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Other Nonfiction

  • Discovering Indian Independent Cinema: The Films of Girish Kasaravalli

    by Sakti Sengupta
    NEW BOOK OFFERS FIRST IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE FILMS OF GIRISH KASARAVALLI, A MASTER OF INDIAN INDEPENDENT CINEMA Although he’s won dozens of prestigious film awards in his native India, Girish Kasaravalli is still “one of the most underestimated filmmakers of our time.” In Discovering Indian Independent Cinema: The Films of Girish Kasaravalli, Sakti Sengupta gives Kasaravalli his due as a major artist working outside the massive – and yet entirely restrictive – sphere of Bollywood. This book... more
  • Circle in the Sand

    by Lia Fairchild
    Four Friends. Four Different Paths. One Unwavering Friendship. Love, laughter, promises, and secrets bind together four independent adults pursuing different paths while trying to maintain their twenty-year friendship. Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs to be accepted. Sage, raised by career-driven parents, has always followed a carefully laid out plan for her future. But, one... more
  • In Search of the Painted Bunting: (Mis) Adventures of a Birdwatching Family

    by Eldon N. Spady

    Join Eldon Spady and his family on seven birding trips around the United States and in Costa Rica. This is a humorous look at birding and birders as well as a family at play. Though some of their trips involved about as much luxury as any true birder can expect, some, in Spady’s words, involved “...places where we were afraid to use the washcloths, where you couldn’t walk on the floor of the dining room without your shoes sticking, where the sheets were adorned with cigarett... more

  • Curried Chess

    by Markus Stormson
  • Th3 Simple Questions: Slice Open Everyday Life

    by Jean Yeager
    The author looked into his heart and found the world. Then he asked himself three simple questions: "Who Am I?", "Why Am I Here?" and "What Do I Want?" According to the author, the simple questions “Are like three Angels which lovingly sliced like thin knives into my heart and my everyday life. The world fell out and I bled love and formerly unseen, mystical, allegorical, emotional insights.” The writing is richly creative, evocative, poetic, crisp, and whimsical and affirms the universal Human ... more

    by Clint Edwards

    Using a candid, raw, and humorous voice, Clint writes about issues all parents face, from marriage, to babies, to toddlers, to the grade school years. With views on parenting that are often off-beat and unconventional, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” emanates a genuine warmth, enthusiasm and most of all, an unshakeable dedication to being the best father and husband he can be.

  • The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution

    by Zinovia Dushkova

    Hidden away for long millennia, the world’s most ancient sacred text reveals the past, present, and future of humanity

    A million years ago, the Great Masters of Wisdom recorded a mysterious manuscript widely known as the Book of Dzyan — a Tibetan name meaning the Book of Secret Wisdom. Written in a language unfamiliar to modern philology, called Senzar, this oldest book in the world has served as the source of every ancie... more

  • Christian Horror: On the Compatibility of a Biblical Worldview with the Horror Genre

    by Mike Duran
    To most, the term "Christian horror" probably seems like an oxymoron. Nevertheless, there are very good arguments to be made that "horror" is an eminently biblical genre and that Christian artists should be at the forefront of reclaiming it. In this work, novelist Mike Duran explores the Judeo-Christian roots of contemporary horror, the religious themes that frame much of the horror art, and how evangelical culture has come to distance itself from such a potentially rich and powerful medium. Dur... more
  • Nostradamus Solved: The Great Quatrains and the Super Quatrains

    by Ken Bist

    Nostradamus Solved is based on the discovery of the Great Quatrains and the Super Quatrains. It is a totally unique interpretation of the Nostradamus quatrains, which explains how WW3 comes about, and the role of terrorism in his messages. Nostradamus Solved will answer the following questions for the reader: What is the role of Russia and Terrorism in WW3? Will France be destroyed in WW3? What year will WW3 occur in the near future?Do I need to build my own Ark? Will President Obama be ... more

  • God vs. The Universe: Essays on Religions, Spirituality and More

    by Mukesh Prasad
    A rationalist overview of world religions (includes Christianity, Islam and Hinduism) and modern thoughts. Presents rational explanations of how Christianity converted the Roman Empire and how Islam conquered the Middle East.
  • Public Schools - The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History

    by Jim Blockey
    Sending our children to public school is equivalent to the worst form of child abuse; we disable our children by enabling them, allowing them to run havoc through the hallways of our schools all in the name of self-esteem. Until we revert back to focusing on the drop-in rate rather than the drop-out rate of schools, our children are doomed to a mediocre existence. “Public Schools - The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History” is a book that reveals what is really taking place in our clas... more
  • The Idolatry of Belief

    by Jim Byrd
    The Idolatry of Belief is a short book consisting of five interrelateed essays on the subject of religion in postmodernity. The ultimate aim of the book is to reimagine religion in a future without faith, and to introduce a new way of being religious: Radical Orthopraxy.
  • My Dad Used to Say: The Philosophy of Common Sense

  • RSVP from Heaven

    by Marie Saint-Louis
    ARE YOU READY TO JOIN US? THE SPIRITS HAVE ARRIVED. This is the true story of psychic medium Marie Saint-Louis as she shares guidance with those searching for answers regarding life’s important questions. Along with powerful healing messages from loved ones that passed away, she shares remarkable details which can only be verified by those who come to her. Told in a down to earth and often intimate style, RSVP from Heaven is filled with memorable scenes from the most remarkable parties an... more
  • Ruc's Retail Store Guide Book: What All Consumers Need to Save Money and Shop Smarter

    by Roxana U. Chikezie

    Never go shopping unprepared again!

    Whether you hate it or you love it, shopping is an unavoidable task.

    RUC's Retail Store Guide Book has everything you need for a smooth shopping experience--from groceries to clothing to high-end luxury items.

    Fifty of the nation's top retailers are listed for your convenience.

    Included under each store are:

        Store Hours
        Merchandise/Services Offered
        Gift ... more

  • Businessman First: Remembering Henry G. Parks, Jr. 1916-1989 Capturing the Life of a Businessman Who Was African American a Biog

    by Maurice Dorsey
    This is a true story of a businessman who was African American who with no money to start a business, navigated the free business enterprise system and became the first African American to issue stock pubically on the New York Stock Exchange. The story tell how this was achieved with family history included. The backdrop of the story is the civil rights movement of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The story is told by his friend who is 30 years younger. They both lead a gay lives.