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Other Nonfiction

  • Better Bondage for Every Body: With Rope Bondage Experts From Around the World

    by Evie Vane
    Love getting tied up for fun? Just curious? This extraordinary celebration of rope bondage combines glorious full-color photos, groundbreaking research, and tips found nowhere else in one must-read book. You’ll get insightful writings by bondage experts worldwide on topics like pain processing, anatomy, and rope relationships—plus the stretching warm-up you’ve been waiting for. And if you’re a rope bottom who’s curvy, male, 40+, or gender-nonconforming, or you have a special physical condition l... more
  • Coastal Alabama Retirement Guide

    by Mark Fagan
    This book discusses the important aspects in choosing a retirement destination. It answers the question: can I find fulfillment in my retirement years in Coastal Alabama? It also serves as a resource on Coastal Alabama and includes information on money matters, real estate, healthcare, long-term care, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions. There are many photos which illustrate the lifestyle in Coastal Alabama and it is written from the author's 35 years of researching and writing about r... more
  • Online Blogging Tips to Make Yourself a Better Blogger

    by Mike Langer
    Are you in search of some online blogging tips? Read through this post to know about some really useful and easy to follow tips on online blogging.


    Blogging has never been as popular as it is today. Though it has been around longer than a decade, better internet access, and affordability of many internet-capable devices has made it one of the most enjoyable things to do online. While there are thousands of reasons to start a blog, there is a distinct section o... more
  • L.E.O. The Mostly True Stories of LT Wayne Cotess

    by Wayne Cotes
    When I first started my career in law enforcement, my mom didn't like to hear the stories about foot pursuits through the yards chasing armed suspects, the homicide scenes I had been too, or the violence that plagued my city. What she enjoy were the stories about the funny and sometimes crazy things that would happen to me during the course of a shift. She encouraged me to write those stories down and after 26-years, here they are, the mostly true stories of my life on the streets.
  • The College Audition: A Guide for High School Students Pursuing a Career in the Performing Arts

    by Tim Evanicki
    The new how-to guide for aspiring actors and musical theatre performers as they prepare for their college audition. From narrowing down your list of schools to picking your audition materials, all the way through the application and audition process, this book will give you the tools and tips to present the best audition possible as you embark on this journey to becoming a professional performer.
  • Cricket Adventures Johnny and Gopi (Volume 1)

    by Naveed Khan

    Gopi's Cricket Adventures: Johnny and Gopi explores the ties between diversity and sportsmanship. When Johnny sees Gopi’s family moving in next door to him, he is intrigued by the peculiar baseball like sport that Gopi is playing in the backyard. Join Johnny and Gopi as they explore the sport of cricket and learn about the diversity that comes from international sports. Cricket is one of the largest bat and ball sport played in a number of countries. 


  • Help in the Time of Need

    by Floyd W. Fleshman
    This book is a testimony about some of the miracles God has performed that have allowed the author to have, and keep safe, a family of his own. Floyd Fleshman resides in Gloucester, Virginia. He was born and raised in West Virginia. He is also the author of the book, The Rapture Deception. Floyd wrote this book because it tells the truth and goodness of God and the greatness of His works.
  • Do It Now Anytime, Anywhere

    by Sylvia Stephens Grooms
    Get ready for a life-changing experience! Are you sick and tired of feeling alone, lonely, depressed, not good enough, guilty, not having a purpose in life and searching, or seeking fulfillment in people, places or things? Or do you appear to have it all together, with lots of friends, family, and living life large, but there is a void or emptiness that haunts you? Do It Now: Anytime, Anywhere was written just for you. You will find inner peace, acceptance and true love that will not be a resul... more
  • There's This River: Grand Canyon Boatman Stories

    by Christa Sadler
    There's This River is a collection of short stories and artwork by men and women who work as river guides on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. Alternately funny, poignant, and thrilling, this book is almost as good as taking a river trip through the Grand Canyon, and if you've already taken one, you'll want to read this over and over to bring back the experience.
  • Hope Blooms: Organ Donation, the Rose Parade, and Our Journey to Save Lives

    by Bryan Stewart
    In 2001, lung transplant recipient Gary Foxen shared his vision of an organ donation-themed float in the Rose Parade as a way to thank donors and celebrate what transplantation makes possible. Bryan Stewart, recently hired into the field, saw an even greater possibility: to inspire millions of Americans to choose to be organ, eye, and tissue donors. Hope Blooms: Organ Donation, the Rose Parade, and Our Journey to Save Lives, an intimate 12-year account of the genesis, evolution, and institutio... more
  • I've Been Shot: Encountering Christ in Trauma

    by Terrie McKee
    I've Been Shot: Encountering Christ in Trauma details the shooting of a husband and father of four at a North Carolina rest stop. The shooting, on Thanksgiving weekend 2015, permanently paralyzed him. But the story doesn't end there. Greg and his wife, author Terrie Bentley McKee, encountered Christ's power, presence, and peace in trauma through this tragedy. Because of Christ, they extended forgiveness to the shooters, shocking and amazing a community in the process. Terrie Bentley Mc... more
  • Looking Backward

    by Will Bodine

    A photographic color celebration of classic American station wagons from the years 1941 to 1992.

  • Power Brokers

    by C. L. Fails
  • Snitchin' in Augusta, Georgia

    by Bret Steele
    Augusta, Georgia, like many other American cities, is sharply divided along racial and economic lines. In the 1990s, the Augusta Police Department found itself battling the crack cocaine epidemic that turned at-risk kids into dangerous drug dealers. As these young dealers sought to get rich, the realization was a life of despair and danger from the competition, customers, and cops. As the nation fought a very public war on drugs, law enforcement officers faced their own pressure to make arrests ... more
  • Chess Writing

    by Rose Rohloff
    An innovative writing technique, How-To learn to inspire & mentor writing of students, novices. A wonderful book for teachers, students, writers, schools - for all ages and genres.
  • Listen to the Children: How empowering students can fix our broken schools

    by Stacy Pulice
    Today’s educational system is broken, an archaic process based on a colonization that is both dulling and ineffective. In Listen to the Children: How empowering students can fix our broken schools, Stacy Pulice, Ph.D. implores us to tap into the creative souls of children, listen to them and acknowledge that students and teachers alike are suffering. Listen to the Children shows that if we approach educating our children from a life- and soul-affirming place, they will thrive. Sadly, teach... more