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Other Nonfiction

  • The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books: A DIY Guide to Creating Your Book Marketing Plan

    by Tara R. Alemany
    Have you ever published a book and then had no idea how to market and promote it? Most authors only sell a handful of copies, often to family and friends. Are you one of them? Help is at hand! This do-it-yourself guide walks you through 25 ways that you can market and promote your book yourself. It goes beyond the "Lemonade Lucy Stands" and gives you proven, actionable tools and advice that you can start using today. These are the methods that I use every day with my clients. Even if you... more
  • Beauty and Chaos

    by Michael Pronko
    Writing about Tokyo for over 15 years, essayist and professor Michael Pronko opens up Tokyo life and reveals what’s beneath the gleaming, puzzling exterior of the biggest city in the world. Whether contemplating Tokyo’s odd-shaped bonsai houses, endless walls of bottles, pachinko parlors, chopstick ballet or the perilous habit of running for trains, the 45 essays in Beauty and Chaos explore Tokyo from inside to reveal the city’s deeper meanings and daily pleasures. In turns comic, philosophic, d... more
  • Spanish Can Change Your Life

    by Angela Caito
    There are many languages that a person can choose to learn. None will bring forth the outstanding benefits that can change your life quite as well as learning Spanish will. This book will change your life as you not only learn a little Spanish, but also learn the many reasons that Spanish can set you on a whole new path to self-discovery, friendships, employment and so many other amazing things in life!
  • Proverbial Beauty: Secrets for success and happiness from the wisdom of the ages

    by Yonason Goldson
    Learn to love life from this marriage of King Solomon’s Book of Proverbs and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Follow this guided tour beneath the surface of the world we live in through the lens of news stories, scientific discoveries, the natural world, folktales, and historical vignettes – all woven together in a lyrical medley of the human experience. Researchers cannot explain why people, when blindfolded, are unable to travel in a straight line; but what does it tell us about ourselves ... more
  • Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin & Sacred Entheogen History

    by Brian A. Jackson
    In Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin & Sacred Entheogen History, author Brian Jackson describes his personal experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, both recreationally, and as a medicine. The book also discusses the latest research being done on psilocybin at many top universities, which have shown promising results in the treatment of OCD, depression, & anxiety. These studies have also shown a correlation between taking psilocybin and having mystical experiences. Due to these f... more
  • The Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, Secret Chambers and the Quest for the Otherworld.

    by freddy silva
    “Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing,” states the banned Gospel of Philip.For centuries, every esoteric and Gnostic sect was aware that the literal interpretation of the resurrection of Christ promoted by the Church was a fraud. And with good reason: thousands of years before Jesus, people from Egypt and China to Celtic Britain and North America practiced a secret, mys... more
  • THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT: temples, power places and the global plan to shape the human soul.

    by freddy silva
    Can temples transform ordinary persons into extraordinary beings? Ancient texts refer to temples as living beings, intermediaries between matter and spirit that serve to transform people “into gods, into bright stars.”They also describe a global flood in 9703 BC, and how groups of survivors — Seven Sages, Shining Ones, Followers of Horus — set out to “rebuild the former mansions of the gods” by creating a vast, interconnected network of power places upon the Earth’s energy hotspots. And the tem... more
  • Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans

    by Neil Hughes

    Hello. This is Neil's inner critic, the voice in his brain that exists to remind him how useless he is.

    I warned him that a ‘comedy’ book for the anxious would be a guaranteed disaster. Especially if it was an idiot like him writing it. But he ignored me, so this is my final bid to save poor readers like you from reading his nonsense.

    It’s full of embarrassing stories I can’t allow you to hear.

    Neil claims it’s “a warm, humorous and us... more

  • Ancestral Roots of the Jats: DNA Revelations

    by David Mahal
    The Jats represent an ethnic community that has inhabited the northwest region of the Indian subcontinent (both in India and Pakistan) for several thousand years. This book is about the ancient origins of these people long before history books were written. The Jat community is estimated to equal the combined population of France, Spain, and Portugal. Many members of this community are now scattered all over the world, including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zeala... more
  • Beauty and Chaos: Essays on Tokyo Life

    by Michael Pronko
    Tokyo--City of Contradictions? Yes and no! The largest city in the world teems with chaotic energy and serene, human-scale beauty. Want to know the real city? Writing about Tokyo for over 15 years, essayist and professor Michael Pronko opens up Tokyo life and reveals what’s beneath the gleaming, puzzling exterior of the biggest city in the world. Whether contemplating Tokyo’s odd-shaped bonsai houses, endless walls of bottles, pachinko parlors, chopstick ballet or the perilous habit of... more
  • Silent Count

    by Jim Overmier

    How football bridged two cultures: the hearing and the deaf.

    The coach can hear; the players cannot. Creatively written and fun to read, you’ll enjoy this wonderfully unique, but true story of a high school football coach who accepts a job coaching quarterbacks on the world’s only deaf college football team. Follow the coach, his players, and their team, The Gallaudet Bison, as they embark upon the school’s first season of NCAA Football.

  • Idea Farming: A Science Guy's Read #1 ...on Writing (A Science Guy's Read on) (Volume 1)

    by C. R. (Chuck) Downing
    As the subtitle state, this is "A Science Guy's Read on Writing." Over 8 chapters, the booklet explores how to find and idea and develop it into everything from a short story to a novella to a novel to a book series. Using the analogy of various types of gardening and farming, author C. R. Downing presents personal experience and advice gleaned from others over his writing career. Written in a conversational style, the booklet is designed for budding and experienced writers from teenagers throug... more
  • Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System

    by Liane Brouilette
    Contemporary public schools focus intensely on academic success. Social-emotional development is given only incidental attention. Families must be prepared to take up the slack. Otherwise students' emotional growth may be impeded, resulting in diminished social skills, motivation, and ability to cope with stress. This book describes how public schools have changed and provides strategies for helping your child to thrive.
  • Renovate, Remodel...Relax!

    by Kathi Fleck
    Make 2015 The Year You Make Your Dream Home A Reality! AN EMPOWERING AND INDISPENSABLE GUIDE FOR STUNNING HOME RENOVATIONS FROM START TO FINISH Big, small or somewhere in-between, anyone who’s ever embarked upon a home renovation knows there’s much, much more to the process than glossy HGTV shows would lead one to believe. From unreliable contractors to disjointed creative visions to inconvenient delays, in the blink of an eye, remodeling can become a veritable minefield of uncertaint... more
  • Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories that Define Canada

    by Lori Henry
    Some people travel to discover a country’s architecture; others to sample its cuisine, or experience its nature. For author Lori Henry, travel is a way to discover a country's dances. In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada’s vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have evolved through their dances. Her coast-to-coast journey takes her to Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, where she witnesses the seldom seen animist dances of the islands’ First Nation ... more
  • Parenting 2.0: Think in the Future, Act in the Now

    by Tricia Ferrara
    An indispensable guide that shows parents how to provide their children with a framework to reach their full potential and discover that growth can be an invigorating two-way street. In this rapidly changing world in which divorce, mental health issues, aggression, and promiscuity among children are on the rise, and education, economic prosperity, and life satisfaction are declining, families are in search of a new parenting script. In Parenting 2.0, professional counselor and parenting strateg... more