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Other Nonfiction

  • The Best Grammar Workbook Ever!

    by Arlene Miller
    Comprehensive grammar workbook with hundreds of examples, exercises, and tests.
  • The Great Grammar Cheat Sheet

    by Arlene Miller
    Small e-book with common grammar, punctuation, word usage, and writing issues solved.
  • Correct Me If I'm Wrong

    by Arlene Miller
    Small, easy-to-use grammar book with common issues, all presented in alphabetical format. Complete index included.
  • The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! First Edition

    by Arlene Miller
    Small grammar reference book that contains the most common grammar, punctuation, and word usage issues.
  • The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team (eSports & Competitive Gaming, Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO)

    by Zoltan Andrejkovics
    Competitive gaming and eSports among youths became a major theme these days. For an e-Athlete, having the best strategy or belonging to a team with the best skills are sometimes not enough for success. Real life tournaments are tougher than we can imagine. The Invisible Game covers the necessary mental development of eSport players. The book helps to prepare the players' minds for the challenges, both on the map and in real life. Nowadays we overestimate the power of our thoughts, and we f... more
  • Final Days of Judgement

    by Beverley Buckley
    The Final Days of Judgement describes the author's journey to discover how information relating to the laws of universal creation, channeled from the Elohim, ascended masters responsible for Earth's ascension, applies to life in the modern world. The book explains how thought is the tool of creation, and the author suggests that we are in a period of major transition away from a world created in fear to one where we will operate from our fullest potential for love and happiness. Final Days of Ju... more
  • Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories and Advice From Parents of Twins, Triplets and More

    by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee
    Multiples Illuminated is a compelling collection of stories from writers and parents of multiples, as well as expert advice that is a must-have for all parents and grandparents of multiples. Having multiples is one of the most wonderful and challenging experiences you will have in your life. Whether you’re expecting multiples, or a few years into the multiples club, you will find stories you love in Multiples Illuminated.  “The essays and advice in the book shine a light on what it means—what... more
  • Integration and Growth

    by Ceylan Das
    The Gestalt approach is both a life philosophy and a therapy school. The Gestalt approach, with its humanistic point of view, gives the opportunity to the person to be aware of himself or herself and those around him or her to integrate both within himself or herself and with the world without judging or accusing, without feeling ashamed, scared, or worried, and to exist as fully grown in the way he or she really is. This book is written with two important goals in mind. One of the aims of the b... more
  • Bibliography of Books About American Football 1891-2015

    by Ralph Hickok
    This is the first bibliography of American football to be issued in more than 20 years. It contains information on 7,341 books about American football that were published from 1891 through 2015. The titles are broken out into 23 major categories and 59 sub-categories for ease of browsing. A 63-page index will help guide the reader to books by specific authors or about specific individuals, colleges, or teams. Sports and football historian Ralph Hickok spent more than a year and half compiling an... more
  • Deranged Justice: The Law and Lunacy of Bartow Grover Nix

    by Jeffrey Nix
    On November 7th, 1919 Bartow Grover Nix was hanged for a double murder in Columbus, Georgia...questions continue concerning the prosecution of the case...was it done properly; was Nix even sane? Nearly a century later...great nephew reviewed the case with fresh eyes...what he found led to a compelling tale...of the nature of southern the early 20th century.
  • 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block

    by Marcie L. Hill

    62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block teaches bloggers and content marketers how to produce engaging content that will 1) attract more followers; 2) get more shares and likes; and 3) boost your brand and bottom line by providing:

    * The pros and other consideration for each post type;
    * Visual examples of each type of post so you can see how to create them;
    * The combined knowledge of approximately 60 bloggers, in all areas of expertise, who have over 10 million global ... more

  • Sufi Prayer and Love

    by Dr. Ahmad Javid Sarwari Qaderi

    The mystical branch of Islam known as “Sufism” speaks to truth seekers and their journey to reconnect with the divinity that lives inside everyone. To know God and live in harmony with his teachings is to transcend the human state and shine a bright light in the darkness.

    Learning to communicate with God is one of the most important foundational tools we can possess—a tool author Dr. Ahmad Javid Sarwari Qaderi teaches readers in his new book, Sufi Prayer and Love.

    <... more
  • My Publishing Journey

    by Tamara Dever

    A beautiful, full-color journal that offers writers a guided tour through each stage of publishing, allowing them to fill in the details of their own unique journey, from idea to final book and beyond. Sprinkled with gorgeous artwork, author anecdotes, and advice from professionals to inform and encourage along the way. Once completed, this journal will become a treasured keepsake.

  • Paris in Oakland

    by Eliza Q Hemenway
    Every so often, a story of hope makes it's way into a hurting World. Paris in Oakland is that story. Follow Katherine and her mother, Eliza, as they navigate a medical nightmare seeking treatment for Katherine's Lyme disease. Never imagining an illness could be controversial, Katherine and her mother find themselves caught in the middle of a deeply divided medical community. This proves to be dangerous medicine, leaving young Katherine bedridden, in constant pain and ultimately finding for he... more
  • Theory of Life Perpetuity

    by Paeti Gustav Xaviers
    Physical Eternal Life is Possible: The complete theory.
  • Prophetic Word Bank

    by Major Daughter
    Great people are made by words. Your life is what it is today because of words spoken over you, by yourself or someone who was responsible for you. If you don’t like the way things are going in your life, job, business, relationship and marriage etc, you can change all that through Prophetic Word Bank. Every withdrawal starts a war.