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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Teaching Professionals

    by Nigel Wilson, PhD
    Teachers are change agents, each motivated by different goals and aspirations. All educators understand that the teaching process, especially surrounding adult learning, can be creative, challenging, complex, and full of joys and frustrations. In a comprehensive publication, Dr. Nigel Wilson, a seasoned educator, lawyer, and inventor of the CAISSEP(R) teaching and learning technique, provides insights, guidance, and tools to challenge, inform, and stimulate the desires of teachers globally (whe... more
  • Never Say I'm Sorry

    by Samer Touma
    How do you live a life that is wholesome and fulfilling? What is the meaning of life? Is it truly worth living? Each day of life is a gift, yet when you are filled with regret it is hard to see the positive. But it does not have to weigh you down. It can be the springboard to finding something better. When you are able to learn from your regret, you can use that discovery as a powerful tool to build the foundation of a good life. You begin to develop character, integrity, and a real desire fo... more
  • The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging: How to Die Young as Late in Life as Possible

    by Jason Elias
    The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging synthesizes and simplifies the components of conscious aging into a primer for individuals who are concerned about their own aging process and for those caring for the elderly who seek an enlightened understanding of how all of us may approach aging more consciously and gracefully. In short, these Seven Graces can serve as stepping-stones toward attaining emotional or spiritual wholeness as we age. "The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging will uplift and inspire al... more
  • The Addiction Manifesto

    by JR Weaver
    Addiction is perhaps the biggest type of self-harm after a suicide that one can inflict upon themselves. It is a deceptive enemy that lures you with a false sense of comfort and purpose and slowly fades away the light and essence of life in a person. Substance addiction is one of the most traumatizing and widely spread issues in modern society and it keeps getting worse. In these torrid times, we need more education and expert opinion on how to avoid and beat addiction. Even more importantly... more
  • Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus

    by Prometheus Worley
    Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time is a beautifully full-colored concise self-help compendium of the thoughts, quotes, aphorisms, and sagely musings of just a few of the world's most popular contemporary wise Gurus. The first of its kind, sure to become one of the best books to read this year as well as a #1 best Road Trip book to read while traveling, this eye-catching, thought-provoking text combines the powerful wisdom of several of t... more
  • My Name Is Dad

    by James Frank
    A must read for every family! My book helps explain the many stages, experiences, loss, strength, overcoming, and moving forward after losing our son to suicide. Through my personal day to day life, I have tried to help myself and others move forward and ease the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. I only hope after reading this book, you will have a deeper understanding of suicide and the ripple affect it has on survivors. You will find answers to questions and the feelings you are and will ... more
  • I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up

    by Coonoor Behal
    A collection of stories from real people and how they summoned the courage to quit things in their lives. Quitting carries a lot of stigma and shame in society, with connotations of “failure” or “not being able to stick it out” prevailing. Sayings such as “Quitters never win” have tricked us into believing that maintaining the status quo is always the “right” thing to do…or is the less risky choice. In fact, in life it’s a risk if you do AND it’s a risk if you don’t. Quitting is a choice…but ... more
  • CBAR - Conceive, Believe, Achieve, Receive

    by Walter Perdigao

    Are you living your dream life? CBAR is a handbook for people looking to imagine and fulfill their life dreams. Learn and understand...

    •  Your life purpose
    • The power of your mind, paradigms & the ego
    • The seven universal laws including the Law of Attraction
    • The four steps to manifest anything into your life
    • The true secret to happiness, life balance and real wealth
    • The process of core value & goal setting
    • How to create your own Vis... more
  • Where Compassion Begins

    by Jared Seide
    Compassion is sometimes confused with empathy, or even sympathy. It is neither, though it includes some aspects of both. Compassion begins when we allow ourselves to really hear and attune to suffering, that of others, as well as ourselves. And hearing and perceiving this anguish, we are moved to do something about it. What takes compassion beyond sympathy or empathy is that it includes action, action that is considered, skillful and beneficial. Council is a foundational practice that builds ... more
  • The Old Untold

    by Kim Malaj
    Do you ever state the following: "I wish I could ask ____ but they're gone." Capture an old untold story of a loved one, neighbor, stranger, or write your own story. The Old Untold is an outlined journal with 101 personal questions including extra lined pages. A great record to keep for caregivers, family, friends, and for the next generation.
  • Heal the Hurt: 20 ways to ease emotional suffering

    by Michael D. McGee, M.D.
    Heal the Hurt gives guidance for healing from the trauma, hurts and heartbreaks of life. Dr. McGee lays out a simple but profound three-step practice for navigating life’s hurts and hardships, along with twenty concise and practical lessons for healing emotional pain and minimizing future pain. Heal the Hurt will not only ease your pain, it will help you embrace and process your pain in ways that will make you stronger and wiser because of your pain.
  • SuperFast: Fasting for SuperHealth

    by M. David Peterson

    This is no ordinary book on fasting. It is a book about Superfasting. M. David Peterson and his wife, Jacie, each have over five years of fasting and coaching experience from which you can benefit. You may have heard of intermittent fasting. You may have heard of long-term fasting. Superfasting is a combination of the two, but so much more. From reading this book, you will learn:

    • How to intermittent fast and long-term fast,
    • The optimal diet for muscle and strength,
    • ... more
  • The Inferno Within: Navigating the Passages

    by Maggie Pandolfi
    Are you ready to journey through the deepest and darkest places within, and survive the shadowy passages that lead to personal and emotional empowerment and freedom? It is not a trek for the faint-hearted. It is a pilgrimage through Hell to reunite with our wholeness of who we are, our stories, our self-destructive habits, our greatest fears, and our many selves. We setoff to ultimately meet our greatest Demon, one layer at a time. We have no other choice, because for those of us that have come ... more
  • Bouncing Back From Difficult Times

    by Mary Ann V. Mercer, Psy.D.

     “Bouncing Back from Difficult Times” teaches you about your patterns of thoughts, emotions and reactions that stop you from effectively handling life difficulties and problems.  You will learn valuable characteristics of resilient and optimistic people – plus how they superbly handle life challenges and problems. 

                Difficult times and crises force us to look at our l... more

  • Searching for Self - In Pursuit of Inner Peace

    by K R V Hari
    The book “Searching for Self – In Pursuit of Inner Peace” explores our ideas of self, repeatedly revealing "who we are not" to gently bring us into peace without attempting to alter our external conditions. The book converses intimately with the reader in the form of self-talk which resonates with the way all of us make sense of the world today. Thus, our profound and highly personal endeavor into our inner depths is facilitated by a book filled with mere words. Human beings today are facing ext... more
  • The Unfakeable Code(R)

    by Tony Jeton Selimi

    "A life manual that gives you valuable insights into the science of changing your mindset that will transform your existence." Marie Diamond, a star from The Secret

    The Unfakeable Code® is much more than a simple self-help guide that eloquently explains how perception is merely the tip of the iceberg in how we experience life and its nature. He guides readers through a five-step method to dissolve the detrimental beliefs, energies, skewed perceptions, and habits gathered t... more