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Other Nonfiction

  • My Heart to Heart With Lovey 2017

    by Michelle Jean
    This book delves into religion and the different questions I have when it comes to religion, finding myself, and teaching others about God. Within this book, you will find dreams, destructive dreams and much more.
  • Story Sparks

    by Denise Jaden
    Anyone who has been hamster-wheeling a story idea for years or has hundreds of pages exploring various approaches on their hard drive knows there must be a better way. There is. Successful young adult novelist Denise Jaden shows exactly how to create the captivating stories that prevent dispiriting wasted time. Busting the “visitation from the muses” myth, she shows that inspiration is a skill that can be learned by understanding how story ideas work (or don’t), fertilizing the ground for fresh ... more
  • DEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: The World is Not What You Think

    An extensively illustrated, thought-provoking blend of forbidden subjects and unexplained world mysteries, DEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE challenges established beliefs, views, norms and current structures on a journey to unveil the hidden mysteries of mankind: the past, present, and reality itself. This groundbreaking book deciphers cross-cultural symbols and meticulously analyses language to weave ancient global myths, stories, and art into a matrix of interconnected mysteries replete with sagas ... more
  • Digital IT

    by Pearl Zhu

    The purpose of “Digital IT-100 Q&As “ is to summarize 100+ classic and emergent digital debates about digital IT leadership and management, brainstorm how to run a holistic digital business from multidimensional lens, share digital holism and strategic insight, keep IT digital fit, deal with both IT management dilemmas and innovation paradoxes effortlessly, guide today’s digital leaders and professionals to learn the valuable lessons across industrial and ge... more

  • Fishing Montana's Westslope Waters

    by Juan Calvillo
    Road Trip #2 is now available. Here's the lowdown on taking a fly-fishing road trip to Missoula Montana to fish four famous trout streams. The book includes hatch charts, info on native & wild trout, fishing access sites, fly patterns, the "must fish" hatch for each river, where to camp, what gear to fish and color photos from cover to cover.
  • Redband Trout Waters: A Fly-Fishing Road Trip to Oregon's Crooked, Deschutes & Metolius Rivers

    by Juan Calvillo
    A beautifully photographed guide, in color, with all you need to know to take a fly-fishing road trip to central Oregon and fish for native redband trout. Information is included on how to use Bend, Oregon as your base camp, or camp along the Crooked, Deschutes or Metolius rivers. The book contains selected fly patterns for use at your tying bench to tie the flies that catch these feisty wild trout. Redband Trout Waters has this plus hatch charts, campground maps, fishing access locations, techn... more
  • Know God, Pursue Happiness

    by Jeffrey Dutton
    As children of God born into this world, we share a deep-seated human drive to know Him, and to understand His purpose for us. Strangely enough, neither our churches nor our culture encourage us. Perhaps like you, I believed God exists, but I did not know Him. After spending 50 years of my youth in this endeavor, I finally believe that I am on the right path. I invite you to share what I have learned, with the humble hope that it will help you to find God and achieve your purpose.
  • Two Shades of Vice: Based on the True Story of an Interracial Couple's Life Together in Crime.

    by Dewey Reynolds
    The action is hot in Kansas City during the 1960s. Gordon Reynolds happens to be a vicious criminal who has served prison time in five different states over a period of twenty-five years. Gordon is determined to muscle his way into major rackets such as prostitution, bootlegging whiskey, robbery, hijacking and contraband cigarettes. He eventually meets up with Alla Mae Briggs. She knows the prostitution racket very well, since she worked the Kansas City streets for several years. She too has a l... more
  • Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy (Third Edition)

    by Anthony Saunders
    The Black Divinity exposes the intricate beauty and complexity of the New York City street culture to allow those outside to see that those in the United States street life actually do have a very respectable, while yet Afro-centric, doctrinal system (including a pneumatology, psychology, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, eschatology, soteriology, Christology and ecclesiology) and how it applies to the real world. It is also an attempt to fulfil the mission of the early Afro-centric movements ... more
  • That's Why They Call It Practicing Law

    by David Kempston
    Author David Kempston believes focusing on the attorney–client relationship will lead to the excellent lawyering—and his book demonstrates how. Written in a direct and concise manner, "That's Why They Call it Practicing Law," emphasizes the application of customer service principles to legal practice. This practical book encourages lawyers to do the ordinary tasks better. Peppered with personal anecdotes, the author uses wisdom and humor to explore 22 different practice pointers. Drawn from the ... more
  • Surviving and Preventing Cancer

    by Janusz Dals-Pawlicki
    Janusz Dals-Pawlicki has survived several cancers, and he consciously searched for alternative and natural methods to prevent from reoccurring it again. His book Surviving and Preventing Cancer represents a very complex approach to alternative ways of treating and preventing cancer and other diseases. The book is loaded with practical and helpful information and recommendations. It is the most complex guide for cancer sufferers as well as for all those conscious of existing danger?it shows unive... more
  • Getting Me Back: The Voices Within

    by Janna Hill
    A poetic memoir? The writing of Getting Me Back was [I suppose] intended to help me move forward. Looking back: It is like sitting in the third row seat of an old station wagon, staring ahead at the road behind you... It is not enough to sit in the front seat and see where you were going -- you didn't know anyway. To understand how you got here you have to look at where you have been. In that third row seat facing backwards you might be tempted to stare at the floorboard or the marks on your... more
  • Your Crocodile has Arrived

    by Laurie McAndish King
    Whether your taste runs to crocodiles or chocolate, pirates or flying saucers, you’re sure to find entertainment and illumination in this collection of 21 true travel stories. Join in the author’s adventures as she: • Attempts to eat a crocodile. • Discovers the chilling secrets of the Jamaica Inn pirates—and picks up a few business tips. • Enjoys a full-body chocolate massage in Seville. • Tracks down the world’s largest earthworms—they’re up to 20 feet long! • Makes a pilgrimage to see ... more
  • Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive!: True Stories from a Curious Traveler

    by Laurie McAndish King
    Whether she is lost, escaping a kidnapping, or being eaten alive, King's stories—poignant, quirky, and often quite funny—are always inspiring and entertaining. Join the author: • Studying French kissing in Paris • Accidentally marrying a Maasai warrior • Chasing lemurs in Madagascar • Eating her way across southern Italy • Meeting the Balinese healer who befriended Elizabeth Gilbert in her bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love.
  • Words Are Art: See the World Through My Eyes

    by Natasha R. Minier
    This nonfiction book is truly one of a kind. It allows readers to take a journey into the author's mind. It provides a profound understanding of the author's deepest feelings and thoughts on subjects such as God's love, mental illness, and overcoming fear. This book pushes readers out of their comfort zones and challenges them to gain new outlooks.
  • A Trail of Memories: The Quotations of Louis L'Amour

    by Angelique L'Amour
    For decades, generations of readers have shared their favorite passages of favorite Louis L'Amour novels and short stories: parents with their children, neighbors with their friends, executives with their staff and clergy with their congregations. They pass around dog-eared copies of the books, underlined and yellowing, recalling words that echoes in their readers' hearts and minds long after the last page was turned. Now, many of these selections have been collected in a remarkable volume repre... more