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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Being and Love: An Ontological Investigation into Human Existence

    by Joshua Heskamp
    In Being and Love: An Ontological Investigation into Human Existence, the author, Joshua Heskamp, examines the deepest meaning of human existence through an exploration of the ontological connection between being and love. The main topics covered along the way are: the experience of reality, the ontological structure of phenomenal experiences, the nature of consciousness, the body, the intelligibility of the world, being-in-the-world, being-in-itself, being-with-others, love, the Trinity, theodi... more
  • Anger Is Your Compass

    by Moshe Ratson
    Anger is an internal warning system that alerts you to problems and shows you how to solve them. With his revolutionary approach, psychotherapist and anger specialist Moshe Ratson teaches you how to access the wisdom of anger to transform your life. This anger management program provides practical skills and exercises that will help you establish emotional freedom and become your best self, benefiting you and everyone around you.
  • Say Anything

    by Fiona Jefferies
    When your friend gets diagnosed with a serious illness. When your colleague is going through a messy divorce. When your neighbour makes a racist or homophobic remark. There are so many moments in life when you feel stunned, shocked, saddened, or baffled, and simply don’t know what to say. Your mind goes blank and you can’t find the right words. This book is for moments like those. Say Anything is a guide on what to say and how to say it. Organised from A to Z, this book covers Agei... more
  • Hurt No More: Grow a Foundation for Healing

    by Rebecca E Chandler
    Hurt No More, Grow a Foundation for Healing is a journal that encourages readers to stand in their truth, identify the source of their trauma, and begin the work to heal. Over ten sections, this workbook is filled with thoughtful and inspirational simple exercises, tips, and resources to guide survivors. The journal encourages readers to fully express the source of their trauma and begins to build an early foundation to improve mental health and build a life of joy. A motivational resource, read... more
  • Is He Mr. Right...or Mr. Right Now?: Consciously Create Your Love Story

    by Heather Leah

    In this creative non-fiction self development relationship book, as an accomplished and strong business woman, Heather wanted to create and attract the most important aspect of her life…an even match when it came to romantic love and partnership. Heather's journey involves nine marriage proposals and her soul’s continued evolution catalyzed by being in relationship with each of these men whom she acknowledges were soul mates including Mr. Office Romance, Mr. Mom, Mr. Iro... more

  • Why Knot? a personal quest

    by Richard Seltzer
    Intriguing, common-sense suggestions that could change your life or maybe even the world. Questions you'll wish you had asked. Answers you never imagined. I don't think outside the box. There is no box. The box is an illusion that limits the range of what we consider, squashing curiosity and creativity, ruling out possible solutions. Please join me on this journey of exploration.
  • Beyond Your Confines: The key to free your mind

    by Chris Warren-Dickins
    The pandemic confined you to your home, and now you have emerged, blinking into the daylight of hope. But to what extent has your mind kept you trapped within a prison of your own creation? We have always constructed labyrinthian prisons of fears and assumptions, but the evolution of technology has taken us further from the wisdom and natural rhythms that we can find within. The less aware you are of your internal (mental) state, the more you become a prisoner of it, and this blindness can le... more
  • The Silver Woman of Fire: Gather Your Nerve and Live

    by Elizabeth Upton
    In this book, Elizabeth Upton has written a collection of insights that are simple, authentic, and profound. First, the author leads the reader to stop, ponder, sit, and reflect. "Being Real," "Life Needs Fixing," and "Bored to Death," among other chapters, tell us, "It is always time to Gather Your Nerve and Live." The author says, "Listen and pause to the life of your mind. Listen and pause to your heart beating in your body with your every step; that offers you a deeper understanding of... more
  • The 9 Levels of True Transformation: How to Evolve From Feeling Lost to Being Found

    by Coach Mike D.A.
    Coach Mike D.A. shares how he evolved from feeling lost to being found. Now known as a published author, business leader, and community advocate, Coach Mike D.A. previously served over a decade in prison for organizing unarmed bank robberies. Learn how he transformed his life from a lost youth to a found man.
  • Live or die

    by Ralph Meyers
    2. Edition, revised and with an aditional case report including q-EEG results Reflexes form in the first few weeks of pregnancy and serve to protect the unborn child. They are responsible for survival during pregnancy, help with childbirth and protect survival in the first six months of life. Then they need to be integrated and prioritize intentionally controlled responses. In my more than 30 years of practice as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I see a large number of children, adolescents... more
  • The Life Is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever

    by Scott White
    The Life Is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever will give you a practical roadmap to make the most of every minute and to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Author Scott White is The Life Is Too Short Guy. He takes you on an inspiring and emotional journey as he weaves together thought-provoking personal stories and the stories of others who have had major AHA! moments in life, to share the key principles of The Life Is Too Short Guy, or “LITSG”, philosophy.
  • Daring to be Different: Stories and Tips from a Woman Leader in Tech

    by Raji Rajagopalan
    This life was not supposed to be hers. No one that saw Raji Rajagopalan as a scrawny six-year-old motherless child living in a cramped flat would have thought that she'd one day become a leader at a top software company. Too many things were stacked against her. How did she get here? What does it take for a woman of color with a turbulent life to lead in the technology industry? How can YOU build a spectacular career for yourself, despite whatever challenges you are facing? In this book, R... more
  • Emerging From the Dark

    by Terence Ang

    What Does it Feel Like to Have a Stroke?

    How Do You Move Forward in a Body that Will Never be the Same?

    Having a stroke is one of most people’s worst fears. But the truth is a stroke is a common medical issue.

    Most of us have no real idea what a stroke feels like or what it takes to recover from one. Our fear often has us pull away from people who most need our help and support. Even medical professionals often fail to fully grasp what it takes to recover from... more

  • UnPunished

    by Michelle Kenney, M.Ed
    In UnPunished: How to Let Go of Punishments and Find Your Parenting Peace, Michelle Kenney combines personal stories and experiences with clear strategies and tips for adopting a peaceful approach to parenting. After years of consequences, bribes and star charts, Michelle decided enough was enough. Her new way of parenting, which she shares in UnPunished, reshaped her relationship with her two young daughters and she credits it with changing her life. Part memoir, part self-help and part paren... more
  • The Selected Writings of Mark Pettinelli

    by Mark Pettinelli
    It discusses how feelings and thoughts work in the mind, it also discusses the role of consciousness. About cognitive psychology, cognitive science etc.