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Other Nonfiction

  • Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina

    by Donya Papoose Williams

    Edgefield, South Carolina was the best kept secret in American History. Well that was until a woman by the name of Donya Williams became interested in her personal family history. In the new book, Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina Donya reveals how she learned an entire county just may be related to each other and realizes that her interest in politics didn't just come from her uncles.

    Join Donya as she takes you on the journey of... more

  • For the Love of Moose: How One Man's Trash Became My Treasure

    by Margaret Ludwig
    There is no such thing as a perfect dog or a perfect human. There is perfect love that can transcend species. Come along as Margaret Ludwig shares her journey through life made better by her pack of five unique dogs.
  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

    by Malini Chaudhri
    NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE THERAPY This book is a technical description of neuro-muscular techniques in massage therapy to manage advanced care. It is the fundamentals of bodywork, fitness, health, energy, physique, flexibility, mobility and more. It teaches the therapist aspects of stretch, proprioception, assessment, injury correction and advanced movements to facilitate sportsmen or patients under rehabilitation. Active sports requires support and knowledge of anatomical management of functi... more
  • The Unauthorized Biography of the United States (An American Almanac Completely Devoid of Accuracy)

    by Carl Megill
    T.U.B.O.T.U.S. is a humorous look at all fifty states covering their history, interesting places to visit and famous people who hail from those states, all in a Dave Barry-esque style. I've taken liberty with even the most mundane facts and made them interesting through absurd dialogue and tall tales.
  • Athena's Owl: Philosophy Articles on Personal Growth, Modern Society & Hollywood Cinema

    by Robert Woolston
    What can professional sports teach us about modern capitalist society? What does The Godfather say about ethical consequentialism and obligations? How can the philosophy of Pragmatism improve your daily life? How does Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction showcase Aristotle's ethical theories? These and other interesting questions are addressed in Athena's Owl: Philosophy Articles on Personal Growth, Modern Society & Hollywood Cinema. Complete with additional research-based articles, Athena's Owl [De... more
  • Neostoicism 2.0: Stoicism, Christianity & Personal Empowerment for the 21st Century

    by Robert Woolston
    How can Ancient Greek Stoicism help us better understand Christianity in the modern, 21st Century? In this new text, Robert Woolston analyzes the history of Stoic philosophy, Christian theology, Neostoicism from the European Renaissance, and how all three can be applied to our lives today. Regardless of religious or spiritual background, Neostoicism 2.0 is sure to be a thought-provoking and intriguing read for anyone interested in Philosophy, History or Personal Growth.
  • Sports Massage

    by Malini Chaudhri
    SPORTS MASSAGE The author is a licensed sports massage practitioner and educator from US, and a consultant to UK qualifications in Asia. She has been a consultant worldwide since 1994, and has received International grants for her research. This is an essential manual based on global occupational standards to benefit skills of spa and sports professionals. This book is a technical study aid with ISTE seal of quality on Sports massage, suitable for physical therapy, orthopedic massage and i... more
  • Greed Disease

    by Ted Folkert
    The impact of greed on society and the survival of Planet Earth, historic, current and futuristic. Numerous examples of adverse effects of greed in personal, political and business experiences. Suggestions from noted sociologists, and political commentators for assuaging the impact of greed on society and leveling the playing field for the benefit of the populace and the protection of the planet for future generations.
  • Low Level Laser Therapy For Physical Therapists - Skills Development

    by Malini Chaudhri
    This is the Second edition of a popular practical book on Low Level Laser Therapy dedicated to a technical skills development framework for all practitioners of medicine, sports, spas and cam. It releases new aspects of photo medicine in its support to gene therapy, lymphatics, sports and systemic diseases. It shows a segment of invention dedicated to treating malignancy also. The lymphatic section can support the prevention of diseases as breast cancer and correction post cancer. This is Everym... more
  • Good Girls on Bad Drugs

    by Mark Mathew Braunstein
    Good Girls on Bad Drugs portrays the shattered lives of girls next door who became crack, coke, opioid, and heroin addicts, and who in their hustle for drugs became streetwalkers and internet escorts. In jailhouse journals and interviews, they confess with candor and courage to their sex work and drug crimes amid two mega-casinos and their three nearby small cities. Doomed by uncurbed addictions, most girls never recover, while others die young from AIDS, OD, or murder. Here a spotlight is shine... more
  • ISBN: 978-1508506959

    by Tony Thorne MBE
    Tony Thorne MBE’s new ‘fact against fiction’ book is about THE SINGULARITY, and the resulting Artificial Intelligence Explosion. So what is a singularity? It’s easiest described as a one way event, something which once it occurs cannot be reversed. So what kind of singularity phenomenon is explored in this book? Many scientists claim it poses a far greater threat to humanity than global warming, and it may be no more than ten years away..! This singularity, the creation of machines that are far ... more
  • The First Iditarod

    by Helen Hegener
    The First Iditarod shares the story of the first running of The Last Great Race through the words of mushers who made that first journey to Nome in 1973, captured in recorded and videotaped interviews conducted by the author over a span of several years. “Herbie Nayokpuk and I were at Farewell Lake and it started snowing. I mean it was like a major snowstorm, and we were running down the trail and all of a sudden you couldn’t find the trail anymore! We got into this real thick brush and we st... more
  • The Beautiful Matanuska Valley: From the Matanuska Glacier to Point MacKenzie, and from the Knik Glacier to the Little Susitna R

    by Helen Hegener
    A photographic exploration of Alaska's Matanuska Valley. The founding, settling, and development, details about the Valley’s geography, geology, transportation, agriculture, mining, recreation, tourism, and history. Highlighted by hundreds of full-color photographs, this book showcases the many wonders of the beautiful Matanuska Valley.
  • Grace That Grows

    by Daniel Ethan Harris
    Our souls hunger for grace and for growth. Yet for many of us, the concepts are mutually exclusive. If we have grace, we think there's no need for growth. Or if we want to grow, we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and resist grace. In this deep, delightful, and highly practical book, Daniel Ethan Harris presents a dynamic God who is calling us to cooperate with his lavish grace for the sake of our growth. This book will guide you into knowing more deeply––and becoming like––the God Daniel wri... more
  • What Happened to Paul Carter: Vol. II: Collateral Damage

    by Katherine De Bois
    Collateral Damage is the second and hopefully, closing chapter in Katherine De Bois’ true life, psychological thriller, What Happened to Paul Carter. Immediately immersing into the murky side of society and the underbelly of relationships. Beginning in 2014, as a wonderful love story, it quickly turns dark, and now continues, as she tries to comprehend the colossal changes in her life, when the man she adores disappears, and love is replaced with a hit on her life, forcing her into a world of d... more
  • What Happened to Paul Carter

    by Katherine De Bois
    Not for the faint hearted, this contemporary, psychological thriller, is the very graphic and TRUE story of Katherine De Bois. Now being hunted by a hired hitman, and on the run. At first glance it appears a decadent love story, but when you add the word hitman, it is no longer just a romance. In 2014, after her much loved fiance disappears before her eyes, Katherine is forced into a complex and confusing world of deception, betrayal, hitmen and thugs. Determined to find the truth a... more