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Other Nonfiction

  • Ravening Wolves: Exposing Works of Darkness to the Light of Truth

    by James S. Berge
    'Ravening Wolves' is a resource guide defining true Biblical evangelism, conversion, prophecy, and salvation as well as an expose of the major players in the world of Gospel revision, false prophecy, and New-Age syncretism in the post-modern church.
  • The Right Ask: What Every Advancement Officer Should Know

    by Michael Y. Warder Sr
    The Right Ask, derived from more than four decades in the field, explains why donors give and what they would like to know before making a gift to a non-profit. It also explains the types of information an advancement officer should know about a donor before asking for a gift that's appropriate. It details the various dynamics in different types of non-profits, including colleges, and how they are organized and managed to find and raise support. It lays out the various types of planned gifts ... more
  • The Mysterion Dynasty

    by Roger Wells
    For possibly the first time in the history of humankind, the book provides a complete description of how the mind operates and describes the fault in the mind that creates all the destruction and cruelty in the world and how to correct it. The book further describes the interplay of the conscious mind and how it communicates with the main mind and describes all the operators within the mind, all emotion and worry, and a way to improve all religions and governments by using communication similar... more
  • One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees

    by Wendy Ulmer
    This 6" x 6" board book introduces little ones to colors, numbers and treasures of New England. Illustrated with watercolors, children are introduced to one color, one color word, one number, one number word and one object and it's name on each page. Perfect for children from newborn to beginning readers.
  • My Twelve Maine Christmas Days

    by Wendy Ulmer

    "On my first Maine Christmas a woodsman gave to me a dark green wild pine tree." Discover the gifts and hard working people of Maine in this book based on the traditional carol. Illustrated with beautiful watercolors by Maine artist, Sandy Crabtree, this book can be found on coffee tables around the world during the holiday season. Educational information is included in the back matter and activities on the website provide additional ways to enjoy the book. 

    Winner of the... more

  • From Your Lips To God's Ears

    by Reuben Ebrahimoff

    From Your Lips to God’s Ears is the authoritative standard in understanding the history and use of Tehillim. Ebrahimoff created an easy-to-use manual with such detailed information never before compiled into one volume. From the composers of each Tehillim to the descriptions and depictions of the musical instruments used in the corresponding the time period, the reader is brought back in Biblical time to experience what inspired their writing.


    by Lucy A. Warner

    ZAP! BOOM! POW! SUPERHEROES OF MUSIC presents 12 Classical Composers - as Superheroes! What if a fantastic musician like Bach could catch a bolt of lightning on his ten-day walk to visit a famous organist? "Zap!" What if Beethoven suddenly zoomed down from the heavens to play the drums while suspended in mid-air? "Boom!" What if Tchaikovksy transformed himself into a magical Nutcracker Prince to defeat the Mouse King? "Pow!"

    With "ZAP! BOOM! POW: ... more

  • Plants Are Wonderful: A Coloring Book

    by Michael Reed
    This is a coloring book that helps the reader to learn about plants and their environment.
  • The Straightforward Internet: Your Simplified Guide to Exploring Everything from Basics to Social Media to the Deep Web

    by Terry Lynne Hale
    With the average human attention span shrinking, I've written The Straightforward Internet to provide a simplified guide to exploring everything from Basics, to Social Media to the Deep Web in just over 100 pages. Available in digital (Kindle) and POD (Create Space) both are published on Amazon. In 2012 I won the Indie Excellence Award for Ageless Internet - Internet Basics for Boomers and Seniors.
  • Treaded On Me!

    by Robert Schubert
    It’s the Battle of Squires that topples the first domino of American unity. A shootout between the Squires family and cattle rustlers leaves honest Americans dead. News of a government cover-up sparks outrage in the heartland. Texas cuts ties with the federal government and activates its national guard. Arkansas joins, and Oklahoma follows suit hours later. The state citizens and militaries begin preparing for a confrontation. The battleground will be the state of Missouri. Missourian and ... more
  • Think Like a Writer: How to Write the Stories You See

    by Tom Bentley

    You can look at this book as a tribute to language--its pulse, its purpose, the chime of its music. And particularly its play on the page: The book's core is how to see the world as a writer.

    It supplies tools to find and cultivate your writer's voice, that unique combination of attributes--sensitivity to language, storytelling and audience--by which writers see and define the world.

    Think Like a Writer discusses writing at a structural level: how words work in sentences a... more

  • Enlighten Your Life: Spiritual Guidance + Life Coaching

    by The Church of Terra Sanctuaria
    An Easy To Understand Guide To Enlightenment. Learn how to live a better, more rewarding life. Let Steve help guide you on your path of enlightenment. The infinite bliss of tranquil awareness through meditation and independence as a way of life can be yours too.
  • One Sitka Summer

    by Lois Lindenfeld
    It’s about the fourteen-year-old heroine, Eliza Healey, who faces life’s biggest challenge at a young age when her family moves to Alaska in the name of faith. Eliza believes the idea of helping her family establish a new Evangelical Brethren Church in the Alaska Territory is exciting: an innocent notion that soon slowly fades away. Meeting a bear on a path in the forest is a test of her bravery. The shortage of food or hunger attempts to wane her strength. There’s also the harsh, cold wea... more
  • From Hollywood to Calvary: One Man's Religious Journey

    by Russell G. Heikkila
    From Hope Street in Hollywood to Mission Street in Gardner was an unforgettable journey! Through it all, author Russell Gary Heikkila learned the most significant fact of his life. No matter how far a man may go from God, the Father is always waiting with open arms to welcome him back.
  • Salvation

    by Frank Clay
    Many Christians have claimed their SALVATION but they find it difficult to talk about “their SALVATION.” Then there are those who are wanting desperately to be saved… and to receive their SALVATION, but want to know more about what “salvation” really means before they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. “SALVATION: Go To The Word,” provides spiritual and scriptural guidance concerning God’s Word that will give you the reader more biblical wisdom – so that anyone can embrace with con... more
  • You Jesus & the Father

    by Terry Wayne Williams
    Are you enjoying everyday life? Are you living happy, joyous, and free each day? Do you want to know your purpose in this life and why you are here? Do you want to know you are loved? I believe these are questions many of us would like to have answered not only in our lifetime, but also in our everyday lives. You, Jesus, and The Father will guide you down an awesome road of wisdom so that you can live a happy, joyous, free, peaceful, purposeful and powerful life. The key to experiencing it al... more