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Other Nonfiction

  • The Voice from Inside: Failure Brings New Knowledge

    by John Wannamaker
    The book removes the wall that separates society from knowing the intricacies of punishment behind the wall of the federal bureau of prisons and the justice system. What works? What does John Wannamaker offer as suggestions for change that will affect us? What do we teach to young men before the age of 18? What can women do to protect themselves from men? There is so much more to this book than these topics. Relationship advice, societal advice, management advice and much more.
  • Real Teachers: True Stories of Renegade Educators

    by Stuart Grauer
    What is authentic education? For that matter, what is a school? And what is a teacher? Over the last few decades, the American classroom has undergone a shift of enormous magnitude and the consequences of this are truly beginning to make themselves known. In Stuart Grauer's collection of true, short stories, Real Teachers, we are asked to consider the goals of contemporary education and ask: Is this what a school should be? Is this all a school can be? In Real Teachers, Grauer asks us to embrace... more
  • Fearless Teaching: Collected Stories

    by Stuart Grauer
    Fearless Teaching is the rare book about education that is both beautiful and critically relevant. With a command of language, story telling, observation, and insight that is all but extinct in non-fiction, Grauer weaves a vivid tapestry where the warp is ‘how we learn best’ and the waft is ‘the soul of the true teacher’. A book that belongs on the shelf of all who are custodians of our youth, to remind us of why we teach and just how powerful the transformation of learning can be.
  • Heart-Based Singing

    by Agatha Carubia
    A unique treasure of vocal wisdom, Heart-Based Singing will be the sole guide to understanding, refining and developing your voice. Agatha Carubia lovingly directs you to the core of your singing technique with the simplicity and passion inspired by 30 years of teaching success. Using a hybrid of the Eastern chakra energy system and the classical Bel Canto vocal technique, Heart-Based Singing serves as a trouble-shooting template for your voice, with practical exercises, tools and solutions fo... more
  • Consciousness

    by Huub Klinkenberg
    Billions of years ago, the mind separated from The Source. During this separation, the soul came into existence. But why? Consciousness details the history of man and which states of consciousness human beings have gone through in their evolution, and what is still ahead. The time between our lives on Earth is explained and the author elaborates on questions like: What does being born and dying actually mean? How do they pertain to karma and the life plan? And how does the energy system of chakr... more
  • Too Cold for Alligators

    by Sasha Wolfe
    Courage and vulnerability are intertwined in this once-in-a-lifetime journey. To undertake such a trip alone, push the self beyond the comfort zone, and venture into unfamiliar territories without any specific time limits or set goals is, without a doubt, a test of true strength. Feelings, mistakes, “acts of stupidity,” and constant mind chatter are laid bare in the writing. Mix in the joy and delights of exploring new places, learning about other areas, the excitement of discovery and this book... more
  • Ziggy's Secrets: An Internet Password Keeper

    by Rosemary Augustine
    My cat Ziggy has a secret! And it’s your secrets he is keeping. Ziggy’s Secrets is an Internet password keeper, designed to look like a cat story book yet is disguised to be your personal internet password log book for use at home or in the office. There is plenty of room with 150 pages, including space for entries such as the name of your account, the URL, your log in / user name, and password, as well as space for answers to security questions, a place for your account # and any additional n... more
  • Write!

    by Gerald DiPego

    Find the truth in your fiction through Gerald DiPego's method of emotional realism gained from 45 years as a successful professional. A personal, conversational how-to book on creative writing from novelist, playwright, and screenwriter with films such as Sharky's Machine, Phenomenon, Message in a Bottle, Words & Pictures, etc.

  • Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood: Firsthand Advice, Tips and Stories from Lesbian and Gay Couples

    by Eric Rosswood
    Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood guides and helps prospective LGBT parents to explore these five popular options: Adoption, Foster Care, Assisted Reproduction, Surrogacy and Co-Parenting. Each section includes a description of the specific family-building approach, followed by personal stories from same-sex couples and individuals who have chosen and gone through that particular journey. The appendix contains important legal issues to consider and questions to ask before deciding to move forwar... more
  • Ancient Intuition

    by Debra May Macleod

    Many people live in a chronic state of uncertainty, unhappiness, discontent and dis-ease. Others feel that something is missing from their lives or that they haven't reached their true potential, whether in terms of their career, relationships, well-being, self-knowledge or spirituality. In ANCIENT INTUITION, Classicist and leading author-expert Debra May Macleod, B.A., LL.B., shares with you her practical and powerful process of igniting the ancient spark of intuition within you. Through... more

  • YOGA IN THE GITA: Krishna & Patanjali -The Bhakti Dimension

    by Catherine Ghosh
    This book that emphasizes the sacred love teaching woven throughout the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutra texts! Drawing from the ancient bhakti tradition they have belonged to for decades, authors Catherine Ghosh and Braja Sorensen invite the reader to broaden their definition of yoga according to one of the best-kept secrets of the Bhagavad Gita: that although it is set in a war zone, at its core the Gita is essentially a book on love, and yoga is the process through which we connect with, and part... more
  • Giant Killers: Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities

    by Steve Lawson

    It seemed a lopsided battle. On one side, a small shepherd with a sling and five stones. On the other, a heavily armored ten-foot giant whose taunts and challenges immobilized an army of seasoned warriors. The story of David and Goliath has become an almost universal underdog story; but in reality, Goliath never stood a chance. In Giant Killers, emotional intelligence speaker, consultant, and author Steve Lawson identifies the five vital emotional and social skills David possessed: identity, ... more

  • I Have a Question

    by Bill Dobbs
    The memoirs, ramblings, forays into explanations of the quirks of English grammar and vocabulary, as well as the pseudo-philosophical insights of a teacher of English as a foreign language, who in the course of his teaching has heard the utterance ‘I have a question’ so many zillion times that he too began posing questions to which till now no answers have been found. With a bit of etymology thrown in. And one or two hundred side-tracks.
  • Blessed Inspirations: The Greatest Is Love

    by Q. M. Herrera

    This book was divinely inspired to bring peace, light, love and inspiration to all, regardless of religious denomination, age, race or gender.  During this special spiritual journey, the author drew upon her life experiences in order to relay her innermost feelings and reflections on faith, hope, love, life.  The author also expresses her deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of God's blessings.

    May the blessings and meditations contained herein ... more

  • Way of the Real Faith: A Choice, a Journey, a Destiny

    by D. A. Singh
    This book takes a simple approach to explain the main themes dealing with eternal destiny, without taking any particular doctrinal position, and steering clear of religious debates. More than 1,150 verses from the New International Version of the Holy Bible have been incorporated into the text to eliminate the need to turn to any external sources. The book answers many questions that people are asking today: Who is God, and how can someone come to Him? What makes Jesus unique? Why is there evil,... more