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Other Nonfiction

  • Education Is Everybody's Business: A Case for a Business Model for Public Educational Services

    by Fred Bedell
    The observation of critical importance of education to the productivity and competitiveness of business and the problems and issues facing the country in public educational services is of national concern, particularly since these same issues that were prevalent in 1987 still exist today. To address these issues and problems this book examines areas of national education policies, programs, practices and resources. It focuses on the variety of stakeholders in the education environment as to thei... more
  • The Soul's Journey: Guidance from the Divine Within

    by Lawrence Edwards
    THE SOUL'S JOURNEY: GUIDANCE FROM THE DIVINE WITHIN propels the reader onto a breathtaking visionary quest as the soul's longing to know the Divine is answered by the loving power of Grace. Dr. Edwards uses his personal mystical experiences to gradually unfold the tasks to be mastered and the lessons to be learned as we tread our individual path to the Divine. His wisdom is grounded in both direct experience as well as in the knowledge of Jungian archetypal psychology, Eastern and Western mystic... more
  • We Are Generation Z: How Identity, Attitudes, and Perspectives Are Shaping Our Future

    by Vivek Pandit
    Born at the turn of the millennium, the members of Generation Z are no strangers to today’s fast-paced, hyperconnected world. They were born in the Digital Age. They grew up online. Their identities, attitudes, and perspectives have all been uniquely integrated with technology. Now, as they stand at the brink of adulthood, it’s time for the world to discover: Who is Generation Z ? Vivek Pandit shares an insider’s perspective on what it means to be part of this unique generation. By exploring t... more
  • From Prophecy Into History: Proof of God's Hand on the Bible

    by Travis Swart
    From Prophecy Into History: Proof of God's Hand on the Bible provides powerful evidence for the divine origin and truth of the Bible. It reveals how Old Testament prophecies recorded over two thousand years ago have repeatedly found fulfillment in the headlines of non-biblical history. Such explicit foreknowledge could have only come from an eternal, timeless God--not the guesswork of fallible men. This approach leaves little room for naturalistic explanations and proves that there really is a... more
  • Maximize Your Cruise and Destination Experience

    by Carolyn J. Wood and Mary Jane Zabinski
  • My Family and Yours

    by Amanda Audit
    My Family and Yours covers a variety of families. Encouraging open and honest communication with children about traditional and non traditional families. This children's book is written in a style that is both fun and educational.
  • Alphabeti-cool

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    ABCDEFG so many letters on the alphabet tree. HIJKLMNOP spell all the words for the things we see. QRSTUV, W's a tricky one, then XY and Z !

    Captivate and cultivate the imagination while teaching the letters from A to Z. Curious kids can take a trip through the alphabet stopping to see amazing asteroids and big-bellied bats, to row down a rainbow river and meet a yellow yak along th... more

  • The Alvin Curran Fakebook

    by Alvin Curran
    The alvin curran fakebook is a wide-ranging collection of more than 200 compositions and instruction pieces by a well-known experimental contemporary composer, intended as a resource and a source of joy for adventurous musicians - composers, performers, improvisers, sound artists - as well as for scholars, teachers, fans, bloggers, buskers, art book lovers, and terminal avant-gardists. The volume is richly illustrated and peppered with snippets from Curran's writings: an autobiography in sound, ... more
  • The Priscilla Revelation and the Discovery of the Apple Constellation

    by Carolyn M. Beehler
    Carolyn is a complex, unique, brilliant and extremely creative woman. She is a prolific artist and teacher but only an occasional "holiday" Christian. While preparing to teach her class she has a most sudden and unexpected spiritual revelation, a woman wrote part of the Bible! What does she do and where does she go with this newfound divine message? She is taken on a spiritual journey by this ancient woman 's spirit and helped by earth angels and a Catholic priest and theologian, Henri Nouwen. S... more
  • Origins & Meaning: How Science and Religion Have Failed Humanity

    by Rodger Christopherson
    Science has failed humanity because it hasn't yet found any ultimate truths and has prematurely stated that life is purely accidental and therefore meaningless, in and of itself, leaving people psychologically and morally adrift. Religion has failed humanity because religions do not come together in a cohesive way to provide guidance and meaningful answers to people but have created immense, ongoing conflict instead.
  • ORIGINS & MEANING How science and religion have failed humanity

    by Rodger Christopherson
    Science has failed humanity because it hasn't yet found any ultimate truths and has prematurely stated that life is purely accidental and therefore meaningless, in and of itself, leaving people psychologically and morally adrift. Religion has also failed humanity because religions have not come together in any cohesive way to provide clear guidance and meaningful answers but have created immense, ongoing conflict instead.. ORIGINS & MEANING examines these issues in detail. It also explor... more
  • Outside, Inside

    by Cindy Helms
    Have you ever felt like all of your friends had forgotten about you? Have you ever felt left out? This is exactly what happens to Birdie in Outside, Inside. When Birdie does not see his friends around, he decides to go out and look for them. He quickly finds that something strange is going on. Birdie’s friends are really planning a super fun surprise that gives Birdie a change of heart. Outside, Inside is a simple story about the joy of friendship and giving. Using 35 easy words and vivid... more
  • Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters

    by Janet Colli
    Sacred Encounters is the culmination of 13 years of research bringing together the psychology of close encounters, spiritual experience, and ultimately — enlightenment. Sacred Encounters reveals startling evidence that the enlightened gurus enshrined in Sufi, Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions communicate with otherworldly beings, and explores the potential that a current surge of “subtle realm” encounters by Westerners is preparing the modern world for our next evolutionary leap. Dr. J... more
  • The Memoir Midwife: Nine Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book

    by Stacy Dymalski
    "The Memoir Midwife:Nine Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book" is a step-by-step, no-nonsense tutorial that guides fledgling authors through the basic self-publishing process in a book that can be read in under an hour. It's a great (and inexpensive way) for a person to determine if self-publishing is the right option for him or her.
  • Faggot

    by Mathew Kaufman
    Closeted gay teenager Chase Nelson is the victim of relentless bullying. Today, the bullying went too far when high school jock Kyle Worthington assaulted Chase. What happened next was nothing short of tragic and will leave your heart racing and filled with grief.
  • Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference

    by John Capecci and Timothy Cage
    Living Proof is the first comprehensive guide to telling your personal story as an advocate and is for anyone who hopes one person's story can move audiences from apathy to empathy to action. Authored by two expert communication trainers, this easy-to-use handbook has everything you need to decide what to tell, deliver your story effectively and authentically, and give powerful presentations or great media interviews. Living Proof is for anyone who hopes one person's story can move audiences ... more