technical Package Development for Excel

    by Jessel C. Brizan
    Technical Package Development for Excel © focuses on the art of the Technical Package (Tech Pack) - an important aspect of the global fashion industry and one of the most important components in the fashion design process. It also provides key exposures in labelling requirements and packaging guidelines, and features insight on care symbols under special license agreement with GINETEX (The International Association for Textile Care Labelling). Additionally, Technical Package Development fo... more
  • Power Glass

    by Katherine Cooper
    This book primarily focuses on my personal experiences as an engineering student and as an engineer in the nuclear industry. From the lens of those experiences and my own readings on similar topics, I begin a discussion on power. Many aspects of power are discussed, from personal power to the literal power that is generated in a nuclear power plant. This book contains some disturbing content and may be triggering to some. It is a book of catharsis.
  • Mind Doodles

    by Treena Innes
    What happens when your thoughts are full of sparks and spirited stories are bursting to be told? Treena Innes has provided life thoughts in a Mind Doodle style that lets the reader unzip the colourful words, then unpack the free-wheeling, zig zagging ideas and questions around these lively, genuine reflections. Readers will join this Mind Doodle journey that will challenge their own experiences and entice an endless flow of questions while being entertained. Vibrant, raw and quirky jus... more
  • Digest of the Broken Road Traveler

    by R. Glenn Kelly
    Regardless your trials, hardships, or heartaches, Digest of the Broken Road Traveler presents fifty-two life-changing morals that will excite the spirit, awaken the soul, and deeply enrich your life, beginning with the very first chapter, or Exit, from your own broken road. Each teaching is presented to you in either narrative essay or allegory format, with clear soul-healing revelations. A noted expert and authority on moving forward from life’s toughest challenges, including the loss of h... more
  • The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind

    by Jane Catherine Rozek

    Are you world-weary? Do you sense there’s more to life than what you see? Do you want to co-create a better future for yourself and your world? God offers you a plan, a "Celestial Proposal," for you to align with a Higher Power and access supernatural power! Jane Catherine Rozek’s book on Christian Spirituality presents a new paradigm for a Twenty-first Century powerful faith answering the big questions in life: Who are we and why is our world such a mess? God’s pl... more

  • Slow Down and Lighten Up: Letting Go of Stress and Tension

    by Bob Van Oosterhout
    This practical and fun to read guide clearly explains how stress and tension affect body, mind, and emotions in easily understandable terms. It describes simple techniques to restore and maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance and provides a simple three step process to effectively deal with challenging stressors and situations using real life examples. Stories and personal experiences gathered from over forty years of counseling, teaching, and community organizing highlight what works... more
  • Ask Yourself This: Ultimate Life Lessons From And For My Girlfriends (The Friendship Series)

    by Shari Leid
    Find Connection, Confidence, and Happiness with 60 Powerful Questions While you may not have a professional life coach, you have your girlfriends—your ride-or-die friends, your new acquaintances, your colleagues—and now you have my friends as well. Ask Yourself This takes you on a journey of self-discovery as you reflect and journal through its pages. In this final book of the Friendship series, life coach Shari Leid asks simple life questions that lead to thought-provoking answers, prompt... more
  • The Edge of the Sticker

    by Bradley Frank, Ph.D and Bobby Frank
    Have you ever tried peeling a sticker off your car? You probably start by looking for a corner that’s raised just enough to get your fingernail underneath. Once you’ve got that edge, though, you can gently pull it away. Sometimes the sticker comes right off with one satisfying tug. Sometimes it tears or separates and you have to start over. Either way, the process begins by getting the edge of the sticker. The same idea applies when life gets sticky. Life is stressful and everyone feels anxious ... more
  • Family For Life

    by Marlene Soto
    Are you a caregiver for someone with a disability? I know how hard it is. I talk about my own experiences and what I have learned along the way in this book. What I want is for you to know that you're not alone and that there is hope. I'm also a caregiver. I don't have time to give you my life story, but I want to tell you about one of the most important roles you'll ever play in your life- that of a caregiver. This can be for an aging parent, a friend with Alzheimer's or a physical disability,... more
  • Happiness to the 10th Power

    by T. Calvin Ward
    Happiness to the 10th Power is a simple manual on how to find personal happiness that anyone can use. No pie-in-the-sky objectives that depend on wealth or youth or belonging to the "right group.” Instead, Ward presents 10 factors that combine to enhance happiness. Everybody knows what they like and dislike--what brings them happiness (or at least what causes them to be unhappy). This book won't ask anyone to change these personal qualities. Rather, Ward teaches his readers how to prioritize the... more
  • Conquer Your Fear of Water: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid

    by Melon Dash

    Learn the universal steps—every single one—of becoming calm, learning to float, maneuver and rest in water, shallow and deep, peacefully on your front and back. If you cringe when asked to swimming parties, beach vacations, and boat rides, if you don't feel safe in water, kiss all of that goodbye.

    Without ever feeling afraid, learn how the water works with your body and how to be in control in water over your head. There's a system for this.

    Heal fear in a comf... more

  • Redneck Spirituality Book Five From the Depths of Rumi's Outhouse

    by E. Egorhh Frank---Edmond E. Frank
    About Book Five of my Redneck Spirituality Series. In general, rednecks are considered to be conservative. This author is not about purposefully offending, hence the title of the series is Redneck Spirituality. Rednecks also don’t mince words—they say-it-like-they-see-it and may occasionally throw in an F-bomb just to emphasize an important point. This author is a redneck, but a New Thought one. This means everything in his life he recognizes as being self-created. This precludes using the com... more
  • The Veil of Entanglement

    by T.J. Nicholson

    Everything you know, feel, think, dream, remember, fear, and hope for is made that way by your mind. Your entanglement in the subjective experience concocted by mind rules your conduct and obscures your true nature. Your being is subjugated to the reality imposed upon it by mind. In this condition, you are anything but free.

    Your liberation from this predicament, the freedom to live as who you truly are, depends upon coming face-to-face with the true nature of your mind. Ancient traditi... more

  • The Answer: How to Get the Best Answers to Your Life's Biggest Questions

    by Jane Lee
    The Answer will help you tune into the ever-present inner wisdom and intuition we all have as a means to determine the best answers for all your life’s critical questions. Moreover, The Answer gives you the guidance, knowledge, steps, and tools you need to prepare for those answers and take action in your life—in a way that is loving and kind, to both yourself and to others. Are you ready to tune in for your best answers, and to finally trust and listen to yourself? In Jane Lee's debut boo... more
  • Foster Parent & Substitute Teacher: World's Greatest Jobs

    by Lois Simmons

    The job that you want is on the inside of you. I'm assuming you want to know how you get it. You create it! When did Americans start depending on the government to create jobs for everyone? When did Americans lose their ability to create? I've noticed the children in schools wants you to spoon-feed them everything. They want you to provide all the answers for them. They don't want to think. How did this lazy spirit take over America? We have millions of college graduates without j... more

  • How to Develop Happiness

    by Rafal Zielinski
    In How to Develop Happiness, Dr. Zielinski reveals how implementing a few principles, habits, and behaviors can allow the reader to create a purposeful and happy life, even in difficult times. The book can is aimed at students, doctors, and other specialists facing difficulties in their personal and professional lives.