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Business & Personal Finance

  • Becoming Generation Flux: Why Traditional Career Planning is Dead: How to be Agile, Adapt to Ambiguity, and Develop Resilience

    by Miles Anthony Smith
    Whether you or someone you know is in college or just starting out, gainfully employed (and concerned about career ambiguity), underemployed, or have been downsized, rightsized, laid off, fired, cast off, or otherwise in career transition, Becoming Generation Flux is for you. Perhaps you are lost, hopeless, or angry. You might feel alone, cheated, ripped off, or not sure what to do next. Or maybe you are curious to understand the massive shift in the job hunting market currently rippling through... more
  • The Essential Guide for the New Age of Retirement- Why the Rules Have Changed

    by L. David Overson
    A significant demographic and economic shift is taking place in America today. Because of this shift, many standard financial theories and practices that worked in the past will not work as well, if at all, in this "new age of retirement". Every retiree and future retiree will be affected in some way by these changes. This book presents new ways of thinking and new strategies for a more successful retirement in this new age.
  • Life's a Pitch: Learn the Proven Formula That Has Sold Over $1 Billion in Products

    by Bob Circosta
    Selling is pretty much what Bob Circosta has been doing for the last three decades. Not only was he TV’s ORIGINAL Home Shopping host, but he also helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry--from scratch. Over the past 36 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on television...made over 75,000 separate product presentations...and has, individually, sold over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in merchandise. (Hey, they don’t call him TV’s “Billion Dollar Man” for nothing.) ... more
  • Pilots On Food Stamps: An Inside Look At Why Your Flight Was Cancelled

    by Ben Mandell
    Pilots On Food Stamps is a true to life account of the current pilot crises facing the nation; It's origin, the current status and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Thousands of airline flights are being canceled in 2014 because of the pilot shortage. There is a 35% chance that your flight could be affected.
  • Impact of Security Culture on Security Compliance in Healthcare in the USA

    by Mansur Hasib
    A national study of US healthcare cybersecurity and privacy. This work should benefit all doctoral students interested in seeing what a final doctoral dissertation should look like. Students preparing to submit their proposals for IRB review will find Chapters 1, 2 and 3 and the appendices helpful in preparing their IRB application packet. Students using survey research methods will find the discussions on determining sample size and selecting non-random samples of elusive populations helpful. C... more
  • Cybersecurity Leadership: Powering the Modern Organization

    by Mansur Hasib
    We hear of new cybersecurity breaches almost every day. While these events may appear to be technology related, they are in fact related to leadership failures in organizations. The book provides a leadership model to solve this issue. Written by a UMBC cybersecurity faculty member with a Doctor of Science degree and multiple certifications in the field, this book explains cybersecurity in plain business language. It explains why it is important to engage people into the solution. Such engag... more
  • Personal Branding for Dummies

    by Winnie Anderson
    Whether you're a careerist or entrepreneur, it's critical that you uncover, embrace, and communicate what makes you truly unique in order to attract the ideal opportunities for you and achieve your goals. This book in the "for Dummies" series explains the concept of Personal Branding and gives tips, strategies, and techniques for the professional to authentically communicate their value to their ideal target audience.
  • Doubling the Productivity of a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise)

    by William Fintan Bohan
    For many small to medium companies (SMEs), living on tight cashflows, the idea of hiring an external expert to help improve their productivity and hence their profits is just out of the question. Even if this were the most profitable investment they could ever make. This book proposes an accessible alternative; an experienced consultant working through a university guides a final year student in her industrial training period (a paid internship) in a SME through a productivity improvement progr... more
  • The Hidden Power of Productivity

    by William Fintan Bohan
    This book describes the powerful techniques used by many major consultancy companies for generating dramatic productivity improvements for large to medium size organizations. Written in the form of a business novel (approximately 200 pages), we journey with Andy Case, a young and recently-appointed Production Manager tasked with achieving a 30% increase in productivity in his operations, or losing his job. He achieves the task, not through firing employees, but through involving his entire work... more
  • Spointra and the Secret of Business Success (The Aged Edition)

    by Cristian Mitreanu
    ‘Spointra and the Secret of Business Success (The Aged Edition)’ aims to capture the smallest amount of knowledge that explains the largest amount of phenomena in the business world. It is concise, yet entertaining. A children's book for grown-ups, this "aged" revision of the 2007 limited first edition details a fundamental theory of business that provides an integrated perspective on human needs, marketplace dynamics, and organizational behavior. Although the new theoretical model applies to an... more
  • Art of Investing: Classic Edition

    by Tony pow
    Dear Editor, This is only part of the book. The book has over 650 pages (6*9). The current book is being sold at The proposed book will have a different title and cover. Most likely it will be printed on newspaper quality for cheaper production cost. I will rewrite the book a little. You will handle everything from production to distribution. Best, Tony Pow. 9/17/2014
  • Brand Shift: The Future of Brands and Marketing

    by David Houle & Owen Shapiro
    Brands have been an integral part of human society – since long distance trade emerged roughly 6,000-8,000 years ago in Mesopotamia – and are likely to remain an important part of our society despite, and in some cases because, of dramatic changes like capitalism and modern communications. Particularly, each wave of change in communication technology – newspapers, radio, TV, Internet – has impacted how brands and consumers relate. However, each successive wave of technological change is get... more
  • Customer Experience: It's Not That Easy: Customer Experience Programs for B2B Companies

    by Harry F. Bunn
    Customer Experience programs are gaining momentum in small and large companies but most have been designed for the Business-to-consumer (B2C) model. If the approaches that work for B2C are applied in the Business-to-business (B2B) world, they fail. Based on 27 years’ experience consulting to major, global B2B companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, EMC, Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, BT, Telefonica, Honeywell, Motorola, Accenture, Nokia, Siemens, Fujitsu and Xerox, Harry ... more
  • Beat the Exit Bubble: The Ultimate Guide for Exiting Your Business

    by Tensie Homan and Dan Meyer
    Five million baby boomers will be exiting their businesses over the next five years. Ten million could exit over the next fifteen years. We have the makings of a bubble, an Exit Bubble™. Are you ready to exit your business in this new “bubble?” Dan and Tensie have created a first for business owners: a centralized, independent resource for business owners who are preparing for the challenges of exiting their businesses. Beat the Exit Bubble: The Ultimate Guide for Exiting Your Business addresses... more
  • Picture Them Naked

    by Jennifer Burrows
    Picture Them Naked; everything you ever wanted to know about presenting and public speaking and were afraid to ask” is a conversation about public speaking and presentation skills with those who do it best – real people who speak for a living, including public speakers, presenters and trainers across industry sectors. At the heart of this book are insights into WHAT successful speakers and presenters do to achieve their results and, importantly, HOW they think, the tools they use, and the ac... more