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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Schooled House: Ace Sharing Space Between Work & Homeschool

    by Amanda M. Ferris
    Making the choice to homeschool doesn’t mean you have to be alone. 2020 may go down in history as the largest ever migration from classroom learning to school at home, forcing parents across the world to make difficult education decisions for their child while juggling work and life under the same roof. Each new regulation presented to our communities prompted more questions than answers, especially when it came to schooling. Schooled House: Ace Sharing Space Between Work & Homeschool shar... more
  • Six Aspects of Being

    by Vanessa Rochelle
    Six Aspects of Being is a self help book about awakening, healing, transformation, and wellbeing. In Six Aspects of Being, Vanessa gently guides readers in a thought-provoking, entertaining, and compassionate way back to themselves. Vanessa writes, “I invite you to be open and have some honest reflections with yourself.”
  • The Art of Memory: Remebering What Not to Forget

    by Bill Beckwith
    The Art of Memory: Remembering What Not to Forget is an indispensable road map for baby boomers and generation X-ers to improve their memory at, home, at work, or at school. Furthermore, Dr. Beckwith describes how aging effects memory and ways that memory disorders develop. He provides a helpful outlook and effective strategies for managing memory. His guidance is honest, realistic, and useful to everyone.Dr. Beckwith provides numerous examples of how he has helped others and himself deal wi... more
  • 978-0-646-87442-5

    by Trevor M Swadling

    How can we improve our quality of thinking? What tools can we draw upon to become better at living? How can we understand and expand the framework in which we think? How can we use this understanding to assist us in gaining more positive outcomes in our lives? How do we understand our perceptions and viewpoints? This is a book about a philosophy of living that endeavours to find practical answers to these perplexing questions. Taking the past, present and future into account, the author prese... more

  • Men-in-the-Middle: Conversations to Gain Momentum with Gender Equity’s Silent Majority

    by Kori Reed
    In Men-in-the-Middle, author Kori Reed interviews men across corporate America about gender equity in the workplace. This is a topic men can influence, as they hold nearly 75 percent of C-suite positions, but they don’t talk about it at the office. As it turns out, men have a lot to say! They are aware of the issues and the impacts and, at the same time, unsure of what to do. This uncertainty renders Men-in-the-Middle, even though they may be supporters, on the silent sidelines of gender equity.... more
  • Life-Long Effects of Child Sexual Trauma in Drawings

    by Viola B. Mecke Ph.D. ABPP
    Seldom have the long-term effects of sexual or other trauma been traced throughout the life of a traumatized person. This article presents the drawings of a sexually abused child, with pictures the child drew before the abuse and afterwards. A follow-up at age 45 is included. The drawings show the horror following the abuse and the gradual recovery of childhood. The defenses that developed following the trauma show the desperate, often maladaptive attempts to readjust. The drawings suggest that ... more
  • F*cking our way to Enlightenment

    by Kandace & Gregory Loewen
    Discover a journey like no other in "F*cking our way to enlightenment." Join Maggie and Josh as they traverse the uncharted realms of consensual nonmonogamy in the Swinger Lifestyle. From steamy encounters with swingers around the globe to their transformation into advocates of divine sexuality, this true story will captivate and enlighten you. Unveil Maggie's empowering quest to overcome her teenage sexual trauma, as she emerges stronger and more liberated than ever before. Delve into their ex... more
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  • Edifying Children of a Lesser God: Answers to life's existential questions.

    by D Dean Graves
    Edifying Children of a Lesser God, Answers to Life’s Existential Questions by D Dean Graves explores the universal human desire and need to overcome suffering and existential loneliness. The book delves into the nature of human experiences and how we perceive and interpret them. It emphasizes that while suffering is a common part of life, it can be eliminated by fulfilling the purpose of living. The preface introduces the concept of existential loneliness and highlights that humans are motivate... more
  • The Identity Model: Understanding and healing mankind's stress and suffering.

    by D Dean Graves
    The Identity Model, Understanding and Healing Mankind’s Stress and Suffering explores the cause of stress and suffering, aiming to provide understanding and healing. It delves into the nature of stress, explaining that it arises from the gap between expectations and reality. By letting go of expectations and accepting things as they are, one can experience bliss, free from stress. The text discusses the purpose of experiences as opportunities for learning about oneself. It emphasizes the role of... more
  • Unlock Your Limitless Potential: The Science-Backed Guide to Mastering Your Mind, Body, and Life

    by Erin Vandermore
    Are you ready to transform your life and unleash your true potential? Look no further! This incredible self-help book is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your mind, body, and overall well-being. With a focus on practical strategies and real-life tips, this book will guide you on a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier, and more remarkable life. Here's what you'll discover within its pages: Super-smart tips, engaging activities, and easy... more
  • Kāma Sūcia aka The Filthy Bed: An Intimidating Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Penile Pleasures!

    by Paul Vato
    Kāma Sūtra aka The Filthy Bed by Dr. Dougherty Sanchez, Esq., Dr. Phil T. Sanchez, Esq. & Paul Vato. Based on the ancient Indian sex manual, the Kāma Sūtra, here is advice to steam up any bedroom, car, dorm room or vehicle, & spark life into any romance. From oral sex to sitting and standing positions, to more adventurous positions like "The Donkey Punch", "The Angry Pirate" & the oft misunderstood, "Cleveland Steamer", it's all in this wonderful book. This modern sex manual contains ... more
  • Creativity Activated

    by Chris Lumry
    Think you aren't creative? Do you struggle to enjoy what you make? Could you use fresh motivation to finish projects at work or home? Creativity Activated is full of practical tips and exercises for upgrading delight, problem-solving, and momentum for what you create in any part of life. Everyone is creative, and this quality is one of the most powerful and important parts of being human. Creative thought has given the world everything from the wheel to tacos to soul music to smartphones, but mo... more
  • Confidently Mindful

    by Louise Revelas Canham
    .In this book, you will learn how to practice mindfulness in your daily routine and discover how its scientifically proven techniques can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. With easy-to-follow exercises, personal insights from the author, and an understanding of the power of mindfulness, this book will help you: - Experience less stress and anxiety - Feel calmer, more relaxed, and more focused - Enjoy improved physical and mental health
  • CHILDLIKE: An Interactive Guide to Living your Life Curious, Authentic & Raw!

    by Veronica Joy

    CHILDLIKE is a book about growth.

    Are you growing or stagnant in your efforts to move forward to where you want to be? The fact is there is a lot of information out there on this subject alone. Many books claim to have the keys to true happiness.

    Can you recall the ones that impacted you the most? W... more

  • by Veronica Joy