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Other Nonfiction

  • Pandeism: An Anthology

    by Knujon Mapson
    Pandeism: An Anthology presents the work of sixteen authors, new and old, examining the implications of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism - the proposition that the Creator of our Universe created by becoming our Universe, and that this proposition can be demonstrated through the exercise of logic and reason. These authors present a wide range of views originating from their varied experiences, from professional theologians and religious educators to lay philosophers ... more
  • Whispers in the Windstorm: A Journal of God's Blessed Assurance During My Year With Breast Cancer

    by Kathryn Danylko
    When Kathryn Danylko was diagnosed with breast cancer, God told her to journal through her illness—then write a book. The resulting work is about so much more than cancer and medical appointments. It’s about faith. It’s about relationships and how cancer changes them. About mission trips to Haiti to help at an orphanage. About the joy of picking cherries or watering a garden. And it’s about the scientifically inexplicable incidents that demonstrate the presence of God in Danylko’s life. The book... more
  • Chosen by God Overlooked by Man Women of Faith Moving in the Supernatural Gifts of God

    by Dr Yolanda D Dawson
    The book was written to encourage women of faith to recognize their God-given office and take action promoting the kingdom of God.
  • Edgier Than Most

    by Barney Sperlin
    The experience of gardening as seen by a man with strong opinions leavened with humor, greased with sweat, supported by dirt.
  • Living Diagnosis: An Exploration of an Individuals Life, Thoughts and Feelings Within Society.

    by Blanche Haddow
    Do you feel different from other people? Then this book is for you. Do you wonder why some people fit in and some don’t? This is a book exploring the life, thoughts and feelings of one individual and how they “fit in” with those around them and the jigsaw of life. So basically this book is about me but I hope it gets you all to think about yourselves. What about us all exploring and explaining, as individuals, our own personal way to think, feel and fit in or not with society? How do you think a... more
  • Game-Day Youth: Learning Football's Lingo

    by Suzy Beamer Bohnert
    Millions watch football games at fields, stadiums, or on TV. Others listen to games on the radio. Youths play the game in backyards and schoolyards, getting great exercise, working on their skills, and attending practices to learn more about a fantastic and fun team sport. Whether you recently signed up for the football team, watch a brother or sister play, or want to learn more about this game, this book is for you. Simple text, clear illustrations of the field and its markings, drawing... more
  • When Sex Was Religion

    by Dr. Larry Falls
    Evidence of the connection between sex and religion can be found in fertility cults in all nations of the past. When Sex Was Religion takes a comprehensive look at how sexual practices were originally considered a religion before the introduction of Christianity.<p> Dr. Larry Falls, a registered clinical sexologist specializing in sexual abuse trauma and emotional health, spent five years traveling throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe learning about different religions, cultura... more
  • The Drain Dragon

    by Jason Fosler
    Following along as three brothers travel through the bathtub drain to uncharted land to conquer the Drain Dragon!
  • The Truth of Jesus' Life While Reflecting on His Parables and Other Sayings: Part One

    by Walter Schenck
    Walter Schenck's brilliant study of selected parables of Jesus offers new and bold insights into an oft written subject. Walter Schenck, alone, has been authorized copyright ownership of the parables by the United States government. Part One is a true testimony of a spiritually driven author with outstanding writing skills.
  • 9781535422826

    by Diane L. Martin

    This book was written for individuals interested in quickly learning how to use Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

  • 19th Akshauhini Algorithm of The Gita

    by Haribakth
    Many questions plaguing mind about Gita are answered here. The illustrative list of questions answered in this book is: •\tHow can Krishna, who himself ran away from battle advise Arjuna to fight his enemies? •\tHow can a 40 minute discourse of Gita be complete knowledge? •\tHow can a 5300 year old dialog be relevant to modern times? •\tIf Gita is unchanging isn’t it rigid and unsuitable to modern times? •\tHow can one discourse cater to needs of diverse types of people? •\tDoes Gita... more
  • African American Heritage: An Educational Journey

    by Daniel Ginsberg
    African American Heritage is written at an 8th/9th grade reading level (Fry and Raygor Readability Formulas). The text and accompanying full-color illustrations are intended as an introduction to African-American Heritage for middle/high school students and interested adults.
  • 101 Things to Do on Lake Minnetonka

    by Chris Dinesen Rogers
    101 Things to Do on Lake Minnetonka combines history with a road map of outdoor recreation and fun things to do on the Big Water. Sections about each of the 12 towns around the lake take readers on a journey of adventure and living history. A final chapter gives the reader the inside track on the cool festivals, outdoor recreation, and other fun things to do on the Big Water.
  • Systems: Brains of Corporations

    by Raj Badal
    If the human race ever found life on another planet, it will be the unmanned systems that will first smell and touch the alien soil. Similarly, it will be systems, not aliens who will first visit earth. Systems digitally encode the rules, logic, and intelligence of corporations, and manage businesses, countries and science. As the world and businesses become more competitive, very few corporations can keep pace with developing and maintaining complex systems like operating systems and browsers. ... more
  • The Schools Are Brokn: Stories from a Substitute Teacher's Odyssey

    by Bruce Liles
    This is a book of 70 short and very short stories. Some are only a few lines. It can be seen as a cynical companion of 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten' by Robert Fulghum. The stories are humorous, depressing, distressing, and delightful. The author believes that some will stay with you like the time he took a class of first graders outside for the first snow. Or the six year old girl with insight into life. Or the kindergartner and his cheese sandwich. And what's the big dea... more
  • Defeating Terrorism and Religious Evils: How We Can Make a Difference

    by Eric Demaree
    This book explains everything we need to know about the ultimate religious narrative, which is the only narrative strong enough to defeat terrorism propaganda. This narrative is based on the fact that the voice of Jesus (John 10:27) is the same as the human conscience with its directives of reasonableness, mercy and forgiveness. It includes the fact that Muslim theology is much more than the Koran and hadith. Muslim theology includes the supremely authoritative directives that the Creator has... more