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Other Nonfiction

  • The Determination to Succeed

    by Arvind Phukan
  • 978-1999842208

    by Jonathan Gems & Vinod Mahindru
    Until 1970, Britain had the second biggest film industry in the world. Studios like the Rank Organisation, Associated British Picture Corporation, British Lion and Anglo-Amalgamated made and released more than fifty films per year. British Cinema was thriving and selling its unique product globally. There were countless opportunities for film makers. Tens of thousands worked in British Films. Today we have not one single British movie studio and 98% of the films in our cinemas are made by foreig... more

    by Johannes Stockmeier
    Believing in the need for a new reformation, Stockmeier once asked his Lutheran pastor where one is supposed to commence. "Not from here' he replied, 'the new Reformation will come from the Third World where people are really hungry for God." Since then he had set his eyes towards the southern hemisphere of the planet. His discovery in 2002 of a congregation which appears to him as if he had been set back into the times of the apostles proved divine.
  • Wired To Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Master Any Skill

    by Britt Andreatta
    We are biologically wired to learn: whether we’re simply trying to survive or reaching to fulfill our potential. Wired to Grow contains the keys to leveraging our natural neurological wiring to help unlock the fullest expression of who we are—to become or develop into something more. This fully revised and expanded second edition, now packed with more than double the original information, draws from the most recent neuroscience research and includes two new sections on creating a growth culture ... more
  • Achieving Lifetime Employment

    by Dileep Srinivasan
    Achieving Lifetime Employability is perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed book in the marketplace today, on how to achieve sustained career growth in this new millennium. This book details what it takes to survive, thrive and remain visible and employable in the 21st-century workplace. If you are looking to; - Continually be employable - Achieve accelerated growth in your workplace - Cultivate your leadership skills then Achieving Lifetime Employability is for you.
  • Boomer Brand Winners & Losers

    by Barry Silverstein
    This non-fiction book features fascinating stories of 156 best and worst brands of the 50s and 60s. Readers can relive the days of Cap’n Crunch and Cocoa Puffs, E-Z Pop and Pop-Tarts, cap guns and comic books. They can recall the time when automobiles ruled the road and a transistor radio was “advanced technology.” They will learn how television played a key role in brand advertising. They will discover which brands blossomed and which were a bust.
  • ISBN-10: 1077632606

    by Gerald Elias
    What role can music play in a turbulent, troubled world? In Symphonies & Scorpions, readers will not only enjoy an insider’s view of the glamour and the drudgery of an international concert tour to China and Japan, they will gain deep insight into music as an instrument of citizen diplomacy. This second, enhanced edition of Symphonies & Scorpions adds Elias’s prize-winning essay, “War & Peace. And Music,” which will be featured in his TEDxSaltLakeCity performance of September, 2019. A preface to... more
  • Changing China, Changing Life: A Journey of Discovery

    by Gary Hawkins
    'Changing China, Changing Life' wonderfully captures, the often unseen, everyday life in China at a time of immense change. From the excitement and joy of teaching English at a school in Changzhou, to visiting pottery factories in Dinshu, marveling at the exploding metropolis of Shanghai, and experiencing the regal splendor of Beijing, Hawkins provides a unique view of China set against a backdrop of developing relationships and personal change. Included in this book, a selection of insightful a... more
  • A Life Redesigned: Long-Term Travel Options in a Digital Age

    by Gary Hawkins
    ‘A Life Redesigned' examines the new and exciting travel opportunities that are opening up in this digital world due to the intersection of the sharing and gig economies. In addition, this book discusses our planning experiences for our proposed multiyear trip, so that this will help you formulate your great adventure. Whether you’re an individual, a couple starting retirement, considering a sabbatical, or a family looking for a new path forward, there's a wealth of information applicable to yo... more
  • The Fantabulously Awesome Life of a Charity Donation Truck Driver

    by Nion Dabtino
    The Fantabulously Awesome Life of a Charity Donation Truck Driver is a revealing look into the unique job of a clothing donation bin service driver and the truly odd, gross and disturbing things people choose to dump in charity donation bins. From moldy clothes, kitchen garbage and evil doll heads to dead animals and used needles, there seems to be no limit to what donation truck drivers must deal with daily. The book also reveals: 1) How the charity donation bin business really works 2... more
  • The Paradise Man: According to Thomas Merton

    by Linhxuan Vu Vu

    Since Adam and Eve left Eden, humanity has endured through long millennia of hardships and sufferings, especially death. But the hearts of their children and great-grandchildren have never given up the hope that, someday, they could return to the place of happiness that once had been their inheritance. It is a legitimate and dignified dream. In fact, since the day Adam and Eve left, paradise has remained on earth, waiting for every single human child to return.

    Mertons paradise, in the ... more

  • More Mermaids Around the World

    by Ronesa Aveela
    This is the second adult Mermaid coloring book. It has 26 detailed illustrations of mermaids around the world and includes a tidbit of information about each mermaid at the bottom of the illustration. The images are printed on one side only so the colors don't bleed through.
  • Mermaids Around the World

    by Ronesa Aveela
    This adult coloring book has 26 detailed illustrations of mermaids around the world and includes a tidbit of information about each mermaid at the bottom of the illustration. The images are printed on one side only so the colors don't bleed through.
  • Deconstructing Trump: The Trump Phenomenon Through the Lens of Quotation History

    by Dr. Mardy Grothe
    "Deconstructing Trump began as a personal attempt to help the author cope with the disturbing reality of a Trump Presidency, and ultimately evolved into a comprehensive anthology of more than 1,000 quotations, all of which were written decades—or, more typically, centuries—before Trump arrived on the political scene. This book attempts to answer the question: "What would history's greatest writers, thinkers, and political leaders have to say about Donald Trump?"
  • HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD...and How Cultures Do It Around The World

    by Judith Fein
    For 20 years, the author traveled around the world to experience how different cultures communicate with the dead. She takes you with her and by the time you reach the second part of the book, you will see how normal it is to talk to the dead. And if you are ready, you will get exact instructions on how to do it.
  • Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales from the High Country

    by Johnny Welsh
    Curious about the legalization of marijuana these days? Don't miss your chance to learn the good, the bad, and the funny in this historical look from the first state to pass the vote.