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Other Nonfiction

  • Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School

    by Don Broadwell
    My book shows teachers how to collaborate. It is a by-the-numbers approach, knowing teachers who master the technique can apply it informally, and even quickly in a rapid flowing situation. Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School answers the question, "What happens to traditional Situational Leadership (the Hersey/Blanchard design) when we add collaborative deciding to the mix?" The answer makes leading a more exciting, and even fun adventure than ever before. It comes just in time to... more
  • London - A Visitor's Guide

    by Craig Cross

    See London through the eyes of local, as he takes you into the attractions, into the hotels, and onto the London Underground. The refreshingly honest reviews are full of handy practical advice and money-saving tips. Everything you need to know is here: times, prices, Top 10 lists, example itineraries, and a guide to using London's buses, taxis and trains.

  • Real Talk for Teens Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and Beyond

    by seth rainess
    Transitioning is a marathon—not a 100-yard dash. What are you going to do once you reach the finish line? Real Talk is the first book devoted exclusively to gender transitioning for youth. Seth takes early transitioning seriously and offers an in-depth roadmap of the numerous issues that youth can expect to encounter in their journey. But Seth doesn’t stop there. He provides a guidebook of sound advice to help them navigate various stages of gender reassignment, including treatment options fo... more
  • The Key to LIFE

    by Jim Phillips
    The Key to LIFE is about personal empowerment and responsibility. It doesn’t suggest a specific way of looking at and living life that we all should follow, however it does suggest we look at ourselves, who we believe our Self to be, why we are here and what we are here to do. It is my belief we incarnate to explore, express and experience the truth of who we are within the experiences of life created for this specific purpose. It is a journey of self-recovery upon a path of our own choosing. ... more
  • Архитектор Иосиф Каракис

    by Олег Юнаков

    Книга посвящена жизни и творчеству одного из самых ярких украинских советских зодчих Иосифа Юльевича Каракиса, автора множества зданий, ставших впоследствии памятниками архитектуры. Издание содержит информацию о таких объектах, как Национальный музей истории Украины, ресторан «Динамо», детский сад «Орлёнок» и многих других общественных, промышленных и жилых зданиях, построенных на территории бывшего СССР. Исследование базируется на материалах собственного архива архите... more

  • Pear-shaped: The Story of Truth

    by Gary Green
    The quest for truth defines the human condition. We are drawn to its promise and long to uncover its secrets. In our interactions with others we hope for truth. It is the foundation of trust upon which all affairs must depend. Yet we live, it is said, in an era that is “Post Truth”. What does this mean and what have we lost? In government, business and the institutions of society, truth has become non-essential, an inconvenience, an option chosen only when it helps achieve a desired outcome. ... more
  • Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire

    by Wendy Hinman

    A shipwreck might end a dream of circumnavigating the globe. Not for the Wilcox family.

    In 1973, the Wilcox family sets off to sail around the world aboard the 40-foot sailboat, Vela. Thirteen months later, they are shipwrecked on a coral reef, with surf tearing a huge hole into the side of their boat.

    With years invested in saving money, preparing the boat, and learning to navigate by the stars, parents Chuck and Dawn refuse to give up. Fourteen-year-old Garth is determi... more

  • My Country: Essays and Stories from the Edge of Wilderness

    by Nowick Gray
    Back-to-the-land memoir weaves essay, story, nature and magic realism, homesteading and wilderness survival. My Country expands the containers of essay and story, adventure and lyric, naturalism and fantasy, to overlap and mingle in this collection unified in its spirit of place, the forests and mountains of interior British Columbia.
  • Overcoming Obstacles in College

    by Matthew W Miller
    Think you cannot choose a career, study, or go to college because you are disabled? Think again! Tips included are Using a tape recorder to record college lectures instead of writing notes, having a second career in mind in case the first one does not work out, tips for different college majors such as education, and more.
  • Beyond the Inflection Point: An Economic Defense of the Limits-to-Growth Theory

    by Andrew J. Currie
    Beyond the Inflection Point: An Economic Defense of the Limits-to-Growth Theory strives to do what The Limits to Growth study of 1972 could not do: defend the limits to growth theory in a manner that can withstand scrutiny by a mainstream economist. Despite the work's subject - economics - it was written with the assumption that the reader has no prior background or understanding of economics; thus, it is a book that is far more accessible than what would initially be expected.
  • Christianity Matters.

    by David Maloof

    Full Title: Christianity Matters. - How Over Two Millennia The Meek and the Merciful Revolutionized Civlization--and Why it Needs to Happen Again


    In Christianity Matters, David Maloof provides a survey of the trends that moved civilization forward, placing the work of history's great individual Christian peace and justice activists who followed the pure message of the Beatitudes and inspired those trends into context.

  • The Illumination of the Heart: Experiencing a Divine Miracle (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 2)

    by Zinovia Dushkova

    “The entrance of the Messiah in this period — 1998,” predicted Edgar Cayce in 1932. His prediction accurately came true, but very few people knew about this... until now.

    Where and how did the Messiah descend into the earthly world, predicted long ago, but wholly unnoticed?

    In Book 2 of The Teaching of the Heart series, the Lord, for the first time in history, unveils this Secret. He entrusts all human hearts to witnes... more

  • 300 Healthy Travel Tips

    by Brian Teeter

    Whether you're a business road warrior or planning your vacation adventure, 300 Healthy Travel Tips can make your next trip more healthy, productive, and fun. Filled with vibrant color photographs, graphics, how-to videos, and more than 1,000 travel website and app download links, 300 Healthy Travel Tips is your go-to guide for the road ahead.

  • Speaking What Is Not

    by Richard Atwood
    Human philosophy and thought grapple with theories of mind and the human condition, from what appear to be very different frameworks, resulting in diverse goals and outcomes. The aim of this book is to attempt to integrate these perspectives by comparing and contrasting these ideas and practices. Speaking What Is Not is an integration of Eastern and Western traditions drawing primarily on Zen Buddhism (e.g., Dogen, Shunryu Suzuki, Ikkyu & Snyder), Taoism (e.g., Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu), the Jungian... more
  • The Soul of My Son: A Grieving Father's Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium

    by Steven Joseph
    The Soul of My Son - A Grieving Father’s Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Mediumis a unique and inspirational true story about a father’s emotional journey after the loss of his youngest son to suicide. This story follows a former skeptic of spirit communication from the birth and passing of his son, through discovering his own spiritual abilities, becoming a psychic medium and giving back to other parents of loss. This true story of his emotional journey will take you from teary-eyed to spir... more
  • Ghostly Evidence

    by Dylan Clearfield
    Can a ghost present evidence in court? Can a spirit testify through a witness who is in a trance? Can a house be said to be legally haunted? The answer to all three of these questions is, yes. And the proof will be presented in the following pages. Examined in this unique book are over 40 cases which involve evidence that is supplied by ghosts and accepted by courts of law. Suspects have been convicted of murder and suffered execution on evidence offered by ghosts. Disputed wills have be... more