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Other Nonfiction

  • 8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn

    by Cheval John
    The book is about standing out from the crowd with your podcast. It has 8 Lessons that the newbie podcaster will benefit from.
  • Outstanding Lesson Ahead

    by Amy Sargent
    Most teachers will admit they are like magpies, always looking for some new and shiny teaching ideas to apply in their classroom. If you too cannot go to a budget shop without buying something you think you could adapt in your classroom, if you are always looking for inspiration, an idea to steal or adapt to engage your students, look no further… this guide is definitely for you. Books in education are usually dry academic encyclopaedias full of boring and sometimes unnecessary literature. ... more
  • The Great Grammar Book

    by Marsha Sramek
    The second edition of The Great Grammar Book uses pop culture, intelligent trivia, and odd news events to make learning grammar fun. The book opens with a 100-question diagnostic grammar test and answer key. If you want to banish grammar errors and write clearer, more concise, and more readable sentences with confidence and style, this is the book for you.
  • MANipulated Into Fear

    by Christine Gilbert
    MANipulated Into Fear, There Is Always A Pattern is about Rolf abusing Marvela and there is always a pattern, and how there is a pattern of abuse within families when children are exposed to living in an abusive environment.
  • My Logical God: How Belief in a Truly Perfect God Changes Everything We Have Been Taught

    by Ronald Roell
    My Logical God is not just a book about God, nor is it just a book about life. It is a book about how an entirely different perspective of God changes our life.
  • Defiance

    by Michael Seay
  • The Zohar Code: The Temple Calendar of King Solomon

    by Bethsheba Ashe
    The Zohar Code is a scholarly paper for public release. Foreword by David Conway. The authors demonstrate that the Tree of Life was derived from an ancient sacerdotal calendar belonging to the Temple of Solomon. This lost temple calendar resembles the Seven Palaces of the Merkabah Mystics and it was discovered in an encrypted format within the Zohar. Its discovery marks a new chapter for all major Abrahamic religions. One of the most interesting features of the Temple Calendar diagram is - i... more
  • Hands that Touch, Hands that Heal

    by Joan Holman
    The True Story of Sister Rosalind Gefre and Her Pioneering Work in Healing Touch. A biography of renown massage pioneer Sister Rosalind Gefre, who has been featured in Time Magazine and who brought respectability to an industry formerly associated with seedy massage parlors and prostitution in the United States.
  • Culture Shock - A Practical Guide

    by H.E. Rybol
    Are you studying, moving or traveling abroad? Imagine you just got off the plane, train or boat and you’re feeling overwhelmed because everything is new! It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, actually being there creates an information overload. So what can you do to ease that transition? How do you digest everything you have to take in? This how-to guide will help you deal with the challenges of cultural transitions. It will help you understand and identify your reaction to culture shock a... more
  • Gunner and Land Girl: Bob and Connie, Their War Years. 1939-1945

    by Steve Orwin
    Bob and Connie were just eighteen and sixteen when they met and started walking to work together. They got to know each other well enough in the year and a half before World War II started to stay together through the uncertainties and separation of war. They married when Bob was on leave in 1945.

    The two were just embarking on their adult lives when war began, dramatically changing their expectations and experiences. This is their story, or rather how two stories became one, despite the i... more

  • Born2Teach

    by Jeff Resnick

    As a recipient of the New York State Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, I hereby offer this Teacher's meaningful Lesson in Life: ‘As You Teach, So You Learn.’

    1.     An Authentic Teacher nurtures new growth like a concerned gardener, requiring more than mere mastery of a skill set. 
    2.     An Authentic Teacher is unafraid to question the priorities of the academy by revealing  that The Emperor Ha... more
  • Sex Drugs and Tessellation

    by Ben Delaney
    Did you ever wonder who built the first head-mounted display? Who first detailed a coherent theory of Cyberspace? Who wrote about cybersex and the challenges it creates? Who worried about addiction to VR? Did anyone ever cure cyber-sickness? From 1991 to 1996, CyberEdge Journal covered these stories and hundreds more. CEJ was read in more than 40 countries by thousands of VR researchers, developers, vendors, and aficionados. Appreciated for its "No VR Hype" attitude, CyberEdge Journal was th... more
  • Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing Handbook

    by Ben Delaney
    There are more than a million nonprofit organizations in the United States, and every one of them needs to tell its story, find clients, solicit donations, sell services, and encourage its volunteers. Yet few have a marketing department, and many have serious challenges in meeting their communications and marketing goals. I decided that I could help the nonprofit MarCom initiate, by providing a book that summarizes what that person needs to do, and how to do it successfully, in the nonprofi... more
  • Help I'm Alone With My Mind: A Guide To Having Victory Over Your Thoughts

    by Sandra Hersey
    Learn how to change your life and your world by changing your thoughts! Worry, doubt, fear, anger, and even confusion cloud your judgment and keep you from having victory. You will learn how to stop invasions in your mind, how to take your thoughts captive, how to get your mind on God s thoughts, how to have victory over your thought process.
  • Articles of a Witch Goddess

    by TJ Phull
    "Author T. J. Phull brings to us a captivating story of grief, sorrow, and renewal of faith. A bitter woman consumed in hate and bitterness lives her life in strife, never allowing love to enter her life, submerged in self-pity. All changes when finally she meets a man named Shiva who opens her mind, spirit, and body to all possibilities and growth. As love grows within herself, she begins to see life in a different view and learns to let go the horrible past that haunted her, living her life wi... more
  • Lady-Fame; Or, the Fluke: A Sea Story

    by Peter Santino
    LADY-FAME; OR, THE FLUKE - In the bitter cold, black, predawn of Christmas Eve 1972, the commercial fishing vessel LADY-FAME was struck and capsized by a forty-foot rogue wave while crossing the Humboldt Bay bar. Contemporary artist Peter Santino, her first mate, wrote fifty thousand words during the months immediately following while drifting through the Amazonian jungle on a river boat, describing every thought and action that occurred during that sinking near-death experience. Steering clear... more