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Other Nonfiction

  • Serving Others: A Sociological, Ethical and Theological Reflection on Poverty, Diakonia, and Transformational Development

    by John Koenig
    The thoughts, discussions, and research presented in this book are principally focused on the responsibility mankind and the Church in its mandated diaconal role, are obligated to carry out in serving others, particularly the poor, and addresses poverty through selfless acts of διακονία (diakonia) or service. In doing so, the authors discuss the importance and significance of incorporating transformational development in the decision making process by including those most directly affected by po... more
  • Mom Is Always Right...Sometimes

    by Kelly Easter
    No parent is truly prepared for the responsibility of raising a child, and doing so as a single parent, post divorce, presents unique challenges. In this humorous take on raising a child, see how I tackle topics ranging from bullies and hygiene, to puberty and pornography as I have flashbacks to my own childhood.
  • 978-1534745612

    by Sandeep Kumar Mishra
    If you want to be an Australian or a New Zealand teacher and want to apply for skill select visa in this category,YOU CONTACT an agent AND PAY HEFTY FEES because you don't have enough information.No other book is so unique and complete with A to Z Guide.In fact there is no book in this category at all.There are books which tells about teaching profession or about simple qualification required but not a single comprehensive guide like this.All the information in the book is authentic. You can do... more
  • Walk by Faith: A Daily Devotional

    by Kimberly Hargraves
    Are you going though a trial or facing great opposition? "Walk by Faith: A Daily Devotional" will strengthen you so you can stand strong and not give up. Kimberly Hargraves shares varies testimonies when her faith was shaken to the core. God blessed her over and over again as she placed her faith in Him. She shares wisdom that will increase your faith.
  • Get In, Get Connected, Get Hired: Lessons from an MBA Insider

    by Brian Precious
    Earning an MBA can be a risky proposition. Some students effectively leverage their education to transform their careers, whereas others waste time and money pursuing a degree that doesn’t adequately align with their career aspirations. This book is designed to help prospective and current MBA students (and even those who have already graduated and are trying to find their way) get the most from their degree, find the right business school in accordance with their career goals, and manage a succ... more
  • Mentor Me: Instruction and Advice for Aspiring Writers

    by Heidi Stock

    Acclaimed writers, industry experts, and mentors provide instruction and advice in Creative Coaching, Poetry, Songwriting, Screenwriting, and Musical Theatre in this collection of interviews and self-authored essays. Each section includes an overview of one-on-one mentoring sessions and includes the first and final drafts of a poem, song, or screenplay, as well as the process of a creating a medley demo for a musical play.

  • Fifty Shades of Writing

    by Gunter Schaule
    Who gives you permission to be an author? Not friends and family. They think, if they don't have it, why should you, of all people! The only person who can give you permission to write is yourself. Now you can also get published. With the breakthrough technology of Printing-On-Demand you can organise it all with Amazon on-line from your PC. And your work becomes available worldwide! The romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey set a record in Britain as the fastest-selling paperback of all time. It ... more
  • Elements of Style 2017

    by Richard De A'Morelli
    “Elements of Style 2017” is a grammar and style handbook that will help modern writers construct clear sentences, self-edit efficiently, and produce a polished final draft. It presents a collection of up-to-date grammar, style, and punctuation rules every writer should know, with simple examples. The book also explains how to eliminate the tears from self-editing with advice on revising and proofreading copy efficiently.
  • Fuelish Pleasure Boats

    by Larry L. Pratt

    A layman’s comprehensive guide to all things affecting fuel usage, the 18 chapters contain ideas, suggestions and projects designed to help any skipper maximize fuel dollars. Not so much a how-to book but rather a you-should-try-this message for the boat owner with average skills. Written by a marine mechanic/inventor with years of research in testing various hulls, the book even includes the plans of one unique invention that most often returns more in fuel savings than the cost of the... more

  • 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book

    by Mike Kowis



    Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, 14 STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING A BOOK is the perfect book for you! In this concise and *award-winning self-publishing guide for aspiring authors, Mike Kowis, Esq., shares his 14-step process to publishing attractive, well-written, and effectively marketed books. Don’t worry, it’s MUCH easier than you think! In this ste... more

  • 1482585723

    by Dirk Rendel
    I think this editorial review sums it up best: "Dirk Rendel's Diamonds 101: A Diamond Buyers Guide is a well-written and fascinating look at diamonds, what they are, how they're cut, and how to steer clear of the hype and phonies and get the best stone for your needs."... "If you're in the market for a diamond, this book is a must-have, and, if you've got an interest in gemstones as I do, you'll be thrilled with this comprehensive and enjoyable book. Diamonds 101: A Diamond Buyers Guide is... more
  • God Is Not a Religion

    by James K. Karlson
    God Is Not a Religion: Why America Is in Decline leads readers to ask the difficult?but necessary?questions. It probes the nature of God, His ties to the American people and their long national experiment, and the characteristics of the broadly based decline cutting across the country's social, political and cultural institutions. Then it offers a path to follow for returning to the fundamental tenets that originally grounded the country. It suggests that this road to recovery will take the Amer... more
  • Someone I Love is Dying: A Practical Guide for Honouring a Loved One Before and After Death

    by Jeanne M. Sedun
    It can be overwhelming to find out that someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This book offers a roadmap for supporting a loved one through their end of life journey. Part I of the book focuses on the most important things in the time that remains after a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Part II of the book addresses what happens after a loved one dies. This book offers practical suggestions, checklists and forms to help you think throug... more
  • A Manual for the Modern Mystic: How to Practice Being in the Presence of God

    by Rio Olesky
    A Manual for the Modern Mystic received the Kirkus Reviews’ Best Book of 2013 calling it “A book of exceptional merit”. It discusses ways of expanding consciousness by following 12 spiritual laws. These laws are reflections of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each chapter contains an introduction to a law, the astrological correlation to the law, ways of aligning with the law, and the spiritual opportunity that each law offers. What makes this book unique is that Rio provides insights through humor, ... more
  • CYBER CRISIS - It's Personal Now

    by William Keiper

    “CYBER CRISIS answers the question, “How can we harness the value of internet technology without opening the door to our real-lives?” CYBER CRISIS will arm you with crucial knowledge about being hacked, smartphone and internet addiction, fakers on social networks, content oversharing, the Dark Web and the personal impact of cybercrime. This information will demonstrate how high the stakes can be if you don’t improve your personal cybersecurity. You, your children, pare... more

  • Introduction to the Unknown

    by J edelman

    A Relgio- Scientific inquiry of our Universe, the Origins of life and a revolutionary new concept explaining the existence of a physical world run by time and a spiritual world independent of time side by side. The book establishes the qualities each world type possesses and which objects relate to each. it deals with our life in our physical body as well as the continues existence of the soul after physical death.