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Other Nonfiction

  • Tourist's Booklet for Indian Geography and Demographics: Part 1

    by Ram Sharma
    India has an Intriguing Landmass, hills, mountains, desserts, plains, seas, plateaus etc. If you are a visitor and need a detailed guide that is still simple, then the book is ideal, with other books being too technical and full with misunderstood words, this book is simple and direct. No Stories, No Unnecessary Blabbering, this is a simple guide for Indian Geography and Demographics. The book is divided into two parts 1 and 2 containing 6 chapters on 6 wide areas of the country which are th... more
  • Harvest for Hope

    by Gary McAvoy
    The renowned scientist who fundamentally changed the way we view primates and our relationship with the animal kingdom now turns her attention to an incredibly important and deeply personal issue—taking a stand for a more sustainable world. In this provocative and encouraging book, co-authored with Gary McAvoy and Gail Hudson, Dr. Jane Goodall sounds a clarion call to Western society, urging us to take a hard look at the food we produce and consume-and showing us how easy it is to create positiv... more
  • Caring & Engaging Schools: Partnering with Family and Community to Unlock the Potential of High School Students in Poverty

    by Essie Hill
    "Caring & Engaging Schools: Partnering with Family and Community to Unlock the Potential of High School Students in Poverty," examines the consequences of our failure to effectively address the needs of low-income students, given the poverty-related struggles that impede academic learning, personal growth, and ultimately positive life outcomes.
  • Inspiring Today Journal

    by Dawn Ezelle
    Inspiration is hard to find and sometimes even harder to give. God gives us each day to live and thrive in His love-a way to re-energize our spirit. Make a new commitment to live life to the fullest. Take time from your busy life. This journal is a good way to start. Use as a tool guiding you to the journal. Record your dreams and goals. Write down your topic and allow the Holy Spirit to open up your thoughts on paper. The daily biblical scriptures provided to bless you all year.
  • Davenport's Florida Wills And Estate Planning Legal Forms: Third Edition 978-1727753905

    by Alexander Russell

    The book  Davenport's Florida Wills And Estate Planning Legal Forms  is part of a 50-State series being done using the Davenport Press name. The subject of books is Wills, Estate Planning, and Healthcare Planning law and forms, which concern how to do things now to control things if a person falls ill, dies, or is just absent. Things to control can include medical treatments, end-of-life stopping of treatment, gifting property and money, children, allowing efficient legal option... more

  • A Guide for Writing Teachers

    by Dr. LaRonce M. Hendricks
    This guide is a helpful tool for teachers. It exposes educational perspectives on how negative predispositions prevent a student from performing at high levels. Negative predispositions known as psychological barriers derived from years of red ink marks put on graded writing assignments by writing teachers overtime (Lindemann and Anderson, 2001). The easy read suggests strategies and classroom management practices useful for lessening the effects of students? negative predispositions. It is a he... more

    Three short stories, the first is about love lost, escape from crime, and redemption; the second involves two lovers and the test of their relationship, and the third is about a woman yearning for love, finds it only wonder if it is true
  • Searching for Unique: A Traveller’s Guide to Extraordinary Experiences

    by Nancy O'Hare

    Explore over twenty-five amazing destinations with a focus on hiking and cultural sites away from tourist crowds.

    Trek through untouched valleys with more sheep than people in the blustery Faroe Islands. Feel the heat of an ancient Buddhist fire ceremony in the secluded Kingdom of Bhutan. Discover these and more unique places across five continents through bite-sized narratives and on-the-ground travel advice.

    Choose from six themes—wilderness treks, little-known hikes,... more

  • Where Can I Find Wifi? Work Anywhere, Travel Forever: Tales of a Digital Nomad

    by Kayla Kurin
    Do you want to join the digital nomad community and live a location independent life by working remotely? Do you want to travel the world indefinitely, setting up your office in cafes with views of crystal clear waters in Greece, guesthouses with mountain views in the Rockies, next to a mouthwatering bowl of fresh Gnocchi in Italy, or anywhere you can get the bloody wifi connection to work? You might have seen expensive courses or trendy Instagram accounts giving advice how to work remotel... more
  • The Teaching Life

    by Dave Webb
    Veteran teacher Dave Webb offers some insights into his life as a teacher in elementary and middle schools in three states. Many of the chapters in this, his 15th book, are articles he's had published in online teacher magazines. Also included are essays and articles written specifically for The Teaching Life. From amusing to informative, the chapters illustrate how life as an educator can sometimes be unpredictable, and how being prepared and organized is always necessary to survive in the clas... more
  • Davenport's Florida Wills and Estate Planning Legal Forms: Second Edition

    by Alex Russell

    The book "Davenport's Florida Wills And Estate Planning Legal Forms" is part of a 50-State series being done using the publisher Davenport name for people to look for.  Each book is carefully written to have a concise summary of law (readable without skimming unlike similar books), and a good range of ready-to-use legal forms with helpful filled-out samples.  The book's subject is Wills and Estate Planning law and forms which concern how to act now to control upon ... more

  • Moonshots

    by Naveen Jain
    Learn how curiosity, imagination, and exponential innovation are creating life without limits Naveen Jain is leading disruptions today that will reshape the world—and beyond. From redefining civilian space exploration to creating a path to free energy to disrupting healthcare and education, Jain is at the forefront of the exponential technology developments that will forever change how we live and work. In Moonshots Jain reveals the secrets of the "super entrepreneur" mindset—the catalyst for c... more
  • Hardball Retroactive

    by Derek Bain

    “Hardball Retroactive” is a modest collection of selected articles that I have written for along with my Baseball Analytics blog since 2010. Each piece is chosen based on audience response – a combination of social media “likes”, replies to a particular essay along with my personal favorites. Exclusive content is incorporated into the book – additional charts and graphs that were omitted from the original posts as well as three new composition... more

  • 101 Ways to Use Social Media to Do Good

    by Frances Leary
    Discover the transformative potential of social media in this engaging and thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s favorite pastime. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to change the world for the social media post at a time. "Excellent! Thought provoking, idea stimulating, and so practical that you'll want to tweet and post and share this book with everyone!" - Dr. Joe Vitale, author of "The Miracle" and "Hypnotic Writing" “An enjoyable and impactful guide full of ... more
  • A Brief Guide to Building Your Therapy Practice

    by Eric Morris
    For many therapists, starting or building their own private practice can be daunting. How do you get referrals? Do you need a website? How do you differentiate yourself from other therapists? How much should you charge? Few graduate programs offer training in business marketing, software tools, branding or referral networks, leaving therapists to feel confused and overwhelmed. This book aims to address these deficits, guiding and supporting therapists through the process of building the... more

    by Claudio Capra II
    Uncensored Lessons for Life!™ This isn’t your grandma’s book on etiquette and manners! This is the no-holds-barred approach to the etiquette and manners we all think about, but not too many actually have the nerve to say. Claudio Capra II offers an unflinching perspective on how we should and shouldn’t be conducting ourselves in public and around others. Telling it like it is! Candid! Graphic! Direct! Blunt! From The Subtle Art of Passing Gas & The Courtesy Flush, to Let’s Go On An Airplane... more