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  • Never Married Dating

    by never married dating
    Never Married Dating . Com helps single never married people find love . Never Married Dating . Com is the only exclusive dating website for single never married people to find love online. YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A DATE THAT HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED ? BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE NOW, AS WE ENCOURAGE SINGLE NEVER MARRIED PEOPLE TO JOIN NEVER MARRIED DATING THIS IS YOUR GREATEST SOURCE FOR FINDING A DATE THAT HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED
  • Dancing by Myself: Learning To Live Again In A World Without Penney

    by Penny Morang Richards
    The book is not so much the story of my daughter’s death as it is the story of how I learned to live again after she died. It’s about how I learned to give myself permission to breathe again, to laugh and smile again. It’s about how I learned it’s OK to say “No” when I needed to for my own mental health. I still do now and again.
  • Unfinished Business: 8 Steps to Heal Your Trauma, Transcend Your Past, and Transform Your Life

    by Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith knows from experience how complex and immovable grief and trauma can feel. She used that experience to fuel her research into the issues of trauma, loss, and finding happiness, which led to the creation of Unfinished Business—an eight-step, actionable process that will help you overcome heartbreak, emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and unconscious habits, as well as the negative self-talk, self-judgment, overwhelm, and misalignment that have held you back from succe... more
  • The Blossoming of Women: A Workbook on Growing from Older to Elder

    by Karen Roberts
    This workbook invites its readers to embark on later life explorations with confidence and to enjoy the process of self-discovery. Engaging questions follow each chapter, assisting participants on the path to a rewarding new life stage motivated by personal purpose. Included are interviews with women who confronted daunting challenges, yet their perseverance and inner faith led them to pursue incredible late-life passions. Their stories will open women to new possibilities. They will be encour... more
  • Book of Dhi Yoga

    by Abhi DhiYogi
    How does one learn the art of catching, planting and growing ideas in the pursuits at school, work or home? This book will enable your practice of yoga for your ideas: Balance to catch ideas | Open up to plant the ideas | Learn the lesson from each experience to grow the ideas.
  • The Healing Swords Of Love And Innocence: Be Brave Be Bold This Your Moment

    by Elizabeth Upton

    Was Awarded 5-Stars By Reader's Favorite Review!

    Today’s busy, noisy, and fast-paced world can be full of challenges that stress us out and bog us down, sometimes to the point of leading us down a path of despair, desolation, and depression. 'The Healing Swords of Love and Innocence: Be Brave Be Bold This Is Your Moment' is a complete guide to discovering how to slow down, reset the mind, and begin to achieve the love, innocence, peace of mind, and resilience we o... more

  • The Eloquence of Effort: Beware the Path of Least Resistance

    by Indar Maharaj
    The central theme of the book is tethered to the principles of Entropy: namely, barring the infusion of human energy, all things spontaneously degenerate into chaos. It’s the reason things naturally fall apart and never the reverse. It’s a universal law: chaos is spontaneous; order demands human effort. Arguing that dreams are only achievable through sustained effort and that regardless of the outcome meaningful effort is never wasted, the book relies heavily on a wealth of published data. More... more
  • The Gang of Three: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

    by Neel Burton

    For better or worse, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle engineered the Western mind. 

    Above all, they formed part of a movement that stood at the crossroads of mythological and scientific-rational thought, at the crossroads of mythos and logos. Although the path of logos had already been beaten by the pre-Socratics, and would be paved by the Stoics, it is they, the Gang of Three, who forced the carriage to turn.

    This book sets out to do three things: trac... more

  • How to Talk to Porcupines

    by Allegra Birdseye-Hannula

    This award-winning, easy-to-use field guide offers a powerful set of tools and practical solutions to the most important challenge for today's youth workers, educators, managers, and parents - communication breakdowns. After reading this guide, you will be able to:

    • Identify porcupines in the field
    • Recognize when and how communication breaks down
    • Improve your communication know-how to skillfully redirect prickly personalities
    • Add effective and impactful c... more
  • Share the Road: The Journey to Autistry

    by Janet Lawson
    Share the Road is the journey of two parents making a future for their son and building a pioneering vocational training program that empowers autistic individuals. This is the culmination of the lessons learned from over 15 years of working with autistic teens and adults to develop a program that addresses their needs and supports their talents.
  • You Know Best: 10 Rules to Elevate Your Leadership Power

    by Monique Dawkins
    Want to know the secret sauce that will help you boost your influence as a leader? Learn ‘The Unspoken Rules,’ ‘The Dirty Rules,’ ‘The Rules of Thumb,’ and ‘The Ultimate Rule’ in an interactive reading experience that teaches you how to navigate implicit power dynamics that are commonplace in complex, fast- paced organizations. You have power. Learn how to use it to your advantage in an authentic and purposeful way. Elevate your leadership power by using reflective practice in this step-by-step ... more
  • Divorce: A Survivor's Guide

    by Nancy J. Wells
    My recent divorce took two years to complete. Twenty-four long months of money worries, money payments, and money wasted. It was a long, tedious and painful process. A process which I was unprepared for. This book helps you prepare for your own divorce. It brings order from chaos and presents divorce in a logical understandable way. I guide you through the divorce process with clear explanations, next steps, tips for working with your attorney, and what you should know. All aspects of divorce ar... more
  • Don't Be Stupid, Idiot - Helping Idiots Be Less Idiotic

    by Yann Somou
    Yann Somou is a proper, moany prick of an author. As such, he decided to write a sweary book, chock full of 120+ rants about things that piss off the vast majority of us. Think queue cutting, cancel culture, not buying rounds, splitting the bill to the penny, holding the door open, ignoring reserved seating, political correctness, treating pets as humans, gamesmanship, tailgating, reclining plane seats, the list goes on… But he hasn’t done so simply for the sake of entertainment, or as some f... more
  • Soil & Spirit

    by Ian C. Williams
    Monumental challenges threaten the sixth mass extinction on planet Earth. From increasing rates of infertility and chronic disease to soil degradation and climate collapse, reviving civilization requires changemakers to step forward and lead with their own unique genius. In Soil & Spirit, Ian C. Williams presents a simple solution: self-actualization. Solutions at scale begin with individuals organizing themselves. Ian guides the reader through that process via four primary landscapes: intern... more
  • 1637587945

    by Dr. Jennifer Guttman
    Our society tends to put “happiness” on a pedestal—it’s everyone’s ultimate goal, and its pursuit is enshrined in our very Declaration of Independence. But what if happiness is the wrong goal? Happiness is a fleeting emotion, an endorphin rush, a chemical high. It is not enough to keep us moving forward when we get bad news, when our kids are sick, when we lose a job. Meanwhile, 40% of people worldwide say they are not happy. The reason? Happiness is simply not sustainable. It is an emotion, not... more
  • Affirmations For Entrepreneurs: Daily Mantras For Life, Love, and Liberty

    by Gafar Liameed
    Affirmations for Entrepreneurs presents engaging principles for those who seek faith and enthusiasm in the pursuit of dreams and ambition. The journey of entrepreneurship is full of constant challenges and opportunities, but with daily mantras to boost your concentration and positivity, you'll have the tools you need to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Start each day with the positivity and focus you need to achieve your goals with Affirmations For Entrepreneurs.