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Other Nonfiction

  • Free. The Story Frays.

    by Sanam Bakshi;pageID=2147244270085871924;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=2;src=pagename

  • Solo Act

    by Lynne McKenna
    Life as a single parent - not exactly as advertised. Told in a genre best described as "fictionalized autobiography", Solo Act is about those first few years of learning how to be the ring-master who has a circus of young performers openly resistant to being led.
  • The Modern British Empire

    by Rhythm Prism LLC
    The people who built the British Empire were not unique in their courage, ambition or greed. There have been other empires and there surely will be more in the future. Perhaps understanding how the British Empire grew and how it affected those it touched is key to understanding the operation of all empires. One lesson we may take from reading this history is that fortune is whimsical. It bestows friendship upon some, while to others it turns a cold shoulder. Whether a lesson is learned or ... more
  • Season of Upsets: Farm boys, city kids, Hoosier basketball and the dawn of the 1950s

    by Matthew A. Werner
    This is the incredible untold story of the 1949-50 Indiana high school basketball season that captures the essence of Hoosier hysteria for all teams—not just the state champions. Set in LaPorte County, It is the first book on Indiana basketball that focuses on one geographic region and one season. But it's about much more than just basketball. The students were born into the Great Depression and grew up in the shadow of World War II. The coaches were veterans of war. A fire destroyed a school, b... more
  • Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World

    by Janna Graber
    Travel never goes quite like we expect. Planes are late, maps are misread and detours are made. When this happens, the twisting roads of travel can lead to adventures we never imagined -- and lessons we never expected to learn. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we cross paths with people who show us life from a different angle or provide kindness when it's needed most. Those we meet while traveling can change our journey, our experiences or even our lives. Come along with some of the world's top tra... more
  • Grace Upon Grace: Sacramental Theology and the Christian Life

    by Gregory Neal

    Human beings are creatures of instrumentality; many different kinds of instruments are a part of our daily experience. Thanks to our experience and our nature as beings with physical limitations, it makes perfect sense for us to think about doing things and receiving information through instruments. Be it by means of a TV, radio, or telephone, an ATM or a computer, we usually conceive of receiving items or information by way of a device. In Christian theology, the means of grace function as t... more

  • The Men Who Made the Yankees

    by W. Nikola-Lisa
    W. Nikola-Lisa explores a fascinating corner of baseball history in The Men Who Made the Yankees, which traces the rise of the New York Yankees from the origin of the American League to the Yankees’ first world championship title in 1923. Less a history of players, The Men Who Made the Yankees focuses on a handful of powerful club owners and the political and financial pressures that dramatically shaped the arrival of an American League team in New York City.
  • Be a Critical Thinker: Hone Your Mind to Think Critically

    by Donald L. Karshner
    Donald L. Karshner is an 87-year-old Philadelphian who has had a lifelong interest in developing critical thinking skills. He wrote this book because he is concerned that today’s society has neglected critical thinking skills in favor of instant communication and political sound bites. His goal is to help people think rationally rather than emotionally when making decisions. By applying the skills of critical thinking, readers will be better equipped to clarify their thinking process, to intelli... more
  • Calabria: The Other Italy

    by Karen Haid

    Once the hub of the Mediterranean, Calabria now dangles, largely ignored, at the bottom of the Italian boot, struggling for survival, acceptance and a place in modern Italy and the world. Little-known even to Italians outside the nefarious activities of its ‘Ndrangheta mafia organization, Calabria allures with its simplicity and rewards with an underlying complexity, as in savoring an art... more

  • Hearts Beneath the Badge

    by Karen Solomon

    True stories of what is happening in hearts and minds of law enforcement. A way to see them as what they are – human. Hearts Beneath the Badge is a unique compilation of interviews with officers across the country. It’s not about the crimes they witness or the judgement they face; it’s about them – Damien, Danny, Frances, Ken, Pamela, Brian, and more. Their thoughts, their fears, their proud moments and their heartbreak. It’s about Jeremy and his family, a man of... more

  • Into the Heart of the Feminine

    by Massimilla Harris, Ph.D. and Bud Harris, Ph.D.
    A Book for Women...and for Men Imagine within each of us, there is a deep, powerful source for living lives of love, creativity and fulfillment... To imagine this foundation for life and the energy it produces is to imagine ourselves and our world filled with the influence of the archetypal feminine – her passionate creativity, love and ageless knowing. Personally and culturally, this force - which lives at the heart of our lives - has been diminished and wounded until it seems to have retrea... more
  • Before India: Exploring Your Ancestry with DNA

    by David Mahal

    Before India is an easy-to-read guide to ancestry that focuses specifically on the Indian subcontinent. It illuminates how human origins and ancestry are best discovered through a combination of science and history. The book is not a dry study of genetics. It includes many appropriate pictures, maps, and charts to reinforce the text.

    Mirroring a multifaceted subject matter, Before India is a well-researched amalgamation of genres—part genealogical guide, part eth... more

  • Le tredici sorelle

    by luca nascimbene
    I due uomini erano seduti sulle comode poltrone in pelle dello studio. Il buio della stanza circondava il piccolo cono di luce proiettato dalla lampada, appoggiata sul basso tavolino che divideva le due poltrone, lasciando in penombra il loro viso. - E’ sicuro che sia necessario eminenza? La domanda era stata posta con tono calmo, tranquillamente, anche se chi l’aveva formulata sapeva benissimo quali terribili forze stavano per essere messe in moto. Con quali conseguenze era impossibile preved... more
  • Faith the Ugly Dog: The Adventures of Buzzardillopossum

    by Kelly Davis Beckley

    “Faith, the Ugly Dog” is the tale of a little dog that has been told, and is convinced, that her ugliness on the outside means more than the kindness, sweetness and bravery that she has on the “inside”. After encountering a mean dog that bullies her and makes fun of her, and her transformation into the superhero “Buzzardillopossum”, Faith realizes her true inner worth and value. However, did Faith dream this, or did it actually happen? Does it really even m... more

  • The Student Resistance Handbook

    by Cevin Soling
    The Student Resistance Handbook provides children with information on how they can effectively fight back against their school and work towards abolishing this abusive and oppressive institution. Legal non-violent tactics are presented that are designed to: disrupt the operation of school, substantially increase the costs involved in its operation, and make those who work for and support schools as miserable as they make the students who are forced to attend. The text was conceived to empower yo... more
  • Publicity From The Trenches: For Published And Self-Published Authors

    by Sherri Rosen
    Giving published and self-published authors great advice on the basics of publicity from a veteran publicist who has been in the business for over 25 years.