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Other Nonfiction

  • The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain

    by Cristina Smith

    Both a profound philosophy and fun puzzle book, The Word Search Oracle is yoga for the brain™ that stretches your mind, nourishes your soul and touches your heart.

    Featuring Darity Wesley's inspirational Oracle messages, these 60 easy to advanced puzzles make every page both a challenge to be solved and a meditation for self-realization.

    It gets even better. Once all words are found, a hidden message is revealed; a powerful mantra to affirm the Oracle reading. ... more

  • A Tea Garden in Tivoli - American Garden Design Inspired by the Japanese Way of Tea

    by Bettina Mueller
    A Tea Garden in Tivoli - American Garden Design Inspired by the Japanese Way of Tea is a guide to garden design and flower arranging woven around the story of a unique garden in the Hudson Valley of New York. This is an intriguing and accessible introduction to the Japanese garden aesthetic for the backyard gardener by veteran Zen and Tea student Bettina Mueller. Drawing from her decades long study of the Japanese Tea tradition where great - even legendary - gardens are small by necessit... more
  • Digital Capability

    by Pearl Zhu

    We are experiencing the major societal TRANSFORMATION from the industrial machine age to the information/knowledge /insight/ digital era. Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way business is conducted so that it’s multi-dimensional planning and orchestration. Although living in the digital sea, you have to change with the "tide," you also have to follow the well-defined principles which would guide you in decisions and how you relate to others, with which speed... more

  • Great Objectives

    by Robert Finch
    In his book Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill refers to the great objects of human life. We may assume that that what Mill calls an object is the same as an objective in modern parlance. The examples of great objectives that Mill cites include power, fame, and money. One wonders how seriously Mill was actually endorsing such aims to be the overarching objectives of living or whether he was simply expressing his finding that many people actually do take such aims as these for life. The contention ... more
  • Prophets in Our Midst

    by David T. Johnston, Ph.D.
    This book begins with a chapter about Sri Aurobindo and the prophetic nature of his opus magnum, Savitri, using references from Carl Jung. I then examine Jung?s creation myth, using comparative material form Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. I end with a note on heart-Self centered transformation and one involving spiritual transfiguration. I follow with a discussion on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien from the perspective of the mythical psyche, using comparative material from Jung. I subsequently disc... more
  • Eccentricity: Society's Secret Sauce: The Value of Being Eccentric

    by Brett Sinclair
    Where would the world be in the 21st century without eccentrics, people filled with a nonconformist idealism who changed the world? The author takes us beyond the realm of psychological theory into the historical and present day reality of the value of being eccentric.
  • Angelicals Reviewed

    by Izak Botha

    Do you have a soul? Is the soul a gift from God? Or is it something else? Does the soul guarantee life after death? Or is its purpose yet to be discovered? In Angelicals Reviewed, researcher of metaphysics, Izak Botha, challenges conventional thinking around the nature of soul and presents a startling new hypothesis.

    In a groundbreaking study covering multiple disciplines, Izak shares his knowledge regarding the soul. In these pages you will discover:

    ·  ... more

  • Boundless Mind (Greek Edition)

    by Jenny Gkotsi
    This is the Greek Edition of the book "Boundless Mind" by Jenny Gkotsi
  • Nothing (Greek Edition)

    by Jenny Gkotsi
    This is the Greek Edition of the book "Nothing" by Jenny Gkotsi
  • Nothing

    by Jenny Gkotsi
    Maybe someone feels this way, after a noteworthy time, when he overcomes the barriers and is guided to self-actualization. Perhaps, however, that emptiness inside should never be filled with anything and without reason. Maybe there should always be emptiness inside us that moves us to fulfillment and forces us to have conversations.
  • The Matrix of Western Culture: Perspectives on History, the Arts and Ideas

    by Arthur Wenk
    Art, music, literature, philosophy & theology, science & mathematics, history & social sciences: how do they all fit together? For readers interested in seeing the “big pic-ture,” I commend to your attention The Matrix of Western Culture: Perspectives on History, the Arts and Ideas, organized around a grid with those six cultural categories on one axis and time, marked in centuries, on the other. The interior of the matrix comprises a representative repertoire described in a series of brief,... more
  • p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess

    by E. Sylvia Simpson
    Fortuna was one of the most celebrated Goddesses of the vast Roman Empire. Her festival themes ...success, love, marriage, homecoming... continue to resonate in our times. Inspired by Roman wisdom, created by the founder of Temple of Fortuna dot com, this book is a collection of praises and supplications for contemporary people, practitioners, and spiritualists. Included are contemporary and ancient symbolism, a calendar with descriptions of the Goddess Fortuna's Roman holidays, and over 52 seas... more
  • List of 10

    by C. L. Swinney

    "Gritty. True. Compulsively readable. This is his best book."-- Gregg Olsen, NY Times Best Selling Author

    A narcissistic professional photographer lived a dangerous double life as a serial killer. He'd focus his rage on prostitutes mostly. It wasn't uncommon for him to bring them home then try to explain why they were there to his wife.

    Sexual urges met, the killer would strangle his victims and dump their bodies in places he knew the p... more

  • Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer

    by C. L. Swinney
    Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old, Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster parents setting the tone for who, and what, he'd become- a pedophile and serial killer. Starting at the age of five, he recalls being sexually curious and began placing items in his anus at the age of eight. He'd sexually assault hundreds of little girls before committing his first murder. Sadly, as law enforcement stumbled along with no leads or evidence, Robert Black would strike ... more
  • My Heart to Heart With Lovey 2017

    by Michelle Jean
    This book delves into religion and the different questions I have when it comes to religion, finding myself, and teaching others about God. Within this book, you will find dreams, destructive dreams and much more.
  • Story Sparks

    by Denise Jaden
    Anyone who has been hamster-wheeling a story idea for years or has hundreds of pages exploring various approaches on their hard drive knows there must be a better way. There is. Successful young adult novelist Denise Jaden shows exactly how to create the captivating stories that prevent dispiriting wasted time. Busting the “visitation from the muses” myth, she shows that inspiration is a skill that can be learned by understanding how story ideas work (or don’t), fertilizing the ground for fresh ... more