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Other Nonfiction

  • Thinking Through Galatians

    by L. A. Mott, Jr.
  • The God Presumption

    by Caroline S Fairless

    This book challenges the god-sanctioned primacy that has allowed the dominant culture of the Western world to subjugate and exploit non-Christian communities and wreak havoc on the planet.

  • How to Self-Publish a Book: For the Technology Challenged Author

    by Barb Drozdowich

    Do you struggle with technology? Are you interested in self-publishing a book, but fear it is beyond your capabilities?

    When confronted with the confusing, multifaceted world of publishing, many authors make the assumption they aren't capable of self-publishing - nothing could be further from the truth!

    Sadly, many authors get taken advantage of by unscrupulous "self-publishing" companies because they don't really understand the process of publishing a book and therefore... more

  • Natural Table: Natural Table of Correspondences Which Exist Between God, Man and the Universe

    by Piers Vaughan
    Following the success of 'Of Errors & Truth', published in 1775, this second book by the Unknown Philosopher (Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin), the French author and gnostic mystic published in 1782, continues his theories of the relationships between God, Man and Nature, and goes on to provide an unusual examination of the origins of religion, tracing it through the myths of early civilizations to the Prophets of the Old Testament, the actions of the Repairer, and finally the End of Times. Famous... more

    by Barry E Blood Sr. & Rev. Michael MacMillan

    A reader friendly book that turns the Sunday school Christianity of most churchgoers on its ear as it systematically applies 21st century knowledge and the latest scholarly Biblical research to the major beliefs of traditional Christianity. It also gives assistance to pastors who realize that without change, Christianity will die, but who are afraid of alienating either the people in their pews or those in their denominational hierarchy. The book teaches by a story involving individuals who c... more

  • Zen and the Art of Admin Tasks

    by Nathan Pettijohn
    This tactical guide will give you immediately actionable guidelines to outsource your administrative work to an administrative assistant so that you can focus on driving exponential value in your personal and work life. A solid, automated, outsourced administrative system will save you valuable time and energy, which you can then use to create real value in your personal and work life. By implementing these tools and systems, you will find yourself with dozens of hours of whitespace time that... more
  • B07FJW8499

    by Jack Shepherd
    Your dog is your best friend, your love, and your world. Read this book to identify, understand, and begin treatment of your dog’s separation anxiety. A happy dog, truly is a happy home. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What is dog separation anxiety? Causes Symptoms Prevention and Treatment Ineffective methods to treat separation anxiety
  • Understanding the Power of Resilience Economy: An Inter-Disciplinary Perspective to Change the World Attitude to Socio-Economic

    by Mohamed Buheji
    Resilience is a value that unfolds over a lifetime and has shown to be expressed in different ways and by different disciplines. The book covers a total review and reflections of resilience role in creating better socio-economy. The author targets to provide practitioners, researchers and change community leaders a roadmap to boost resilience economy and resilience engineering and manage their existence. This work is essential for better withstanding adverse shocks and reducing the economic cost... more
  • A History of the Apocalypse

    by Catalin Negru

    Every generation of people think that their problems are the most important ever. As history flows without interruption and doomsday scenarios fail, the following generations focus on their own contemporary events, ignoring or underestimating the past. In this way people always see “signs” in their times and the end of the world is constantly a fresh subject.

  • Sustainable Agriculture with Ozark Permaculture #1 Apple, Peach & Cherry Trees

    by Neal Gist
    Forests are self-replicating ecosystems that expand naturally without any human involvement. The same can be true of your gardens. Learn how to grow apples, peaches, and cherries without fertilizers or pesticides—the permaculture way! This ebook is the perfect blueprint to jump start your organic food forest. By following the strategies in this book you can ensure a nutritious yield while minimizing oversight as your garden becomes more sustainable over time.
  • Dust in My Pack

    by Nancy O'Hare

    Follow one traveller’s journey across seven continents to reveal some of the most fascinating places to explore on our planet. Sail to Antarctica and walk among penguins or camp beneath a foraging elephant in Malawi. Savour coffee in a Nicaraguan ecolodge, trek Africa’s third highest peak in Uganda or cycle to a rarely-visited temple in southern Laos.

    Dust in My Pack is a new kind of travel book. It brings far-flung places to life while providing practical... more

  • I'm A Little Brain Dead

    by Kimberly Davis Basso
    Tuesday's breakfast was interrupted by a stroke, and the only available help is the author's second grader. Launched into a medical crisis, Kimberly Davis Basso (and her brain) respond with wit, wisdom, and wishful thinking. From surviving a stroke to surviving a zombie apocalypse, "I'm a Little Brain Dead" is alarmingly irreverent. No matter how critical or ridiculous the situation, Basso abides by their family rule "Panicking never helps." You'll get an inside look at being a middle aged stro... more
  • Conscious Wisdom Mastery: The Need to Know without Error of Thoughts!

    by Darrell Saaj
    This book can save your life from wrong thinking about a real lethal threat! Do not allow your lingering thoughts to accumulate! Profoundly remove doubt and fear! Let elimination of all logical fallacies free your conscience from harm's way! Permanently prevent the hierarchy of wrong reasoning from destroying your life benefits!
  • They Must Be Monsters

    by Matthew LeRoy and Deric Haddad
    It began on August 12, 1983, when a disturbed woman’s bizarre accusation ignited hysteria across the small Southern California community of Manhattan Beach. Driven by over-zealous investigators and a sensational news media, the legend of The McMartin Preschool became the “case of the century”—the longest, most expensive criminal trial in United States history. Four years later, in the spring of 1988, in the midst of the ongoing frenzy, authors Matthew LeRoy and Deric Haddad, students at San Di... more
  • Tom Sarc Gets Revenge On Telemarketers

    by Thomas Sarc

    We all have been bothered by telemarketers in the privacy of our homes...calling when we are sitting down to dinner...plopping on the sofa to watch a movie... Ive had it with these annoying pests and i bet you have too! This humorous book of responsises will turn the tables on the irritating intrusion in your life. If you want to get even with these annoying callers, this book will guide you in various ways that will make peace in your home-one call at a time. You may... more