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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • "Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude"

    by Michael Floissac
    In Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude, Michael Floissac explores the extent to which we may find gratitude in various aspects of life. And challenges the reader on the path to gratitude.
  • Faith Hacker

    by James "Jim" Wilcox
    Faith Hacker is an approach to Biblical scripture in terms of trouble shooting a modern software system. It recognizes a problem, then starts building a root cause analysis. Along the way, there's also a speculative fiction story that illustrates ways of looking at the system wholistically, the way an engineer might.
  • The Happy Clam

    by Rosemary A. Schmidt
    The Happy Clam picks up where Rose’s last book left off. If Go Forward, Support! was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. Started many years ago and finished in 2020, with the world on the brink of a global pandemic, this book’s messages of hope and happiness are perhaps needed now more so than ever before. The Happy Clam scales the realms of happiness - physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual - bringing together findings from acr... more
  • Positive Habits Get Results

    by Donna Portland
    While in her fifties, Donna Portland finally summoned the courage to walk away from her unfulfilling existence and begin a fabulous journey toward finding meaning in her life. Today, she has achieved a sense of her true self and purpose, and lives authentically as a beacon of inspiration to others. In short, Portland is living proof that positive habits get results. Portland, a Master NLP coach and hypnotherapist, interweaves her personal story with research and discovery to share a practical r... more
  • Box Lunch Lifestyle: Using Your Lunch Break to Win Back the Life You Deserve

    by Cheryl K. Johnson


    How often do you finish the workday wondering “Really? Is this all there is?” Too many days are spent grinding through the to-do list. And even when it all gets done, those days feel more like a slog than a win. Something is missing.

    Maybe you feel change isn’t possible. Or worse yet, that it doesn’t matter much anymore. (Ouch.) But if you’re ready to finally do something different... more

  • Radiant Wise Woman: Breaking Free from the Myths of Menopause and Aging

    by Lee Sumner Irwin

    A new map through the maze of menopause and beyond.

    An inspiring read! --Kristine Carlson, New York Times best-selling author 

    Radiant Wise Woman empowers women forty and better to navigate the challenges of this potent yet often misunderstood passage from perimenopause into menopause and postmenopause. In chapters that blend groundbreaking research and expert guidance with revealing stories... more

  • Love Remains, A Guide Through Grief

    by Tracy Stone
    Grief, for many, may feel like an undefeatable trial that comes with crushing waves of sorrow, pain and uncertainty. Even for those with a generally positive outlook on life, the overwhelming depths of grief can feel, at times, all-consuming, inescapable and insurmountable. It’s an unknown, uncharted journey fraught with setbacks, fears, doubts, guilt and tears. Yes, grief is complex, incredibly difficult, unpredictable and, yet, inevitable. One of the most common misconceptions about gri... more
  • Ignite Possibilities

    by Tracy Stone
    Can losing a loved one lead to finding a purpose? Can giving to others bring greater opportunities to yourself? Can closing one door fling another, more exciting one open? The answer is yes, and the authors in this incredible book show you just that and more! Ignite Possibilities is a collection of true and real stories written by authors from various walks of life. You'll meet inspired individuals and awakened spirits... beautiful souls sharing their 'Ignite Moment' of stepping into what was... more
  • Ignite Happiness

    by Tracy Stone
    More than just a book, Ignite Happiness is filled with activity pages and action steps you can start doing today to generate more happiness in your life. Authors from all walks of life and of all ages from teen to senior share how they persevered through adversity and discovered happiness, purpose, and joy - and learned the secrets of what it takes to be truly happy. Each of the 37 stories will touch your heart, uplift your spirit, and inspire you to take action in a fun and positive way so y... more
  • Retiring?: Your Next Chapter Is about Much More Than Money

    by Bruce Hiland

     “Retiring?” is a concise,  insightful and encouraging guide to addressing the inescapable and profound non-financial challenges that retirement brings. This book is written for the person approaching retirement and the retiree coping with retirement's challenges as well as the partner/spouse sharing sharing the experience. The important questions are clearly spelled out along with realistic suggestions and sources for help ... more

  • The Relentless Cultivation of You

    by Thaddeus Garrett
    To cultivate is “to nurture and help grow.” Farmers cultivate crops, fundraising professionals cultivate donors, and celebrities cultivate their images. Ultimately, when you cultivate something, you develop it into something greater than it originally was. The Relentless Cultivation of You! is an intriguing approach and unique perspective to understanding some of the elements from our past and how they help to shape our personality, our core values, and the development, implementat... more
  • Life Engineering

    by Kenny Anderson

    This provocative book introduces a brand-new synthesis of philosophy and self-help through the surprising perspective of engineering. Technology is not just a jumble of wires and metal but ideas whose origins can go back before recorded history. Engineering is simply the craft dedicated to applying existing technology to innovating practical and desired products. Before the rise of the wannabe self-help guru, the technology of preventing failure and maximizing the performance of the good life... more

  • Bias is All Around You: A Handbook for Inspecting Social Media & News Stories

    by Erik Bean, Ed.D.

    Bias Is All Around You! Can you separate fact from fiction to safeguard your mental health? Let our handbook be your guide for inspecting all the information you are exposed to in social media today. If you cannot properly assess information bias it could:

    1. Lead you to follow a false cause  

    2. Leave you feeling foolish  

    3. Tarnish your credibility  

    4. Attract the wrong people  

    5. Create undue stress  

    6. Compromise you... more

  • The Exceptional Life R-Evolution

    by Jessica Tietjen
    Will you join the Exceptional Life R-Evolution? What will you say when you look back on your life? Will you think, “I lived an exceptional life?” Who doesn’t want to live an exceptional life? I know I want to be like my 90-year-old grandma who told me, with a smile and tears in her eyes, “I truly feel I lived an exceptional life.” My life’s purpose is to help people live their best life— an exceptional life—and this book is meant to help more people! This book is a practical guide to creati... more

    by Ned Sahin
    You will die by 2054 if you are at the age of an average book reader and you live as long as an average person lives in the US. The question is, how will you spend your time until 2054? This book tells you how to spend the rest of your life if you don’t want to be in the mainstream group of people that makes up 95% of the world’s population. This is not an ordinary self-help or productivity book. There are no to-do lists or ridiculous routines to follow. I share a very simple method al... more